KVII’s Coverage of Sen. Cruz’s Q&A with Google Representative on Censorship & Bias

KVII’s Coverage of Sen. Cruz’s Q&A with Google Representative on Censorship & Bias

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Thank you for uploading this Lion Ted.

Still 15k views LMAO

You gonna remove a video from a Senator's youtube channel, Susan? Do you dare?


I just got word in that Google was exposed for incredibly biased algorithms built and predicated on feeding us into their network while also affecting political outcomes, our children who are hooked to sites like youtube, and algorithms that aren't even fully understood but seem to be better than us in most ways. Wait, hang on, we seem to be having some technical difficulties. It would appear That Youtube has removed the video for a privacy complaint by a third party. Well that's weird, Youtube is owned by Google. And now the woman in the video has her Twitter account… Read more »

Lets see them try and remove the video now ! =)

Expose Google.

Ted post the full video as well I'll watch it again now to battle censorship

Google, you just banned this on O'keef's YouTube. If you do that here…I believe your head honcho is going to not like it in google kingdom. https://twitter.com/JamesOKeefeIII/status/1144329433500848128

Thank you Senator #freedom

"Veritas claims the women is the head of responsible innovation…" Her title is listed on her linkedin page. The news channel could have easily verified a few of these facts rather than insinuate that Project Veritas might not be telling the truth

You should upload the video in its entirety. You and every single solitary sitting representative should upload the entire video to your official channels and see what ThemTube does about it.

Thank you, Senator!

Edited or not, she said words that should scare people regardless, if she has nothing to hide, then tesitfy in front of congress and make your claim, otherwise you are lying!

Gotta say. I love Ted Cruz! In a friendly kinda way!

Let’s see if Google has the balls to take this down on Sen Cruz’s channel. C’mon Google assholes. Dare ya!!!!! Go Ted!!!!

Google is the new "Ministry of Truth."

Break up Google.

let see you cowards pull this one…. I dare you!


Thank you Senator. Now what are you ACTUALLY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Just use it as a political theater talking point or actually doing something?

FYI America is getting killed over here, you might want to start doing something about it.

Democrats politicians and their complicit media are committing a coup d'etat.

You're doing a great job Senator Cruz.

do it now

thank you Ted…. Google/YouTube should burn for this.

they will BS you until they got their pets elected

Thanks Ted!

good job Rafael

TED CRUZ just crushed google
Google is stupid not to be forthcoming
Google is using Chinese censorship on the rest of the world, BHO sent tech firms to Asia so they couldn’t be touched by any US Government entities! Seditionist BHO HRC and all the LEFTIES! They were priming the pump for the NWO backed by Soros!


Well, looks like its not a "privacy violation" when a sitting Senator posts the same footage. Way to stay consistent, YouTube!

I wonder if they'll remove Veritas' video now that has been mirrored by a US Senator ?

It's time to break apart Google. The "do no evil" has become EVIL.

Just look for the nose.

Sen. Cruz should see Viva Frei's video titled "Should I Sue YouTube for Defamation? Viva Frei Vlawg"

You think Jim Carry will make a painting for this?

Google must be working with Russia.

Absolute. Mad lad. Glad you got reelected. I was serving while you were running. You and rep Crenshaw are amazing for the state.

Get out the guillotine.

This sensorship needs to stop if not big corporations will control everyone

Damn! This is a bold move to post this now. GREAT JOB SENATOR CRUZ!

Well done Senator. I hope you keep digging, the rabbit hole here is very deep.

ABC : "…allegedly insinuating…" – huh? We can see and hear it. She never denied those statements were made.

I'd like to see Google try and 'socially engineer' Sen Cruz's Youtube channel.

Than k You you Senator Cruz

Thank you for reposting this. It’s only a matter of time before @projectveritas is taken down from youtube

duckduckgo is now trending on playstore. oh the irony

Solid play Senator Cruz, this censorship is unamerican and must be stopped.

Good job posting this Senator Cruz.

push this

Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook need to broken up and heavily regulated. They have proven that they do not act in good faith. They abuse their monopoly positions. #divorcegoogle #ujustlost1 and I dare you to block senator Cruz' video you manipulative cowards.


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