Glenn Greenwald Strongly Disagrees With Carlos Maza’s Tactics

Glenn Greenwald Strongly Disagrees With Carlos Maza’s Tactics

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Pierre Omidyar

Can you believe that Tin hat Rachael Maddow has been picked to host one of the Democratic debates. You cannot make this shit up.

We need to accept that liberals, independents, centrists, moderates, libertarians and conservatives are now right wingers if you dont want it to be true. Once we accept this then we can destroy the SJWs, progressives, socialists, communists once and for all. After that we can go back to fight policies again.

I'm gay and get harassed daily in my life both real and digital life. But i have hard skin. And not s self absorbed prick.

I think Jimmy is totally reading this wrong. Maza is probably really scared right now. Crowder was coming after him and he was getting texts from random people. The YouTube unveiled their new terms of service and all the blame is being put squarely on the shoulders of Maza when YouTube has obviously been working on it for a long time. Crowder and the YouTube far-right are all blaming Maza and there are definitely some really crazy people that watch that stuff. I'd be freaking the fuck out.

Some gay people love censorship they can't take any heat or shit talking online, such victims. At this point you've think white gay guys are such victims of society. maza a gang member of the latinx'ers is an establishment goon and does not represent LATINOS in any way shape or form. Another example of racist establishment tactics using minorities as weapons/shields to push bullshit on everyone.

No maybes with free speech. Gays have more power today than anyone else. If you knew why, you wouldnt be so gungho gay.

It’s the Adl there the problem

its not the newscasters that are fked up WAR MONGER ANTI HEALTH CARE…ITS THEIR BOSSES !!!!!!!

If anyone has seen an interview where Tucker Carlson doesn't frown repeatedly and pull faces as his guest speaks, please send me the link. I doubt that one exists, unless its a Fox/Murdoch sycophant.

sam seder missed this crucial point. smh

The only ones hurt were the small content producers who don't have millions of subscribers like Crowder or corporate backing like Maza. I saw they demonetized a history teacher because he showed stock footage of Nazis. Which is a real shame because apparently no one knows what National Socialism really was. Otherwise they wouldn't make light of it by throwing the label at anyone who disagrees with them. And I don't care if this comment is removed or flagged for my language. It's the right word in the right context.

YouTube isn't a problem! I learned how to fix my car and my lawnmower on YouTube. I learned how to improve my own physical therapy. I love animal rescue videos, some political news and opinion, and historical documentaries. Now I'm learning how to help my aging father get into the car and back out so I can take him to movies and meals and to the park. Without YouTube, I would be afraid to try and he would be housebound. If you look for good stuff, you'll find it. The same goes for bad stuff. I don't see bad stuff… Read more »

I like what Kyle K said, paraphrasing but it was you know your for free speech is when you defended some1s right to speech you hate

Just waiting for Ana Kasparian to start telling us how Glenn isn't a real journalist

I politically do not agree with you Mr. Dore. But i full heartedly agree with what your doing.

carlos maza it's what's known in the cis-hetero sarcastic world as a "fagscist" 🙂

Isnt it hilarious how ONE gay dude working for a powerful company can complain with no basis in reality, and get youtube to demonetize thousands of people including crowder? ONE GUY! HOLY SHIT HOW DOES NO ONE SEE THIS AS INSANE?! Talk about no fuckin backbone youtube jesus, not surprising tho considering google owns them…

I'll tell you many of us are not really that far apart over our beliefs. We can disagree and debate so that the best argument wins but all of us are facing the same enemies.

Nice post, Jimmy. You're a voice of reason around here.


