Julian Assange, Free Speech & Wolfgang Halbig

Julian Assange, Free Speech & Wolfgang Halbig

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Julian Assange, Free Speech & Wolfgang Halbig

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Remember his name was SETH RICH!!!!

Have repeatedly tried twitch and dlive, but just get constant buffering.

This shows Trump true colors…..say anything to get elected.

This is not what people think. Good bye deep state.

Tulsi Gabbard is the ONLY person running for president in 2020 that is defending Assange. Folks should check out what she has to say.

Can I still watch the Wolfgang Halbig interview on Dlive? If not where can I find it?


I don't like Trump's act here, as if he is independent of his AG. He is trying to keep his hands clean of this. I think it's a POS move just like when he turned his back on the 2nd amendment.

What was the book they let him madvertise

This is a distraction…look the other way

“the pee-pee dossier”….I laugh every time u say that!

Fun fact: Today's date, numerologically, is 666… 4/11/2019. 4+1+1 = 6. 2+0+1+9=12 (6+6). I am not much of a numerology guy, but we know the vile scum who run this planet are into that crap.

Jake has sadly revealed himself to be controlled opposition. I unsubscribed from his channel. I wonder how many others joined me. Truth on Nathan!

An enlightening interview with Mr. Halbig. And a stark contrast with the image of him that a certain propagandist is endeavoring to paint. Very well conducted too.

I watched your interview with Wolfgang. Thanks for doing it. He is a good man with an honorable heart and I'm SO sorry he has to go through being labeled as mentally ill and all of the mud being thrown at him – sad, and a shame that Jake is doing it.. You can tell it grieved him. Didn't know how to leave a comment over there so am leaving it here.

Look at Trunews, Assange populist or enemy of the state.

Assange claims that he does not and has never solicited material from any contributor. There is no reason to doubt his word nor any reason to accept the claims of our usual Anglo American political cryptocrats, liars, and assassins.

I prefer YouTube I’ll support you as long as your here and twitch ❤️

That is actually him, a double, or he maybe suicided soon!

Trump has to stay transparent in this so when Assange is exonerated and starts testifying against the bad guys, it’s solid and it sticks.

yeah but if they cant get the brit's to hand him over …then the Americans will get Sweden to reopen there charges against him ,then the brit's will hand him over to the Swed's who will then hand him over to the American government ..they have him cornered … ASSANGE LIVING LEGEND ….

good luck free speech and journalism in the UK is dead and has been for a long time.

Such an obvious witch hunt by the deep state criminals!

I believe trump is aware of what's going on and doesn't want to speak on Wikileaks for legal purposes… why would he. The media will just set him up

Nathan, THANK YOU so much for standing up for our Freedom of Speech! I commend you on your bravery in giving Mr.Halbig the opportunity to defend his honor, he has been treated with such contempt. I'm embarrassed that so many people are willingness to turn their backs on him…By the way I listened to the interview on Twitch.

He was arrested on US charges for hacking. Ecuador gave permission. This was on a sealed indictment

Not quite right on Julian Assange… What Julian did was sleep with two women in the same week while at a conference convention thing and one found out about it and was not impressed and asked him to have an aids test which he refused to do. The hospital told her she must report the incident to the police as part of the procedure and some guy in the police sector decided to charge him with rape under some sort of technicality (Guilty until proved innocent in that country) so they could charge him and then have him extradited later… Read more »

Trump should be blowing Assange for getting him elected! And the media should be defending Assange. Instead there siding with the elite who hates when us citizens see the truth! Shame on the media and Trump. Assange is a hero!

All who think Trump is going to be the savior of this country take notice and wake up he is just another tool of the elite we are losing rights daily!!!!

I just hope he has got someone to leak more stuff on his behalf

Queen Lizzy owns the legal system in the UK, lock, stock and barrel. If she wanted to eat him with a nice bottle of red wine, whilst Rolf Harris paints the scene and Billy Connolly tells a few jokes, she can. But if Trump wants him, Alive, the way things have been going lately, I think he will make it to the USA, ALIVE. Just remember, a lot of bad people want him dead.

He was arrested for skipping British bail conditions in regards to the alleged rape in Sweden .I though he started to have sex with the woman he woke up with without asking .



Thanks Nathan great interview on dlive! Kudos.

Idk about you anymore man after watching blackstones video on you… Didn't realize bombard body language even did a video on you…and I didn't know you are skitzo…
I don't trust blackstone either but idk.

Assange looks scared but brave at the same time.

It sure did knock Trump's treason claim off the headlines

One of Blackstone founders worked as treasurer under bill Clinton in 1992.

I take Trump as an amazing chess player. He doesn't tell everything for good reason. He know Wikileaks helped. Didnt he sign a bill to help whistle blowers.

Nathan I can't watch your replays on Dlive. Please help!

Trump knows that anyone he endorses ends up a victim of the media and all of his own persecutors. Assange does not need that at the moment. He needs to get to USA and be tried by AG Barr or whoever, as an independent unbiased judge. Trump’s playing chess.

Donald trump Israel is unreal man is he cloned or are different personalities (demon alters) going on when he goes live? there is a video of trump saying maybe Assange should be executed from 2010 lol

Nothing on Russia Julian? Just America right dude?

Shame your moving to d live. Not cool!

Trump is such a huge liar!!!!!!!!!!!! He said he LOVED WIKILEAKS… hahahaha… what a POS.

The rape charges were dropped along time ago was my recollection.

Gestapo bastards, leave him alone ,twats..

Brill vid,thanks..

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