Is It Time To Quit?

Is It Time To Quit?

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Is It Time To Quit?

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you are making some false assertions in regards to E Micheal Jones position on sodomites and Gods design. When man manipulates and corrupts the world God created you can not claim God made them that way. A person may be born crippled do to anomalies in the design that became corrupted through tampering with the natural order. Also a desire is not a condition of birth. It is a development of social conditioning and exposure to different stimulants. The conscious and cognitive development of man helps him to recognize and under stand the masters design so he can participate in… Read more »

You should quit. Tim should not. I will not watch this whole video but I’m done with you

I like E. Michael Jones , and I agree with what he say's.

Be realistically skeptical of everybody. People are flawed, particularly with their egos or giving out "information".
Question everything, through realistic eyes rather than leaving to others to be informed or purely benevolent,… especially if it garners them money or attention.

Tim Pool reiterates the alt right Zionist talking points but pretends to be a moderate leftist. He's a lot like Dave Rubin, a 'reasonable leftist'. Where's his income coming from I wonder?

I think that gay people have been abused, hence the gay phenomime The reason is connected to pedophilia , and what children have been exposed to .My uncle was gay and I know that my mother was sexually abused by her grandfather , she has been messed up for 70 yrs . I suspect he also molested also. It is all interconnected.

I think Owen Benjamin may be being promoted because he makes truth seekers look ridiculous in the same sense that flat earthers do.

E. Michael Jones sketches me out. He's been tapping into the new-right and is regurgitated by many impressionable young men.

Alt-Right is NWO Fake News Crisis Term like "conspiracy theorists, white supremacy," used to discredit conservatives nationalists and Christians.

He is clearly against gay taxi drivers as well

Tim Pool seems like he is turning into a puppet for the mainstream agenda

Hegelian Dialectic or Polarisation Feed-Back Loops or (Hot Button Wedge Issues)

The framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to a pre-determined solution. This is accomplished by manipulating consciousness into a circular pattern of thought and action which never leads to a TRUE solution. The synthetic "solution" to these conflicts can't be introduced unless those being manipulated "take sides" that will advance the pre-determined agenda.

I don't like him, too boring

Hmmm, Raheem Kasaam just started HUMAN Events which I wonder if it's a crossover?

What kind of idiot is this Tim Poole? He dislikes anti-vaxxers? Only an indocrinated sack of toad f–k would say that

Tim Fool is going back to Vice where he can make 6billion SJW videos

YOUR SECOND CALLER'S take on E. Michael Jones (EMJ) betrays a lack of understanding on his part. EMJ has been around for years, but was only a known figure in conservative Catholic circles. I suspect what the caller was confused about was EMJ's Thomistic (look it up) take on evil, which defines it as a privation of good. Though some of his views are controversial nowadays, they wouldn't have been fifty, sixty years ago. My meaning being that his ideas are not especially original. He's a traditional academic. So while he says things that overlap with parts of the "truth… Read more »

Don't just quit, tell the unfiltered truth until they delete your account.

No cure for flatarditus spazmodious

Nathan is unaware of ORIGINAL SIN (look it up), and the idea that due to this men are not only born into mortality, but they also lack the grace Adam lost which kept the soul in a state of integrity. This is why Adam and Eve only knew shame after they sinned. Prior to this their experience of humanity was different. He isn't saying God "makes" someone "gay" (which I guarantee is a term he is only using as short hand – he's well aware that "gay" is a social identity chosen and imposed by an activist subculture) anymore than… Read more »

Jones hardly believes ESKIMOS are irredeemable. Unless I misheard that caller.

As a traditionally minded Catholic, he doubtlessly holds to the commonly held belief that at least a great part of the ESKIMOS will mass convert to Catholicism in the last days. There are Catholic saints from well after the apostolic era with known ESKIMO backgrounds.

Hey!!!! U talked about timpool with out mentioning Luke rudkulski from We Are change who was there with Tim when he made this video. Like and himself are very close and I believe Luke helped Tim make this decision. Watch the other video where Tim is our doors and he is using Luke’s equipment. These guys are old school with Alex Jones and has created this moment

Keep up the great work homie! Doshi looks super comfy at 57:10 lol oh I think it's super weird about owen being pushed on yt. I have a feeling somthing big is going to happen to owen, or somthing about owen is going to be found out. Any hooo keep up great work bruh

Radicalization stems from fake news. Start there

Glad that Team Doshi is staying put! Keep up the good work guys.

