From Babylon to Trump to the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole – With Special Guest Kris Wheeler | 1.20.2017

From Babylon to Trump to the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole – With Special Guest Kris Wheeler | 1.20.2017

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From Babylon to Trump to the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole – With Special Guest Kris Wheeler | 1.20.2017

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Fine. Today is the day I unsub from your piece of shit "channel"

Hahaha don't forget the Tampax Nathan!

Maserati logo is highly suspect, bro. 😉
Glad you're still with us.

I think the guest may have misspoke. Instead of 'vector' math, I think it is vortex-based math. Marko Rodin and Randy Powell are excellent resources.

Im wondering what means "unveiling misery of space" . Do you think same as im hoping ?

So dude, the math he mentions, 124875 and the 396…

That's the quadrivium…

That's vortex based math. He calls it vector mathematics.


I'm the guy that told you that qualitative mathematics proves objective reality and singular truth. From facebook.


I'll have to call soon. Thanks for a great show.

BTW, this is you in your element. The new show takes you down many notches. Stick with this, the smart people out here are relying on you to keep it bleeding edge.

Chemtrails gonna stop? Well are they?

Kris, I have a question for you as well. Let's say that the mathematics you spoke of, you called it vector math, I have been studying it as vortex math for a few years now, and I have since recognized it as the lost arts of the quadrivium, from the seven occulted arts of liberation, the first three being the trivium. Are you familiar? Let's say that this is the forbidden knowledge, replete within their symbolism. Check. So, is this not the knowledge of the creation itself? True knowledge? That would make carnal knowledge not knowledge per say, but adulterated… Read more »

Great show! Lots of Knowledge** brought forth. Thank you! I wish more than anything to live "Off the Grid" or grow, gather, hunt all that is basically required to live. Many seek to live in McMansions which is what I assume is the "Agenda" since basic skills are inevitably lost, creating utter dependence of all kinds & forms. I had a roommate a few yrs back that observed me washing a piece of clothing in the sink. He asked me if I could show him how to do that, at some point. He didn't understand the basics of what a… Read more »

Revelation 2:9- I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. The Jews are really Khazars! The synagogue of Satan! The real Hebrew Israelites are Black! Jesus of Lübeck was a slave ship. The Jews funded the slave trade!

Jesus Christ is Lord over all! thanks for the post Nathan! forget all them haters

interesting episode!

@7:09 Bill Hicks is alive. Cowboy hat, front row. lol

@24:20 geez Nathan, I was following him quite well.

Kris is telling us that Sargon of Akkad basically created a religion to the Sumerians(the black heads), because they had no understanding of agriculture or uniform language.

But I wonder, Kris, how did the people on separate continents all over the world, happen to develop their deities and religions?

Great show! It was good to mix it up from stuff you've talked about in the past, and enjoyable exploring history and religion/philosophy with your guest, Kris.

There was a lot of information to ponder and dive deeper into with further studies. Cheers.

1:11, love it 🙂 born on the 11th and am a huge numbertard. Cool catch Nathan. 🙂

I guess the rabbit hole doesnt go further than that unless you can go pre deluge/pre writing!
Great stuff thanks.
Dont forget to hit the bell under the vid for notifications guys.

Kris gives a different interpretation of the Anu family, I wonder why that is… missing from the tale is Ninhursag who is sister to Enlil and consort of Enki/Ea; instead he has Ea as the sister. I would appreciate knowing his sources for that. The Babylonian creation story, Enuma Elis, tells about this family in great detail, so does Anton Parks, a much more recent source that I suggest is worth reading. Those gods of Sumer by the way, are also known as the Anunnaki.

All that religious stuff is one big rabbi hole.

the Land of Nod not the land of Enoch

Chris wheeler gets a lot of his information from the Zohar and Kabbalah I don't like it

Can't hear him at all!

zen garcia could give a rebuttal to this using info from a culture that predates the earliest culture your guess spoke of. it would be very interesting.

it was a very good show. thank u again.

what a load of pointless rambling and interupting

Awesome show ! The way you interview people is perfect. You let your guest tell his story and filled in any gaps that the average listener wouldn't understand. I hope your channel really takes off cause this is what news should be formatted to be like

good news show …so far

Adam = blood of God

The text says that of clean beasts 7 pairs. and unclean beasts 2 pairs, two male and two female. fowls 7 pairs. Fish do not have the breath of life so they were spared from flood death.

The fruit of the tree that Eve partook of and gave to Adam to eat was not from a tree of knowledge, but the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Big difference.

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