Isaac Kappy Reported Dead By Suicide

Isaac Kappy Reported Dead By Suicide

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Isaac Kappy Reported Dead By Suicide

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Just hearing about Jake bashing on you. I don't follow you steady but have donated before and will again today. You are far more intelligent than Jake who masquerades arrogance as intelligent. Not sure I've heard your discussions on sandy hook. Personally I don't know, But there are very strange circumstances


I hope Michael Whalen is okay

So he said all the people that he was trying to expose he now feels like he's one of them. Was he not trying to expose pedophiles? He also said he took the bait. Was the bait a kid? I don't think we'll ever get answers to these questions.

It are the things you don't tell that get you killed.

So I guess the topic of exposing Hollywood pedophilia is now off topic for everyone. Kappy is dead because of it, so who's going to dare speak of it again? Do you see the problem here?

He was a part of a psyop and didn't wanna play ball anymore. Pretty obvious. He was murdered, dead men don't talk. Lift the Veil is a part of the same psyop.

Is it possible someone offered him a very large sum of money if he would "do the same thing" he calls people out for pertaining to children.. perhaps this person made a video tape or has 'proof' he did the unthinkable to blackmale him.. and in this way they could get him to shut up once and for all? After the fact he could not live with himself? Can someone please tell me if they think this theory holds any water?

It didn't happen. There was no accident on I-40 in Arizona that day. Check the facts for yourself:

dont worry. isaac is in israel sucking off his masters.

So frustrating presenters getting distracted by the live chat. Will rather listen about this news on another channel. This could have all been done in half an hour if it was properly prepared.

Clasically mentally ill. Who cares. Waste of 02.

Kappy killed himself i see tge actual video. There was not just two teenagers there and it was a lorry that he hit not a pick up. He seemed to of fell rather than jump. People who havnt seen the video shouldnt run their FRIGGING mouths

He may have gambled for VERY high stakes (Frivolous/trivial decision for greed )
Mega cash OR his life..( NOT suicidal )
Just a thought.
Jane x

Kappy didn’t hurt a child.
Kappy didn’t blow his own tire out.
Kappy didn’t commit suicide.
Kappy was speaking of JESUS when he spoke of the King coming back.
Kappy alluded to different aspects of “going to, finding the light.” ALL originally emanating from JESUS.
Kappy’s murder is devastating for a substantive number of us.
May the Most High God keep Kappy.
May the Most High God bless each and every one of you on the other side of this screen.

This video does not show up in the youtube search for "Isaac Kappy" even though it has more views that almost every other video result.. the algorithm even returned some spanish/non English videos and still didn't show this one. Information Warfare …

– Might be DT, Jr.?– Isaac appears to be a Jesus believer. There are no perfect Jesus followers. Forgiveness IS because God is Love and that’s the reason Jesus died. In his overwhelming guilt, maybe Isaac continued to be arrogant in not believing that Jesus’s blood and God’s grace is more than enough for his own sinful choices.– so sorry that Isaac is no longer with us here on Earth– July 4th there will be FIREWORKS over Mt. Rushmore for the first time since 2009. It will truly be Independence Day from the deep state/one worlders. Maybe Isaac pictured that… Read more »

Nathen, listen clearly to when the dog starts to make noises you can hear someone say "stop" or "shut" up he was not alone during that last message…

JFK Jr. has been dead since 1999.

Most likely, those aware of the kiddy fiddlers, are because they at one time were involved at least once. However the random location and random method is quite suspect. It would seem like those who stood to be exposed were expecting him to confess and take them with him.The teenagers recent history will likely be hidden but taken into account the activity he was claiming and likely what he intended to confess, those likely to be a part of it, teenagers would be there to provide questionable testimony.That letter is very much, a pre confession confession, working up to the… Read more »

If he jumped in front of a truck how can there be no witnesses? The truck driver for one surely and what about other drivers if he landed on a highway ?
Witnesses too young??? Cameras were off??? Isaac stressing that he is not suicidal..I dont know…
Anyone heard anything about the truck driver ?

"I'm not suicidal" well i have said that aloud also, but then soon later fell into brooding over the matter again

Hey nate fuck u blood is on your hands now…………

his kill switch went off on they are taking it down fast!

kappy had kids he loved i dont beleiev he jumped

He was NOT suicidal.. and I think his account was hijacked… what he wrote in that letter doesn't sound like him at all

Qanon is a cult movement of morons who think a predatory system is made of anything other than predators

Really LTV you should PLEASE do more live shows on youtube
because i can't follow you to all those other platforms
and i enjoy your shows so much.

Something big is coming July 4 2019 ! Isaac kappy is part of the darkness , Q is part of the darkness , it’s all one big Masonic deception . The anti christ will be coming to light and will deceive many ! He will be loved and people will think the world of him ! He is not Christ ! Pray and read your Bible folks ! GOD Bless !

Oh God is he really dead that you really comes off my apologize God I'm crying now I'm sorry

I have antisocial personality disorder and schizophrenia I'm so sorry I can't help myself I'm so sorry

He was offered into Illuminati and he refused and he went out as a beautiful soul that's so f**** truth Let It Go my father is a multi-billionaire and that's the truth

Omg so crazy

My father is a multi-billionaire and we are f**** crazy a s*** that's what's going on for World takeover it I don't care anymore

You have to take over the worlds because we can't do it anymore please rise up

He did it because everything has to be exposed everything do you not realize what's going on in the world everything has to be exposed is truth and we have to let everybody know what's going on please awake yourselves

There are people killing babies and they're going to f**** kill me for telling you this understand the truth is out there I don't care anymore I'm not afraid to die they are chewing babies that's the truth I don't know what else to say they will move you

I only just heard. I am so sad and in shock. RIP Isaac, a true hero.


Maybe it was an accident. His tyre was bust so he strolled down the road a bit and was just looking from the bridge he saw 2 guys coming his way and because he was paronoid he might of been wanting to get away from them and the guys thought he was going to jump so with out much thought forced his way from them and fell

Its odd that he has a suicide note. Yet said he was not suicidal on his last video. Then allegedly writes a suicidal letter. BUT, in the odd case of events, his vehicle breaks down, in the middle of nowhere & 2 teenagers, again in the middle of nowhere, happen to be on this lonely road, & overpass all at the same time?!
Where's the 911 call? Where's the photos of his vehicle that police would have taken photos of as well?
Just doesn't make sense at all

I can’t believe he is dead! This is so wrong and we all know it.

I’d this really his body?? He sure was out there! I followed him for awhile but he just got too weird.

I remember last time I watched him on periscope quite a few months ago he was hiding out in Australia because he thought he was getting killed and I thought why on earth do you show the cabin and area you are at plus what country you are in if you are so scared. After that I stopped following or watching him. He got nuttier and nuttier!

On drugs?? I don’t think he was ever on these show where he was not on drugs. Higher than a kite made it extremely hard to watch him more than 10 minutes even though he had an compelling story but he needed to get into treatment.

He truly was a nut! He needed to grow up and get off drugs!

Fantastic interview! Your cat wanted lots of love she kept looking up at you. Ahhhhhh. Thanks for sharing this. These Qanon are whacked!

If you listen carefully to what he says it seems clear that he gambled away a sizable donation to his welfare, borrowed from a shark to get it back, lost and paid the price. That checks all the boxes of traitor, betrayal, gambling, didn’t want to name the shark etc

July 4 2019? It’s May. Wtf?

How do these people get away with this stuff ?!
With all cameras !

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