"Radicalisation" has become a non-word. Take "Radical Islam," does it mean a Muslim adheres to all of its doctrine, in which case it isn't "radical" or does it mean a Muslim leaves out certain aspects of Islam's doctrine, in which case it isn't Islam? I choose Islam because "radical" does not seem to be applied to any other religion. I believe it was used to describe Anders Breivik by mainstream media, desperate to equate Christianity with Islam, even though Breivik openly said he was not a practising Christian, but otherwise "radical Christian" is not a term often used. I don't… Read more »

If someone is getting 100000 views and hates 911 truthers antivaccers and flat earthers we're in big trouble society is dumbed down through public education and universities. The only truth is anything not taught in a government reeducation camp. Fuck timmy pool!

Not a good idea to use their language. 'Radicalized' or 'Extremist' have become meaningless and (to use another one) 'Toxic'. Use precise vocabulary and say what you mean. Using their language puts you under their control.

Nathan. Jeranism has been giving you a lot of shout outs lately. I didn't Kno you were in that train. I'm new to all that. I'm finally taking it seriously. Anyway this was click bait. But just in case you ever do decide this is "unsustainable" we are in a crazy time reality is breaking down in front of our eyes. Whether we stat on yt or not we need to all stick together

The question is why does the algorithm push or allow his videos to get so big? Ask yourself this. They shadow ban Nathan, they ban NASA exposing/moon landing vids… but MainStream Tim Poole gets the views he does and goes on the Toe's show…..yea

He is lacking discernment. Do not listen to those who can not see Truth in plain sight. . ..just a news poster for $

I'll never understand majority of u.s citizens.
Pool is blatantly a zionist a zionist atheist, he supports israhell and all he does is bash Muslims! He's as transparent as he is pathetic but apparently you guys can't see that!?¿
Benjamin is a blatant zionist who called palestinians donkey Fu*kers!
Pls ppl be more on the ball

Tim Pool is desperately clinging to his identity as a self proclaimed leftist. He has been attaked by the the left more viciously in recent days. Trust me, Tim is actually a very close minded statist. Tim Pool was never your friend.

Don’t use Tim as any examples he a idiot just like the rest of the so called good youtubers he makes money to HIDE the truth. Keep up the good work Nathan

The white replacement is NOT a theory.

Common denominator for most of the conflict , barely anyone even mentions ; AIPAC , MOSSAD , Israel US / world influence . This is what I call , lying by omission. At 1:12 this is revealed.

I gotta get that television programs shirt

At 46:30 the caller is dead wrong. Logos is not saying “revolutionary spirit of the oligarchy is promoting their ideas because in their heart they are good”. This is opposite of Logos and what E. Michael Jones is saying.

What is radicalize? It is uncovering the scams of the mainstream globalist Marxist Jews? Therefore, after this united cabal spent hundreds of years scheming and scamming now a bunch young guys took over YouTube and LIFTED THE VEIL OF LIES AND DECEIT.

love your kitty cat !

Tim toes the line very well.

All the Zionist shills are conveniently quitting youtube as the public wakes up and the Jews are pushing their antisemitism laws. Coincidence?

Fucking conspiratards. Owen isn't controlled, he isn't propped up, and he isn't pushed. He has been demonetized, deplatformed in a way most of you cannot fathom. He lost everything. Owen is a comedian and a truth-seeker. He is not perfect. None of us is. Stop thinking that everyone is "controlled". That's mental illness. The idea that anyone can "radicalize" another is controlled opposition. And God didn't "create people gay". Sorry. God doesn't create pedophiles either. And no, homosexuality is not Logos. Not because it is "bad", but because it isn't part of the divine order. Sex is for creation of… Read more »

When people refer to parents concerned about child health and vaccine safety as "anti-vaxxers" and lumps them in with "flat earthers"… that's a massive red flag.

nailing it? he must have changed. last time i looked at his channel he was complaining about the "antisemitism" of Ilhan Omar. i always found his voice & delivery annoying – sort of like a left-leaning Ben Shapiro – but 4 videos a day is an unsustainable pace, no wonder he's burnt out.(edited bc i hadn't watched this whole video: he "doesn't like conspiracy theorists" but calls himself alternative media? my first impression was right, then – he's just an establishment shill that hasn't gotten his big break yet – i wouldn't be surprised if he's cutting back on his… Read more »

great content ! Thank you Nathan. Love Love Love you for what you do.

Relevant."This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them they will release information into the public consciousness in such a way that it mirrors our initiatory procedure. In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the very people who seek to expose us. The theme that constitutes our essential structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Success can then be measured precisely to the… Read more »

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Tim Poole is a social justice warrior

HERE IT IS FOR YOU, THE "ONE TRUTH": This world is being manipulated to follow a "Zionist Agenda" for a new world order—-controlled by the Zionists! They ultimately want "all non-Jews" to be slaves of the Jews. [ I am not racist in "ANY WAY", these are Facts!!] (Not ALL Zionists are 'Jewish', but the vast majority of them indeed 'ARE!') "We need to all UNITE TOGETHER against evil and hate, and try to LIVE IN PEACE with each other!!!!"

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