Isaac Kappy’s Hollywood Friends #PedoWood #Pedogate #QAnon

Isaac Kappy’s Hollywood Friends #PedoWood #Pedogate #QAnon

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Isaac Kappy’s Hollywood Friends #PedoWood #Pedogate #QAnon

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Correction: I said he called out Peter Schiff but of course it was Adam Schiff. My mistake

Whilst I was never sure until his novel released in 2013..the year that would see the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of the US's ..Your President! Which I remember vividly! As every county in my homeland Eire..claimed him as 'a son from whence he hailed'! Mine too! We even had 'a heart-shaped' china plaque with the images of Jack & Jackie painted on, hung in 'place of honour' on the wall & to be honest? We were very poor & so it was the only thing on any wall! Hah! That we had it all..was it had been bought as… Read more »

Celebrities immediately sue The National Enquirer for stories they write and no one is suing Isaac.

Interesting that Karen Gillian is in one of the photos and is also part of the cast of Guardians of the galaxy who signed the statement to rehire James Gunn, the Director who was fired for tweeting statements about pedophilia.

Follow: AMAZING LUCAS, Q, trump mafia. Martin BRODEL. Lionel nation.

This guy has no proof just accusations why should anybody believe him

Outing Isaac Kathy he is a pedophile

I heard King was a pedo

If there's even a slight chance these pedo things are true, and I for one believe they are, we as humans OWE IT to our species, our kids, our societal fabric to blow the lid off of it! Damn the naysayers! These are children's lives we are dealing with. So, thank you!

MKULTRA party. Pedophilia hasn't been part of it from what I have heard. EVERYTHING DISGUSTING has been a control group method. Qanon is patriot. Pedophiles are being exposed by people protected. You could be right.

You need to STOP doubting Isaak! Isaak is a Modern Day Hero! If he were making stuff up they would be all over him for defamation of character! There would would be soooo many lawsuits against him he wouldn't know what to do! Yet there is none? What this tells me is the pedophiles are absolutely petrified of going to court because what if the case turns around and the pedophile(s) victims start coming forththen they will have to deal with being fully exposed and if it's a truly honorable judge presiding prison time awaits the pedophiles! Here's the amazing… Read more »

Kappa could be here to deflect are eyes from that nexium cult all involved, kappy talks truth but that’s the plane, gatekeeper

Stephen king is not surprising

I really don't understand why people get on the internet, watch a video and then hurl insults or call people liars when most of what people are saying isn't even being seen by most people. I'd say 99.9999% of people see these negative derogatory comments and just ignore them. THIS IS ABOUT GETTING INFORMATION OUT AND OPENING PEOPLES EYES, NOT DIVIDING US HUMANS. THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE WE ARE A PART OF: HUMAN RACE. Everyone needs to quit quarreling over the small insignificant things. Everyone knows that pedophilia is everywhere. Just because some of these people that are named… Read more »

Get rid of Chi Omega Sorority and Yales; Skull and Bones and this will end! Allison Grimes, CPS and Hollywood! Check it OUT!

13:45. Chicken was “robot chicken”

I am surprised to see The Babysitter movie under his credits. I guess he was invloved with the music production. That movie is about a satanic highschool cult that is involved with sacrifices and using the blood of the innocent to get whatever your heart desires. I just watched it on Netflix literally 2 days ago! I've heard kappy speak and I am surprised that he would take that job at all unless there is something that he isn't saying…..

It's never okay to start calling everyone a pedo without any proof unless you are ready to have the fingers pointed towards you.

We are throwing a Qanon party in Detroit on Sat. Trying to build awareness #HONK4Q

Questions ? Find me on Fb @
Patriot children for America

Isaac has risked his safety to speak out. Since that time, many survivors have come out to share their stories. Props to Isaac.

The show title Robot CHICKEN makes a little more sense now

1:50 just like you experienced when presented with the truth of the flat earth.

