“It Was Bound To Happen” – Notre Dame Needed MAJOR Repairs

“It Was Bound To Happen” – Notre Dame Needed MAJOR Repairs

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“It Was Bound To Happen” – Notre Dame Needed MAJOR Repairs

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I would think the crown of thorns would have been removed way before renovations

World's Greatest Jewish Lightning escapade in history??

Any word on insurance coverage?

Get the fucking Vatican to pay for it. They've got a spare couple of trillion I'm sure. Perhaps an operation to gain sympathy for priests and the corrupt church?

Insiders that had direct knowledge of the "renovations" are reporting this was no "accident".

the french will rebuild it so the neck sawer worshipers can kick over all the ancient relics and blow it up.

I heard a news report this morning on the radio that they have now received over one billion (that's Billion with a 'B') Euros in donations.

In my opinion, that's a terrible waste of money that could be spent actually helping people instead of renovating a building. These 'disasters' always seem to financially benefit someone…


"The roof..the roof…the roof is on fire. Everybody here we go..
C'mon party people, throw your hands in the air. Wave 'em like you don't care (I'm the root of all that's evil yeah but you can call me cookie).."

If I was the type who believes in conspiracies, I might suspect that Macron did it to deflect attention from the yellow vests or maybe even to try to blame it on them later to justify a crackdown.

It is a coincidentally symbolic conflagration that coincidentally has a very tightly aspected astrological chart. Look up the chart of the time the spire collapsed. If you are more interested in coincidentally times symbolic events, look at the “birth chart” of the WTC 1 and 2 opening day, and the time of the 9/11 attacks. Pay attention and look at the position of Saturn on both charts, and the Saturn-Pluto-Sun T-Square on the chart of the attacks. Not saying the planets are corresponding with significant events in a casual manner, but if they are not, then either the rulers of… Read more »

There’s vid of the arsonist. https://youtu.be/EgfYYMjpf1s

It was not an accident and it was not bound to happen. It was a NWO op. It is intended to turn the Christians against the Muslims and get the Christians to agree the Dome of the Rock should be destroyed in retaliation so Israel can build their 3rd temple. It is part of the greater Israel Project. They are going to blame the destruction of the Dome of the Rock on the Christians as a false flag. As long as the Jews get their stupid antichrist temple, they care not about Western Civilization or Christian heritage and history.

So people can end world hunger any day of the week but it's more important to repair a church?

In disappointed in you Nathan

The RCC not having enough money to repair it?!!!!! What a flat out LIE!!!!! They have so much money from gouging the people while the priests live high on the hog in lush! How about the PRIESTS paying for their OWN GD CHURCHES?!!!! It's sickening how much real estate they own!!!! How about selling some of THAT for funds?!!!!! SUCKERS who believe this crap! They are loosing money as not as many people are falling for their lies and corruption any more so they invent ways to get the money ANYWAY!!!!!!!! "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL"!!!!!!!! BTW it IS… Read more »

Can't raise the funds needed, burn it down collect the insurance policy. Obviously an EMT attack prior to the fire! View the videos and it's plain to see.

Did Larry Silverstein take out an insurance policy? Seriously, maybe it was cheaper to burn down Notre Dame, just like it was easier to demolish the twin towers rather than remove the asbestos.

I have an idea for a T-shirt. No royalties. "Need renovations? Blow it up or burn it!" *planes optional

Dr. Pieczenik just dropped the dime on this event

Maybe all those stories ahead of time were predictive programming. They knew what day to set the fire

Bush did 9/11, Macron did Notre Dame. End of story. Peter Laval of RT was reporting on watching Notre Dame burins with TEAR STREAMING DOWN HIS FACE, YOU Vince, and Nick Fuentes both reporting the story with no sadness whatsoever, as if you both were assholes Jews or Muslims secretly happy about the burning of a CATHOLIC church?

France's version of 9/11 & probably done by the same "chosen people…" (9/11 WAS AN INSIDE KO$HER EFF'N JOB!…)

Check out: Video of “aircraft” that was seen at Notre Dame & then the fire started. Called DEW: Directed Energy Weapon. Check out what happened to Paradise Calif.

Religious extremists suck!

I saw someone post on Facebook 3 days before the fire happened that Notre Dame would be up in flames in 3 days time… This was planned long ago

They are trying to push for the anti-Christ but if they read the bible they would know God sends the anti-Christ.Only God knows timing, they can't push God. Satan knows that so they are human.Enjoy your life.Follow the money.

Are you telling me the most powerful and wealthy church, business, etc. has no money.

How fucking disrespectful that people call it Their 9/11. Even if both events were orchestrated 9/11 killed alot of people unlike this stupid ass fucking catholic church fire

There are a lot of negative sentiments regarding apple donating 300 mil for this. How many people could be helped with that? This is the company that sells products in one country while adding those numbers to the books in other countries to evade taxes…this is also the company that will waste no time collecting a tax return for such a noble generous donation…..I agree with a commenter below…..send the bill to the Vatican. They and all their pyramid scheme churches all over the world have been collecting money from the poor on up, every Sunday, every religious holiday, every… Read more »

The Church is worth trillions. All is well.

I wonder who the JEBBIES HIRED? #911WASAJEWJOB

We are being distracted by idols. So sad.

They were doing hot work, welding. Likely that caused the fire. My brother, who is very Christian, thinks that the fire is a message from God that material wealth is nothing and with this fire Christianity has been broadcast throughout the world. Hmm. Probably a welder.

The way you say "Notte Dame"!

it was 900 years old, NO SHIT

crown of thorns were not thorns but bulrushes

The French, and most of Europe for that matter, are very secular and mostly atheist. I doubt they’re upset about the religious aspect of this. It’s a historic building, that’s all. Let the pope pay for it. He’s rolling in dough.

Would the church have been intentionally set ablaze by “the church” in order to collect enough for its renovations? Just a crazy thought…

That piece of shit was not a Christian Church. Burn the whore. Christ told us to destroy all pagan idols. Hell, if isis really did do it, which they didn’t, it would make them more Christian than the Vatican.

They figured how to pay burn it 700 million

I love your vidéos man it nice ❤

https://youtu.be/S4gtwX6r2LA This song is from 1997 titled “cathedral spires”.

Only the part with all the incriminating evidence burned down!

Come on , they do not have Jesus Christs crown of thorns. More Catholic Baloney Sandwiches, all lies, smoke and mirrors, magic, horror stories. Gargoyles and demons.

Sell any shirts today nathan?

New Zealand, & now Paris? Isn't it weird how these socialist countries have these tragic disasters, & their leaders have their heroic time in the spotlight. It's just too convenient to me. The artifacts had apparently been moved for cleaning, at least, that's what we were told from the media here in NZ.

Jew lightning?

There's some French

I’m curious about the abundance of butter-yellow ‘smoke’. I’ve never seen a wood fire produce smoke like that.

Also, what happened to the lead roof?? Oak burns at max 1100F, lead melts at 650F. Lead vaporizes at 3300F. The lead should be in pools atop the brick vaulting.

Looking at video of the roof burning, the lead doesn’t appear to be drooping, sagging, or dripping. The tiles get thin then disappear. You can actually see the fire glowing through the lead tiles in some angles. Very bizarre, in my opinion.

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