Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent “Trump situation” in 2020 on Hidden Cam

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Corruption-exposing platform Project Veritas released an explosive video on Monday, revealing insider testimony of Google’s political bias and it’s intentions to cultivate a more establishment friendly outcome in the 2020 elections. The story was immediately picked up by alternative and conservative outlets, and has since been blocked by YouTube, citing a privacy claim by a third party. Below is the banned video in full.



The whistleblower testimony includes an internal only Google document, which says its goal is to be “A SINGLE POINT OF TRUTH FOR DEFINITION OF NEWS ACROSS GOOGLE PRODUCTS” and alleges that the company rebiases its algorithm to deliver favorable search results to suit a “fairness” agenda. The insider claims that Google’s idea of fairness is enforced by an AI called ML Fairness (Machine Learning Fairness), which sources its “truth” from carefully selected source of truth (SSOT) databases. The whistleblower, who hides his identity and has his voice disguised, describes Google as a highly political machine and not an objective source of information.

The document discusses how Google “MIGHT HELP SOCIETY REACH A MORE FAIR AND EQUITABLE STATE VIA PRODUCT INTERVENTION.” In other words, Google wants to be a gatekeeper between user and content, filtering what information is shown to a user based on Google’s subjective idea of fairness.


The video also shows hidden camera footage of Google executive Jen Gennai, Head of Responsible Innovation, Global Affairs, speaking to undercover reporters who claimed to be mentoring a program for young women of color in tech. During the course of the meeting, Gennai apparently confirms the company’s political bias and its plans to prevent a Trump 2020 outcome. She says, “everybody got screwed over in 2020” and “how do we prevent it from happening again?”

Speaking about the company’s idea of fairness, Gennai says “Our definition of fairness is one of those things that we thought would be like, obvious, and everyone would agree to it and it wasn’t. There was, the same people who voted for the current president who do not agree with our definition of fairness”.



Along with deleting her Twitter and Linkedin accounts, Gennai immediately issued a response to the exposé via her Medium account, contending that she was filmed without her consent and that the people she now knows to be Project Veritas “selectively edited and spliced the video” to distort her words and the actions of Google. 

Gennai writes, “The video then goes on to stitch together a series of debunked conspiracy theories about our search results”. Presumably she means the “conspiracy theory” about auto-correct search result bias relating to Hillary Clinton’s emails, demonstrated clearly in the Project Veritas video.

Interestingly, the many (and mostly challenging) comments left on the Medium post have now been deleted by the site or the author herself. We were however, able to view some of those comments at independent news outlet The Clover Chronicle, definitely worth a visit here is the most visited website in the world and comes in second. A 2018 study found that 90 percent of political donations by Google, YouTube, and other subsidiaries of Alphabet have gone to Democrats.

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I wonder if Gennai will get a subpeona to testify before the Commerce Committee. I bet not. Seems they are trying to structure a tame contender to Trump next election based upon Google’s purposeful antagonization of the right. Competition is coming and there is one thing that will make it extremely difficult to compete – and that is heavy regulation and the potential for continual slap suits on non-compliance.

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