Joe Biden Can’t Run From His Past

Joe Biden Can’t Run From His Past

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Joe Biden Can’t Run From His Past

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Creepy Joe is a head sniffing paedophile. She should probably retire and write children's books like the other peadophiles.

Mr Biden. You are on captured video footage of touching a 6 year olds breast. Whats worse is your ILK doesn't care.

How come you were not on twitch today? I have been waiting for show

Charlottesville was most likely staged. Fuck you Joe, I hope you croak.

Joe Biden, you are a scumbag loser. How dare you come out with a huge lie. You are something else, get rid of all these creepy democrats


I am coming out with a Joe Biden ' piss doll ' you just put it in your yard and piss on it.

Keep lying Joe. You’ve been around waaay too long but the only good thing about that means there’s lots of skeletons (literally) in your closet and easy to expose. How many times have you run for President? Always a bridesmaid never a bride.

It's gonna be tweedledee Trump against tweedledum Biden. Once again the fix is in. We lose either way.

Oh my goodness, this creepy serial groper , he gropes and smells everything that comes close to him,
His politics are even more dirtier , he's one of the worst corporate political whores out there and that is being disrespectful to whores and charlatans.

Another Patsy of the racist Democratic trying to divide the country. Hide you mother's and daughters. Probably your little boys too.

What a complete wanker.

I wonder how he feels about all the "single parent" folks waiting to come into his country on the southern boarder?

That was insane–Biden scares me–Trump is a much happier person..

Biden's concern about "racism" is exactly the same kind of concern coming from Bush 1 about drugs as he and his cronies flew drugs into the country by the cargo full and fill up the for profit slave prisons. Im guessing it's the same exact plan . It's criminal to the nth degree. These people are the worst amoral scum on the earth. People better man up and quit allowing these predators to run anything. I don't know if there are any actual human beings left with any power but it doesn't appear so.

@Lift the Veil
Nathan you drew out an aspect of Halbig that is truly weird & a sad surprise for me – and you were thoroughly polite throughout

hang him with a rope

But Biden is weirder still

Creepy Uncle Joe!

Yup, was on Truth Clothing today! Maybe you can print a 'Let's Make Orwell Fiction Again'. Would be cool!

Wait, so why is USA then supporting Ukraine and Poland—both have Nazi radical nationalist groups on the rise.

His humiliation ritual is coming in 2020…

Why cant we the ppl that know wtf is going on organize????

Sniffy Joe.

He is a soulless corrupt pig who likes touching up 6 year olds.

I don't like Biden but trump ran from and right next to his past and he was elected. Trump raised the bar for what past behavior should be a disqualification.

This very ad should let us all know that the next election just like the last 10 or 12 have been total fixes. These ads are simply for the simple minded that actually still believe that “their” vote counts. ALL these deviants are doing is following the script they’ve been handed because they sold their very souls long ago and all we are good for is tax paying SLAVES!!! Keep in mind! This deviant is on the Counsel of Foreign Relations. Devil, Devil, Devil!!!

Warn Doshi that creepy Joe will try to smell her butt right now!

Oh … I'm not sure if Doshi is a Male or Female, Oh, can I say that. Doesn't mater Joe is Bi Dem

Nice face lift creepy Uncle Joe

I suspect the left is gonna take a dive in this next election and give Zionist Trump four more years. They're all in on it.

Joe's son is on the board of a Ukrainian energy company. Hanging out with Nazis.

Why is this pedophile not in prison?

Creepy Joe Biden… It's "literally" the guys nickname

Creepy Uncle Joe's campaign ad is hitlerious!! Lol

Go Biden! Biden 20/20!! Kill those asshole "disenfranchised" youth urchins, and touch touch touch those wives and little daughters of your subordinate colleagues! Biden, "In 2008 when one a plucky freshmen senator from Illinois raised the Democratic banner with those 3 little words, "Yes We Can", he filled us with hope, but hope for what? Yes We Can what? Well Ladies, Gentlemen, and whatever the hell you think you are, he did not go far enough. He did not lead us to the afore mentioned Promise Land. That's why this year I am choosing to run for Presadent, and my… Read more »

The media is starting to push Mayer Pete Buttigieg too. He's basically running on being gay. He's also a Rhodes scholar

What a hoaky vid by a has been, money hustling pol.

Sent me one of those crappy shirts and I'll burn it live on my channel for free

Creepy Joe's best day was today, it's all downhill from here… #UkranianLittleGirlsForCreepyJoe

Creepy Joe is really creepy. How come he's leading the polls?

Nobody died at Charlottetville! Its proven that cgi was used! Its proven the fake Nazi's and the fake Obama voting kkk members got caught getting off the same busses in the same parking areas and they got along great off camera???! There is no real racism and i dont believe in the left right paradigm but TRUMP DID KNOW WRONG SAYING THAT STATEMENT. He should of said that antifa is the only real hate group there is today!!!!!!!!. Back by SOROS MONEY. Soros is the real hater who actually worked with the NAZIS even though he was a dirty jew… Read more »

haha, zionist pedo joe bidens only purpose is to ensure trumps (the other hardcore zionist) victory in 2020 assuming that uncle joe even makes it that far.
aside from that this race baiting cant be taken seriously. its comedic.

All this constant talk about white supremacy while black on white crime and murder is wildly out of proportion and getting worst.

What is he, 108?

I went to university in Philadelphia. I can tell you this: for a city-zen, these comments are not racist. Cities are very segregated. The crime you’ll encounter will depend on the part of the city where you live. South Philadelphia: Italian descendants (mafia). Nobody else dares commit crime in South Philly. West Philadelphia: blacks, white squatter youth, Cambodian mafia, Muslims who break into cars, Nation of Islam violenceNorth Philly: black on black crime & violenceCenter City: white rapists. Black criminals avoid center city as it is heavily patrolled by police. Prostitution city wide: largely controlled by the police. *So, when… Read more »

Buck Fiden 2020

The people cant be planing on voting in a CORPORATE ELECTION, well some are just destined to be governed, poisoned, trafficked and taxed to pay for it and for GIGGLES throw some shekels in their coffers.

What the hell is wrong with this guy, hasn't he got at least one person around him to say, stop groping the females, it's not the 1950s

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