Fight Club, The Matrix & Office Space – Awakening in film, 1999

Fight Club, The Matrix & Office Space – Awakening in film, 1999

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Fight Club, The Matrix & Office Space – Awakening in film, 1999

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that's exactly what they did to me in bootcamp.

You're the ship broadcasting in the matrix brotha

Wasn't it was a meeting with a hypnotist in Officespace? You can debate it woke him up, but technically he was under a kinda "give no fucks" hypnosis that he wasn't to snap out of because the hypnotist died right after. The irony of this remains true like a bit of a cosmic giggle lol. Although I know some think hypnosis does break down walls if it should be, suggested to those who are open.

Films about awakening – these are highly recommended for further watching:

Dark City, Society, World On A Wire, Cypher, They Live

Nathan, you really need to add a fourth: The Thirteenth Floor

Excellent reference videos, Nathan. Very well spoken content, short and sweet.

I dream that we have the courage of Tyler Durden in all of us.

The most important film to watch regarding awakening is the 1978 film, BEING THERE with Peter Sellers. If you 'get it' you'll be horrified at what was knowingly deliberately done to you and the United States. "America ain't shit because the white man gotta god complex." This quote from the movie is not what it appears to be about. It's the inverse of what the statement is saying.

They didn't write the script for the matrix. They actually stole it, there was a lawsuit, etc.

weeeeird, thought about fight club in these terms yesterday. ed norton is like us, the shadow thats only partially aware of the relationship between him and brad pitt, but brad pitt, the "figment of imagination", is quite aware who is more powerful (himself) but who is physical (norton).

nice one Nathan:)


Check out the movie Ghost In A Shell if you want to know where they got the "knowledge".

The Truman Show from that era sticks in my mind. The world isn't what he's been led to believe, and he is constantly spied on.

year 1999 was the year upside down 666. It was like a jubilar year a "give away year" of the satanist ,a year to make a gift by revealing a corner of the reality

DId you only play the audio on that clip on purpose?

I left my cubicle 8 years ago!! I work for myself now. Highly recommend it.

Fight Club is one of my favorites, it's layered with meaning…even breaks the 4th wall. only thing I disagree with is that you said Fight Club doesn't have you face death for awakening. when Tyler is driving and tells him to just. let. go.

I liked "The Truman Show" -1998

1998: The Truman Show and Dark City 1999 fight club , matrix, American beauty 2000 The solution : Patrick Bateman in American psycho

I love Office Space and the message! I avoided jobs with cubicles bc of it.

You can wake up and not give all your stuff away. You can be awake AND comfortable at the same time.

Glad you touched Office Space. 🙂

1999 was an amazing year for movies – The Matrix, Fight Club, Office Space, the Cell…Things getting setup for 9/11 and entering into a new era, where the veil would be lifted.

Great movies !

That's interesting what you said about reprogramming people by making them wait in uncomfortable conditions. I was in the Navy and one thing that sticks out to me as a memory of boot camp was all of the times we had to wait, at attention, in sub freezing weather at 4am after eating breakfast.

look into anarcho capitalism, might be the next step for you. it has all the liberation of anarchy with respect for property rights. So no terrorism or destruction.

The "better way" you are looking for is Jesus the Messiah. Following him is the only way to ever overcome this world. Because he already has done it for us. We have but to realize it, and ask for forgiveness and mercy. He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

I just bought Office Space a couple of weeks ago on eBay lol. Awesome movie.

@Lift The Vail,I like your videos,may I ask if that is an chocolate Burmese tomcat in the background? Cheers

You realize the creators of all three of those stories are about as left as it gets, right?

Fightclub was strangely prophetic at the end when the twin towers were brought down with explosives, collapsing the way they did two years later, and him calling it ground zero.

I saw the comnection too

If you guys read this. David Fincher..who directed fight club…directed Seven. Which has a character named Somerset. Flight 93 crashed on Somerset Pensilvania. Tower Seven. Etc

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