Man I freakin love Jimmy he is one of the only people doing news that truly believes in free speech. He doesn’t support Crowder or like Crowder but he understands the dangers of letting companies like google/YouTube silence opposing views. Fuck Maza idgaf that he’s gay or Latino he’s using his sexual orientation and his race as a weapon and it’s beyond wrong. Good on Jimmy to show the hypocrisy of Maza and many of the left. (P.s. I can’t fucking stand Crowder and his dumbass show but he has every right to make his dumbass videos)

I'm gay, I disagree with Crowder on a lot, but I'm with him on guns, free speech, and general anti SJWism… Crowder didn't do much more than any other comedian has done, and even other gays. You think we gays don't make fun of lispy queer types? We do, we definitely do. We even use the horrible F word, both affectionately and maliciously. Who gives a fuck. Maza basically said this wasn't even about Crowder, it's just trying to attack the platform. Fuck Maza for trying to use LGBT people like this. Fuck LGBT people and anyone else trying to… Read more »

Holy sh*t! Jimmy Dore and Tuck working together?! Imagine how rattled this must make the elites.

I'm gay and COMPLETELY agree with Greenwald and Crowder!

I might be gay for Glenn.

what the fuck is smug Michael Brooks gonna say to this.

Crowder does not insults gays, he makes fun of Masa and debunks Masa using the same words Masa uses to describe himself. It's just manipulation by Masa and vox

You non pollinators are SOOO stupid.

August 19th is National Potato Day

Jimmy Dore is sooooo gay. Not fooling anyone.

It is a tragedy when someone like Glenn appears more on Fox than all the other MSM outlets combined. It suggests (to me) that the political divide is fare more than the traditional left versus right divide.

I can't like this enough. I was wondering about Jimmy's take on this and so happy he's holding to principal over personality.

Maza is a Vox employee, that is, an employee of a Establishment media company threatened by Youtube on a business and ideological level. His comments are made with an ulterior motive

I think Rational National and Humanist Report made compelling points regarding this matter. I mean you wouldn't even agree with absolute free speech Jimmy, if some Neo-Nazis went onto a kids forum or facebook page or twitter of an african-american kid and started typing the N-word and showing images of African-Americans being hung you'd probably want those users censored or banned. If a man goes on these forums and posts adult content to an area clearly meant for kids – you'd want them censored. Speech is one thing – harassment is another. Of course I don't like corporate media being… Read more »

the Establishment is trying to shut down the internet. It's too free and the Progressive political ideas found there , attracting youth, are starting to cause problems for money and power. Our State Media is only comfortable when it dominates the narrative with a monotone, as it has for decades.

homophobia is protected speech, as is hate speech broadly. We fight it with our own speech and with a correction of the socio-economic basis of fear, hatred and violence. We don't gradually throttle the internet

I heard about Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard because of Tucker Carlson. So much more fun then that toxic David Pakman show.

Carlos maza is a fucking queer

Is Glen Greenwald EVER wrong??

Where can we find real Progressives on the News? Oh on FOX!!!!!!

There is something wrong with the plaform: recommended videos. Non-chronological impure feeds should be illegal. Yes it would greatly diminish the way you currently experience social media, but everyone will just adapt to following every single channel they support. You would never see a video recommended to you from a channel that you did not subscribe to. Counter-intuitivetly this would actually decrease polarization, as algorithims would no longer be manipulating populations into mass electronic hallucinations. Discovering new channels would occur much the way it does now–your subscribed channels referencing and collaborating with each other. If this change is not made,… Read more »

Look into Bill Ottman, he spoke about non-chronological impure feeds on JRE. A lot of people aren't grasping this concept yet but it will be crucial in the future, it's the exact opposite of how social media is allowed to operate now.

he said the same thing i did
just wait til the corporations start pandering to the next generation ! their slogan will be :
'rainbow people bad ! "

Maza is just bitter because he is a terrible journalist and makes easily countered content.

Fox News is honestly the most balanced. They allow veried viewpoints. Who else?

I’m having a hard time deciding who is worse. Crowder or Maza? Greenwald is spot on as usual.

Absolute Truth. Great vid.

LGBTQ people wouldn’t ever be allowed out of the closet without free speech, then Carlos goes against free speech. What a class act this guy is.

The problem is that people are letting feelings trump intellect . This is the fundamental problem with almost all public discourse or controversy . Free speech must be defended at all costs.

Fucking hell being bisexual it fucking pisses me of that carlos fucking meza thinks he can do this.


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