Major YouTube Purge Announced – Follow These Other Platforms

Major YouTube Purge Announced – Follow These Other Platforms

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Major YouTube Purge Announced – Follow These Other Platforms

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what ever happened to Changing Reason

There goes all the gaming and history channels that might have WW2 stuff in it as you KNOW youtube is going to do an oopsie on that stuff… War Thunder Video with a tiger tank review? OOOOOOPS!

Don't use google or other browsers use Brave:

Let me clear my throat I sung that anyone else remember that song?

Love that Doshi dumpling!

They must be getting subsidized

I have thought that one day the powers that rule you tube would push this BS until the people have just had enough, and at critical mass move to another site such as GAB, or MINDS! maybe this is it? FINALLY! I HOPE..

your cat is gorgeous! reminds me of my Sinbad I had for 22 years!

I am sorry you need to deal with this when all you are trying to do is spread truth.

the new world order will be in full effect youtube sucks but its better than tv and the reason i say it sucks is the lucifarians that own google are part of the new world order they dont care about us or your channel

But DLive and Twitch cost money. Am I correct in assuming that?

Time for you ppl to get a real job, or actually do something that helps the people.

LBRY is another platform which makes it easy to transfer a thousand videos. It will get you up to speed with crypto as well. Check it out. We need to use multiple platforms until this settles out.

What happened to Trump the Saviour? Thought he was taking down these Corporations?

but all the pro ki-ke videos and pro mussie videos will stay up no doubt. why do u think (((alex jonestien))) was made such a fuss over…. obviously just laying the ground work for this to happen.k-iketube is just kvetching because too many people are avoiding the ki-ke media now that they realise who is responsible for all the major wars in the last 100 years, andall the times the k-ikes opened borders throughout our entire history .they desperately want to shut it down before the rest of the brainlets in the world realize just how many people know the… Read more »

I wonder if he working with the keepers seems like it

Already on the other platforms and once all my channels move over …. bye bye censortube. They will not win.

I Think….they need to be Shut Down.Now.

The left is in complete panic mode over this next election. They have to control what we hear to beat Trump.

I came to you tube for the real news and to open my mind to other possibilities..very disappointed with you tube..


You didn't link your Bitchute channel –

Themtube They have to rename the brand as it is misleading.

The first thing we do now is create a new FREE platform that completely bypasses Youtube and just evacuate YT completely. Fuck em …

Why did you use the Ex German Outfit name in your title. You are tarring all these comments

There's another cool alternative media that is starting to grow: . Sign up and give 'em a shot. The more, the merrier. (Creators are needed.) Britain might clamp down on BitChute, which is based in England: the pit of the cesspool . . . {Screw CrapTube/Google/Big Brother.}

It’s all about these dickheads trying to rewrite history and cover up there evil events, it’s sickening We the people are oppressed by there rules, FUCK ME LOOK WHAT THIS WORLD HAS COME TO :/ I pay a monthly rate to YouTube to watch what I want to watch not what they tell me to watch, time to start a new platform like YouTube but better

YouTube – making Nazi's look like the lesser of two evils.

Where is the vid of Jarvis dude? I saw some of it when I woke today and now I can’t find it, was it on ur?

What's up with you and Vegan Mikey, Isaac Kappy and the other shills and cointel pros you promote??

modern daily book burning

there is a quickly coming day when, like myspace, people will say WHOtube?

In other words, squash all dissent…making the media all left all the time

Israel is DOMINATING in tech. That speaks volumes.

Telegram is great too, lots of Youtubers etc already there

This is the first video from you that iv seen I’m my feed for a long time, iv been subscribed for about a year


I just lost 6 channels

It would be great if all these youtube whores would take the money they have mad and open real businesses. Cancel their channels and tell youtube to take their censorship and shove it

Google is paving the way for new platforms to emerge and take over they are screwing themselves more than anyone else.

We don't believe them Nothing can make us vote for them.To many know now.

Noone believes the news anymore.Even the kids I was babysitting said they didn't want to watch fake news.Who believes them now?

I'll just Bet Ben Shapiro not deplatformed.

This is a perfect example of a certain group thinking that they are smarter than they are and, as Nathan says, setting themselves on fire. So everybody load up on marshmallows.

I'm about finished with YouTube! They've obviously sold out. I used to really dig them. It just proves that we have a lot more to be concerned about than suspected!

DLive must be swamped; not allowing me to
Enter their email verification code. Will try again later. Thanks!

They better not purge Doshi

Aren’t we glad we have YouTube to protect us? Or would we give this credit to google? My goodness who would have Ever known that a site built for the little people to express themselves could become Such an avenue for big brother and His team?

They are doing what they accused trump of doing and that is manipulating the public’s minds via social media. They’ve been cleaning the room for at least a year now. We should be all set to be told who what and where to vote for. Listen up now……..don’t get lost in the forests of deception

Andy semyte here, are we there yet?

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