J.J. Reddick Witnesses Child Trafficking in NYC #Pedogate

J.J. Reddick Witnesses Child Trafficking in NYC #Pedogate

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J.J. Reddick Witnesses Child Trafficking in NYC #Pedogate

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How would you lift your head in a cage or box?

Hi end escalades aren't for the middle class. Rich pedo taxi.

Firstly, if you were trafficking people, slaves, children, why would you be so Blasé about it and go out as a taxi service ferrying famous sports stars around with kids hidden in the back of your car, or any Joe Shmoe for that matter? Doesn't make sense to me, honestly. Would someone who is working for a meticulous underground criminal trafficking gang make such a drastic mistake like this? I just don't see it. The pieces of this people trafficking puzzle seem to be far too conveniently falling into place generally and lately coupled with the recent torrent of whistleblowers.… Read more »

I actually think these people are laughing because they're so disconnected. In this community we research this stuff and we know how common it is in a place like NYC, but I think these guys just don't ever think about these things so they automatically believe there MUST be a logical explanation. It's like it's too far away from their life, so it's too hard to comprehend. I don't really blame them, but I would hope they actually took in this account and it stays with them. J.J. at least was saying "don't laugh" and "it's not funny" , sadly… Read more »

Why would any of these people not left up the blanket and call the police on the spot..and get that child out of there..for God sack…what the hell is the matter with people.

You people that are laughing should get your head checked. Seriously. If that were me, I would've dialed 911 without the drivers knowledge. That person is in danger and your response is laughter? Wow no wonder America's fucked it. If that was your family member I guarantee you wouldn't find it so humorous.

Lift The Veil ..I don’t mean to judge J.J. I don’t know what I would actually do unless I was in the situation..but 3 of them and 1 driver… why the fuck didn’t they push the guy aside and rip that cage out of the car with all of lower Manhattan to witness it?!

It's called cognitive dissonance. Pretty much like 911 was. Your mind can't grasp what you're actually seeing so you have to turn away from it. In his case I believe that's what happened. I'm sure he has extreme remorse now now because they were that child's last hope and by now it's hit them.

I am old and on my way…and I have done far more immediately to help strangers. I am not shocked but terribly saddened, when men act like little children when faced with such a scenario. It is disparaging, and evidences how cowardly most are anymore…tragic.

“HangmansLaughter” precedes ones own danger, coming. Albeit it is common it is saddening to survivors or those still kept caged.

The only Americans not curious about this will b the police.

Your story …..they pedos too

What's so funny? Knowing there's a body gets a lol?

When you don’t know the situation you have to look at it as a worse case scenario until proven otherwise .

heart breaking.

That story would be good if they had gotten the plates and been specific about about a woman in a cage. Too bad it seemed so humorous to the men.

You don't have to have the gift of discernment to call bullsh*t on this channel .There actions speak for themselves.

How the fuc* do they let this person drive away?????? Wtf is wrong with them!

My daughter and her friend (both 15) were waiting for a third friend to get of work and come hang out with them during the early afternoon a few weeks back. They received a call from this friend telling them her mother wouldn't be able to give her a ride. They received a second phone calling telling them her boyfriend wouldn't be able to give her a ride either, so as soon as her work ended, she would be walking over. She did not show for 4 hours, nor did she answer her phone. Finally, she showed up with her… Read more »

When good people do nothing!!!!!!!!

Hey Doshi !!!!!

I am soooo disturbed! I hate that they are laughing! I just hate that people think this is funny. How the heck it just shows that people are sheep and just listen to what the driver tells them instead of doing something at that moment. I feel sick to my stomach. I still cannot get over that they are laughing!!!

Why are they fucking laughing??

Thank you ,I couldn't find nothing about this

Fucking cowardly of JJ there , at least he called the FBI instead of of ignoring it and drinking some Starbucks and going on with his day

this ted talk is horrible..normalization of pedophila? no thanks.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy4AUzsGbfE

Pussy for not doing right thing in the moment you could have!!

I can't believe what l just listened to. What a coward how could you even just vaguely suspect and not immediately be brave and do the right thing by insisting on looking ,that poor child could be brutalised, raped numerous times, druged ,torcherd, dead. But hey ho thats life !!!!! He ran like a little girl

Cuomo's a PEDOPHILE. When is New York gonna wake the fuck up??!!!!!

Need to check out MrPorter.com!!! That company hired the driver. The driver should have immediately been located & car searched.

Really makes you wonder about humanity – not only the laughter, but I'm assuming they had a cell phone. At that point you dial 911 – you don't go make a police report, but you figure out an excuse to stay where you are, dial 911, and let the authorities come to you and investigate. Total negligence – not funny – and a missed opportunity to free a person in a cage. Do the right thing folks. As Q says, we have the power to change things. So do it. Dark to light. It is up to us to act… Read more »

Redick is a complete fool. Laughing like that after witnessing that. What an idiot

Seriously he can’t be that stupid, right? He is a basketball player so I’m sure he’s in the know at least a bit.

Watch "Professor Sue Black Catches Paedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands" on YouTube

Why is he laughing and making jokes like "bring your kid to work day"????? Are you kidding me??!! What is wrong with these people that can sit and laugh at this like this is a joke! Soulless!

Sick to my stomach! Why is the other guy laughing???? Not funny

I see no humor in this at all…sick fucks.

You can take the devil out of the trash but blue trash fills devils for life

It's sad that people are sending their children to this country unaccompanied!


Nathan is a clown.

Do not know People why you are laughing… there is nothing funny about it !!!

Are you dumb?

He's laughing because he's clearly brain dead. I doubt this would happen in a US State where the citizens are armed.

My first instinct is that the company is in on it.

This gave me chills

thank you for doing this hard work

why are people laughing

I don't think I'm made for this world it's gone to far I want God to help me please God help us

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