George Webb, Defango, Cicada 3301, Tengri 137 & the 7 Degrees of Psyop

George Webb, Defango, Cicada 3301, Tengri 137 & the 7 Degrees of Psyop

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George Webb, Defango, Cicada 3301, Tengri 137 & the 7 Degrees of Psyop

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Moses… WOWYou just lost 20 % of possible interests…You really look at Moses that way and that is all you gathered from that srory? please dont pretend to know what christians are cause you read one verse and completely missed the point of that story. Second before you soew rhetoric and pretend to be grown up talking like u know something, go read the new testament once youv read all the old testament. then u might start u derstanding something about believers of christ. . christ is god..not a second entity. You too wrapped up in this driven agenda. you… Read more »

you look bad naturally… and no one cares about rhe big divide uprising … would that benefit the few

Youtube is screwing with dislikes, too. Seth Rich is not dead. Notice Webb's videos don't have many dislikes. Explain that one, then. You know damn well he should have more, too.

Wake that fkn cat up…I'm sick of it sleeping while you rabbit on… WAKE UP!

This whole Defango/Webb/Goodman thing blew up fast and out of nowhere and is leaving folks like me pretty confused. I honestly don't know what's going on, haven't subscribed or unsubscribed long ago to some of the people you talk about, and I'm certain that I'm not the only one feeling this way. I think personally I'm reaching a point where I need to step away from YouTube for a while due to all this. What really irks me as well is this simple fact that many of the channels I do embrace and believe are making a difference for people… Read more »

I hope they turn this Morgellons BS off!!! im ready to expose the whole organized effort

Having new friends is a great opportunity to give gifts…


I'm not afraid. Nothing you say will change my mind on this. I won't be paranoid. I'm enjoying my journey…. I trust myself…. and my puppy… I trust Defango's heart…

So this is some sort of stupid internet psychodrama

It makes sense that "unliked" videos shouldn't add up very quick at all, think about it, when people dislike 1 or 2 videos a person makes, they avoid that persons videos.. They don't keep coming back and down thumbing… Unless its a person with serious deep seeded anger/hate/mental problems against a person..

Hmmm are you here to scare the smart people away from sharing info on shows like Defango's? Why would you say that viewers are being tracked and mapped? Are you the psyop placed here to scare people from learning the truth?


You're being naive about Defango. He has a deeper role in the puzzles than it seems, imo.

So what's real?

Spot on with your assessment of the bagging and tagging.. Although I think Mr. Defango accidentally got lumped into this. He's somewhat of a dimwitted fool that's good at associating himself with intelligent individuals. The fact that we come to similar conclusions puts you in a more respected category in my personal hierarchy of YouTube contributors.
P.S. People are stupid for leaving themselves DOX-able.

Christians should read the dead sea scrolls!

you're absolutely right he's a agent, I been on a few black sites,and I say we're not skin tone were consciousness itself this is self and I see comments such as shut up white boy bla bla bla then I go and click onto their faceless picture and there will be zero content and everything about there you tube page screams agents.pretty sick we have this satanic problem this is Mike kretmar I don't cloak shit that's my name and that's me in the picture. if you don't like me fuck you I don't care Im a grown ass man… Read more »

Love your honesty Nathan, another great show.

Did you say Jeff C is not a shill? I'd rethink that one, my friend. Later.
PS: Agree on GATE, 'They' filmed us 24/7 and would electronically monitor everyone in the Program.
PPS: I enrolled in McMartin, but caught a super weird vibe and ended up going to Rainbow River Haha 🙂
Goodbye Nathaniel

It's the Mossad that's the enemy.

You make some interesting points Lift the Veil. Except i don't know where or how you're getting your Christian doctrine. First of all calling Moses a murderer, and one of the first things he does, is a bit inaccurate. Technically yeah it was murder, but Moses killed a slavemaster beating on a slave. He was berated by his people and had to flee. You could even say it was all Gods will, and set up the next chapter of his life. Secondly did i hear you right in saying the scripture about praying in the closet suggests we shouldnt have… Read more »

Makes sense to me a 73 year old nurse

i think you are right. check out monte his recent vid.