When I called out Steven king as a scumbag pos on Twitter only THEN was I finally banned. Even previously saying offensive things every day .
I have NO DOUBT in my mind Steven king is a pervert scumbag evil shit from the pit of hell!

Do you have a video on the gang stalking you experienced?

Hi there…Thanks for all of your great videos. So pleased you are prepared to cover this topic, this stuff thrives in the dark so it's got to be exposed otherwise it stays sheilded by people's ignorance about it all. Or that idea that these kind of things simply don't happen where we live…. It's so understandable that desperate urge not to want this knowledge, it's so hard to process and once you do know about it and realise how embedded it is in our society, you just feel sickened and everything seems tainted for a long time while you some… Read more »

It’s hard to take you seriously with the Taj Mahal of cat towers behind you.

I can't stand this Isaac dude. Imo he is a narcissistic butthurt bellend,who doesn't give 2 shits about truth! .. He's got hurt feels cos his sick buddies don't want to play with him anymore. .. Why did he not 'out ' them when he was happy to pose in photo's with all the sicko's? Why now?If he was really about truth then he wouldnt be talking about himself so much. … It's not about him!.Posting vids with thumbnails saying he's going to out someone new, then wants to fkn meditate! EtcIf and when he 'outs', someone who hasn't already… Read more »

My question is Where does isaac kappy get his info from? He was almost unheard of before this. How could a nobody have so much sh*t on hollyweird?
And umm yeah…where is the evidence? You cant just make blanket statements with no evidence or even explanation. 'Real' whistleblowers dont get this far. They would have hung themselves with a scarf by now.

Those headphones though

Kappy is making paedophilia sound like a board game "Anyone want a guess? FFS…he needs to take it down a notch as this isn't a game here! But thrilled that pedo's are being outed so ….well done regarding that!

I agree with you, pedophilia does not follow along Party Lines, trying to label Liberals as Pedos is counterproductive! Since we are throwing names around; its only fair to mention that President Donald Trump has some smoking allegations on him as well. A child rape allegation that occurred when the girl was 13 years old, a current lawsuit against him! People love trying to make things Political.., its just a fact; he was also video taped talking about Jeffrey Epstein being a really good friend, and a comment about Epstein liking them very young, all in the same breath.

Steven King natural suspect of this dark behavior

I know people who have been abused and he plays guess the Pedo, he's a fraud and disgusting


I defiantly think the world has a huge pedo problem bit something about Issac kappy seems like he's a crackhead and possibly a pedo himself

I’m looking for Issacs instagram but can’t find it. Or are his live videos from Facebook, or Periscope?

Your catchphrase "what it is?" Is a play off of Crispin Glover's "What is it?"…?

That is true re ptsd inspiring info in general researching truther populace

Humans ? Maybe. But not' humanes

Some stories are true- but those who support trump in their claims are fake as f*ck!!!!!!!

We need Chris Hansen to stop these pedophiles and sexual predators.

Father God, I pray for the survivors of SRA esp those who are brave enough to talk and those willing to expose the works of our enemy Satan. Please allow them to seek true refuge in You in the Mighty Name of our Lord Your Son Jesus Christ. Yeshua Hamashiac!

Vampicannierotipedicidists = Vampyvores

Love you and the work you put into these videos! Keep it up, brotha!

I think Qanon is legitimate, but not transparent. Look into human trafficking bust statistics per president. There’s a link there.


Its real. I have experience with it as a child. Since about 93 I've been the target of a smear campaign. I met Issac in about 91 or 92 for real. I've been around what he talks about. Google "Red Ox" Out here in the real world I can't be anything but I'll see you around in their next lala land Red Carpet ride. As what? It's funny he is with Fiona considering that's how I also met her while being trafficked to Australia. INS should just check my passport.

I follow Sarah & she gives details of what has happened to her. She's never veered from what evil has happened to her.

It makes me wonder about Drew Barrymore. If Steven Spielberg was a pedo she may have been abused. She does have monarch butterfly tattoos so may have had programming.

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