Gavin Mcinnes Doesn’t Exist Anymore | MOVIE CLIP | 2019

Gavin Mcinnes Doesn’t Exist Anymore | MOVIE CLIP | 2019

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ohh god shut u piehole
Montreal trannies miss you
bearded bitches got use
got use
slap u bitches out the door

426 butt-hurt snowflakes dislike this video based on navigating their life via their feelings as opposed to truth. This Left wing Orwellian bias is as plain as day. Time to move onto another platform guys. The SJW can keep their youtube. Fuckem'.

Wow. Imagine having to move to a home that's across the street from the cops. How depressing.

These people are delusional. We just have to keep pushing. It is becoming hard because we have gone to the farthest point. It was easy in the beginning because the enemy was not prepared and their machine was being held back. If they wanted to, they force everyone they don't like out of their platforms right now. That is why when their screech is getting louder, just put on the headphones and put the loudspeaker to a HIGH VOLUME!

Destroy them

They realize that they're putting people's lives in danger. That's the whole point.

You folks are just not getting it. Leftists always want the opposition dead.

Democrats had to rig the election to take Congress and Trump better get on that or conservatives wont vote.

Start killing off antifa

Without free speech there is no freedom. SUPPORT FREE SPEECH.

These people that now want to take the scepter away, and be kings, and remake the culture, are the worst people ever lived. ugly loud women, skinny weak men who would much rather,easy to see, be a woman. they rail against their country and their culture, without knowing what will go in their place. Nothing, I guess. Nothing here, and nothing there. No tribe, no culture, = no home. What will sustain them? Now, the exhilaration of the mob. Later, nothing. In twenty years all this will have changed. All these libtards will be middle aged, and more than likely… Read more »

i think you meant " they dont care if they put people lives at risk"

Gavin, you have the funniest podcast I have heard. Don't disappear.

This genuinely brought a warm feeling to my heart.

Fuck Gavin.

He's not a citizen.

I’m afraid what’s gonna happen to this country when Trump leaves office. Things are already looking bleak.

probably shouldn't have started"the proud boys"

Stop being such a fucking pussy Gavin! Harden the fuck up!!

bs. the corrupt neocons love the alt right atm…they fund them…watch the reight wing watch…alt right light is ok but they're view on socialism is stupid…

I thought this was a joke at first but it was good. This guy I can tell I won't agree on a lot, Probably will say offensive things to a lot in society, but you get the impression it would be a great conversation.

You/they were never winning. I've been saying this since Trump got elected. Trump winning was the best thing that could happen for the left.

This is what happens when you try to be funny and you're not.

The state of you!lol

Boohoo I'm a bigot and no one likes me and there are socially enforced consequences to my ugly horrifying beliefs

It's very shocking and cruel how the left is de-platforming conservative people on social media and ruining their careers while this misogynistic animal Tekashi69, for example, is still online. He is not black, he uses the N word every 10 seconds. Double standards youtube? Let me get this right mainstream media America: if you're any shade of brown and if you are on the left you can say the N word all day and you can insult white men all day. But if you're a conservative straight man, saying anything nuanced, even wearing a Halloween costume of El Zorro is… Read more »

Hahahahah, reaping what you sow, dickhead.

Don’t be a Nazi and bad things won’t happen to you. Jeez it’s like these people didn’t learn anything in history when they covered WWII. Imagine this doc but the main character is an indignant and exhausted Joseph Goebbels.


Lol get fucked.

We lost all respect for The Woman. Who is benefiting from the support of all these girls and the men who will do anything to sleep with them?

Aren't Laura Loomer, Tommy "Robinson", and Lauren "Southern" despised more for being leftist plants? No wonder GM went from being a side goof on InfoWars to this.

George Washington brother……………..Your sht is correct

Lol this is hilarious. Suddenly conservatives think people should be responsible with their speech.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, poor widdle bigots! Whine some more!

Do the far right ever do anything other than whinge about free speech? They're worse than the left.

I think conservatism is at a all time high. People know how insane the liberal agenda is and are keeping their distance from it. I truly think Trump will win again.

Gavin Mcinnes doesn't tip babysitters.

Socialist Totalitarianism has hi-jacked the Liberal Brand. Classical liberals used to be die-hard free speech, freedom, anti-government involvement, independent thought, and the search for truth. Now, just the opposite. All old-school Liberals have been purged for not bending-knee to the Leftist Group-Think. They get doxed and ruined like any enemy of Marxism.

What a bunch of pussies conservatives are. How long before civil war comes?

Oh they realize they are endangering peoples lives; they don't care; that is what they want; they are hoping these conservatives will be murdered.

Wow McInnes you're making comments about people like yourself, Laura Loomer, Dana Loesch, and Steven Crowder having to move….
Nice one way street. How about bringing up Leonard Pozner, who has had to move 5 FUCKING TIMES because of death threats against him arising from his son being murdered at Sandy Hook? Death threats coming from loony conspiracy-driven psychopaths egged on by your good friend Alex Jones?
I don't feel sorry for this asshole one fucking bit. Lie in the bed you and your ilk make, Gavin.

You thought bringing fascism to the USA was going to be easy you motherless fuck? I love how Gavin thinks he's a fucking tough guy with his fruity little gang.

Good. Nazis can go fuck themselves with a cactus

A shekel for a good goy! What a fucking dumb ass alt-lite bundle of sticks

Always has a home at the Cumia compound…at a reduced price, hey whaddaya think Anthony is made of money???

Fuck Gavin mcinnes. Fuck you pepe meme faggots, go kill yourselves.

The label "hate speech" seems like a justification to circumvent the constitution… we live in scary times, indeed…

It really must suck to be Gavin, shoved a dildo in his butt, kissed a gay dude and super cucked on the race question, did all that and still got crushed lol.

he looks like nick offerman here


Anyone who believed this was a struggle with an identifiable time span, was naive . It is a long struggle and has to be considered in term of history , such things as the Magna Carter took many generations to achieve. Currently those who can be termed "the right" ( and its a generic term as really many who are categorized as such are far from conservative) have to realise this is a resistance movement rather than a straight out battle. So it needs militant activist factions as well as alternative media activists, it needs cultural sections and also covert… Read more »


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