JON STEWART Goes OFF On Congress

JON STEWART Goes OFF On Congress

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Ur a Bum Johnny Wart

This guy trying to get attention so he can run for president!?!?

Just another circus Fox News gives you. No one is held accountable in our government anymore.

Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, the pen was a better actor than you

Shame on them. The rest of the world looked at these BRAVE men as they faced the unbelievable. We couldn't believe their acts of bravery, not forgetting g the ones who tragically died. Its time to truly look after them and their families. What I don't understand is that so many of them suffers with cancer.
Their families should be looked after, when they're no longer here.

"This is flipped, these people should be up there and YOU should be down here" saying of the century.

Welcome to America, land of the fleeced. And the Americans think the rest of the world is jealous. Poor deluded sheep.

The government is just waiting for all of them to die off rather than help them. No more victims = money saved. Makes me sick.

I nevet thought I'd say this but well done Jon!

you can ask mueller and the democrats for that $25+million that could've been served better than feed the hunger of election losers.

Too Late Jon !. You sold out many years ago ! A great try though !

Remember people, if “pro” is something positive and “con” is something negative, then if you want PROGRESS, why would you go to CONGRESS?!

I’ve never seen anything that makes me so emotional every time I watch this.
This is so sad.


Give welfare to illegals and porches and medical care to illegals and entitlement porch sitters , but if you fight for your country or save lives without thought for your own life, the government shits on you .
The government is scared of those who are willing to give up their lives for others, because they know they can be exterminated by these same brave men .

Jon Stewart is amazing. Don't forget why you were attacked in the first place America. Because you visit death and destruction upon the world.

Jon Stewart historically will be remembered as a brilliant comedian, BUT THIS people is the true HERO that people should know of Stewart.

Well said sir. Keep fighting these low life’s.

Look at that piece of trash Nadler just sitting there probably thinking about another impeachment strategy instead of leading congress to do their jobs. It very good of Jon Stewart do try and help. Jon is not a far left guy, he's always been more a garden variety liberal so I agree with him on some things and not others

These people don't work for the USA, literally. Different corporation.

Jon Stewsrt just became a hero himself for this act. This is how celebrities should use their fame. Uplift America not tearing it down.

The amount of money it would cost to take care of these families isnt even a drop in the bucket of the money the gvmnt spends. Unbelievable. Trump needs to sign whatever kind of executive order that would give these ppl money for all medical expenses. Hell, id pay them out of my own pocket if i had the kind of money these crooks in congress have stolen and squirreled away. Makes me sick

The American People are ignored.
The government is for Globalist.

O BUT California can vote to give illegal immigrants free healthcare!!! Yes 26 and under. Its all for votes. GOD bless the firefighters. GOD help our country.

Thank you Jon, but 9/11 was an inside job. This proves how congress doesn’t care about the people

Great job Jon Stewart!!! Can be a liberal, patriot and demand accountability!!! Good work!!!

Jon Stewart is a dumb fuxking idiot!!!

The media and the politicians do not care about first responders………….. And trust me, it’s going to be a time where they’re not going to care about us. It’s not worth being a Police Officer or Fire Fighter anymore. It’s too much stress for people who do not care about you.

It’s time to take care of them.

Republican/Democract it does not matter. Our elected leaders suck!!!!!

I have nothing but respect for this man.

Damn, this was so moving! Eighteen years later & our government can't even give money to help these heroic first responders! But they can give $1K EBT cards to every illegal who crosses our border! I HATE THESE DAMN POLITICIANS! THEY CARE NOTHING ABOUT AMERICAN PATRIOTS! WE SHOULD HANG THEM ALL FOR THEIR INDIFFERENCE AND TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR!

Politicians all over the globe are the same. Self serving, self interest, useless. Swamp is still full it would seem.

One of the few times I've agreed with this twit.

They care more about BS investigations on trump than to help these heroes BS DEMOCRATS

I'd like a camera looking into the eyes of those whom Jon is talking to. All those empty seats, and yet you vote?
I'm seeing as much care for 911 heroes in the US as I have seen Russian/Ukranian care for the Chernobyl heroes.

Jon Stewart man of the year. I hope your efforts prevail.

Time for Oversight of the Oversight Committee.

Thank you, JON STEWART, for saying what the majority of Americans wish they could. Our representatives are so damn busy acting like petulant, spoiled and entitled children, they aren't doing their jobs. And at a salary of over 150,000 a year, our reps should be doing their damn jobs! Our heros are first. Our veterans are first. The pissing contest between congress and President Trump is last! DO YOUR DAMN JOBS AND HELP OUR HEROS!!

Of course they don't want to pay first responders 9 11 was an inside job.

Good on you Mr Stewart…keep fighting….

This new congress is completely useless, John is right all of them should be standing in front of the of a jury of people answering their questions. Its time the laws in the nation changes and the people can hold ever single voted government official accountable for what they do or do not do and not at the polls in a court room where they face real punishments for their BS. The men and women of 9/11 should want for nothing just has the troops who fought the wars after shouldn't. Its a pipe dream i know but i believe… Read more »


Who pit thumbs down?! These heroes should be given the best health care for free. They sacrificed their lives. Now they are thrown to side like thrash. Shame on Congress!

if the President wanted to score a victory he would do something to help with this

we are the governed and we don't have to give our consent. but we do because we are soft. and these people never cared about is in the first place. they caused the towers to come down in the first place. anyone who believes that 2 airplanes knocked down 3 buildings that were designed to be hit by planes and a state of the art fire protection system and made them fall straight down is an idiot

Always liked this guy. He's right, congress is disgusting. This is a goddamned shame.

Such a damn shame.. America is to dived. Losing touch

If they wait long enough they know they don't need to pay anything

John is a greasey liberal jack off but he does have a point.

Wherever Jerry Nadler is, nothing will be accomplished or done. He's so busy trying to get Trump impeached, he's forgotten the fact that there are many things his little gang of losers SHOULD be doing. Look at Nadler during Stewarts brilliant and heartfelt plea . . . . . . he was all shrunken down in his chair with nothing to say. He's the biggest disgrace to ever walk the halls of justice (hahaha, yeah, right).

Democrats do more for illegal immigrants than our own American heroes!


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