Nobody has made the connection with David Seamen and the collapse of YouTube as we know it.

A few points on an election is a big deal. You can't say wiki leaks did nothing.

I think GW is not Mossad because his info and channel is complete BULLSHIT.

Defango is a mess. I look to people for opinions to help better myself and those around me. He obviously walks in darkness based on his shown addictions. I need people who walk in light, toward the light, trying to better themselves by recognizing darkness and trying to defeat it. If he is not even willing to present himself in an upright manner, why would I trust him for solid life advice? Defeating personal demons starts with recognizing they exist and you are encouraging their presence in your life. Then and only then can you proceed to the path of… Read more »

the Zionist agenda is very real ….

Are you able to say the person working with def whom you don't trust

A Call For An Uprising is right on point with his stance on Zionism it is such a real thing the aka fake Jews are the "synagogue of Satan" and my source of reference for that is the Holy Bible. ACFAU and myself love the REAL Jewish people we are not racists but our faith does call for discernment and by their fruits we can separate the Zionists from the real Jewish people.

Hey Nathan….

Why do you pause and who are you responding to at @2:38 ?

I've noticed for a while you refer to your show as "we" sometimes when you talk about what the show is up to. Ex. "We are gonna put up the phone number for calls right now." This is pretty damning evidence that LTV live is not just Nathan. Pretty deceiving…

+Lift the Veil….Defango live streams…people will be in his chat and he'll ask if they want to or they'll ask him if they can jump on. If you would have been in chat and asked to jump on the call you would have been on there too. Don't take it personal. Not everything and everyone is a psyop or in on it.

you need to take a break. you are thinking everything and everyone is a psyop. you are now sounding like crowdstrike goodman. so you throw defango under the bus because you didnt jump on his invite to talk during livestream? wow.

I subbed you because of defango. now you turn on him just like goodman?

I love A Call For An Uprising and his passion and I think he's really onto a lot of the shit that goes on, but I do think he's a tad far gone in terms of thinking every single thing is an illuminatti psyop.

Defango admits he works for the DNC.
Christ Worship…Look up Serapis

I had unsuscribed you but THAT was beyond Intresting. So I'm subscribing again. Awesome video

Do that guys a little late to the game. Crowd strike is owned by George Soros and David Brock and judicial watch is going after them what kind of news you guys get?

Nathan, you always teach me something new! Honestly, I don't get a good vibe from defang- i think he could turn pretty quickly. Anyways, live your show, hour style, and your kitty. 🙂

So, I've been following George Webb for months. I've been subscribed to him and Jason Goodman for a long time. YouTube is now sending me to Defango and not to George or Jason. So, it's true he's the hottest show on the internet, traffic is being directed to him.

What's with the cats in the background?

This guy wears makeup. "My face looks weird, why does it look like that? I think I need to put on some powder." You looked fine, by the way.

George admires Henry Kissinger…that for me says alot.

what happened? why did the video just end right there?

George, Mommy wants you to clean up now and come inside for dinner. Be sure to leave your muddy boots and superman cloak outside as Mommy just cleaned the floor. You can go back to your spy games tomorrow. Yes I KNOW its a very exciting game Georgie, but You haven't even done your homework yet! Daddy will help you with that once you get cleaned up. Now I wont tell you again.

I love your kitty. Defango was hanging with Ryan, me, Jenny and some other guy.
It was pretty normal.

We had a couple flat earthers one night. That was the weirdest night.

My son was in gate. He's scary smart

Nathan, you took that verse out of context friend. Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees when he told the people to pray privately because they received recognition and thye admiration of their followers through their loud public prayers. He also instructed them on the fact that teir prayers should have been for the benefit of their own personal relationship with their Father not to benefit them through the admiration and elevation of men. These men were the politicians of their time and they performed just like today's actors (elected officials).

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