Facebook Co-Founder: “It’s Time To Break Up Facebook”

Facebook Co-Founder: “It’s Time To Break Up Facebook”

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Facebook Co-Founder: “It’s Time To Break Up Facebook”

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Is the Bill of Rights "regulation"?
Is extending the Bill of Rights to social platforms "regulation"?
Gab isn't being allowed to compete. How are you supposed to "make your own platform" in an unfair marketplace? Something needs to change.

They can't put the info genie back into the bottle so now they are just going to get rid of it altogether.

Seeing how 99% of what we talk about is about illegal government actions, i can't see it being a good idea of letting them decide what to censor.

If it’s mainstream, it’s bullshit. That goes for anything.

And how much do they pay in taxes?????? Probably , $0.00!!!

Facebook is the behavioural science arm of DARPA.

Love the 3/4 shirt today Nathan! They are sold out I want a few sir.

No, it’s time to PROSECUTE Facebook & these [email protected]%?#!s

We need to break up FaceBook. And the Federal Government. We don’t need MORE Regulations. More Regulations = More/Bigger Government. Exactly what we don’t need…

I quit facebook when trump won. I knew that was the end right there. My life has changed so much since 2016. People should just wake up and leave Facebook on their own.

Chris Hughes: Also the guy allegedly calling for the break-up of FaceBook and more Government Regulations (when it’s actually the C.I.A & DARPA, etc. who are the ones actually clamoring for more Regulations…)

Monopolizing trade = Felony
US Government = Felon

Shes lost it! Elisabeth Warren, our sqaw in chief!

Of course they want to break up our ability to talk to each other.

Blah blah t shirts blah blah bleh.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Heart Attack/Suicide/Plane crash, etc.’ in 3, 2, 1……

Those 2 fairies didn't establish facebook, you had it right the CIA's window into everyone that uses it's life.

Meaning – They have lost control and people are not standing for the censorship, so they need to pull the plug.

government to set guidelines. Who runs the gov. Oh yeah the same Jews. It's tine to break up face books and make them obey the laws of privacy and restraint of commerce etc now.

Apparently it's roughly two thirds of online video hosted on Youtube according to what I can find.

I’m with Corbett. You viciously censored his argument. Why?

Never trust the jew. If the media is talking about it, it must be an angle to it. It seems the jew wants this regulation to happen for some benefit they are not revealing. Never trust the jew

You only played about 45 seconds of James, which didn't even include the reasons why he thinks regulation is a bad idea.
Here is the FULL CLIP : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqC82zmHccU

Money is the root of all evil? I think not. Satan is the root of all evil. Usury is one of his best tools. Do a bible search (regardless of whether you're a believer or not) on usury and see what is said.

do people really still use FB?

Also, Thanks for sharing the Corbett Report! He has SUCH a valuable catalogue…..

I call it corporate authoritarianism. Taxes laundered through the government by corporatist politicians to give contracts to multinational corporations they are in bed with. They are funded by our work but not giving us a choice in what we can buy because these companies eat up all the small guys, including the smaller news analysts and journalists such as what you present.

"… the public interest is best served by the free expression of ideas." We stand on the shoulders of many men and women who sacrificed their very lives that we should have the liberty described in the above quote. Don't be a member of the generation that shirked it's duty and willingly gave up that liberty. Great work Nathan. You are really catching your stride.

This is the key point, no profit ….. extremely anti competitive…. MORE importantly, it’s anti customer needs. Nothing these days meets anyone needs. Because they’re not profit driven they have no incentive to provide products and services of any quality. It is similar to derivatives trading, they’re trading ideas not actual useful commodities.

If the Nazi's that control Facebook wants to break up Facebook you can be assured it is not for the benefit of humanity.

If they New York times is pushing it in this leftist style video with animations for brain dead zombies then there's no trusting this shit. It's got control written all over it!

YouTube sold itself to Google and could of been a major tech company had had it stayed independent

All my FB accounts were disabled permanently by FB admins i don,t miss it at all

the government will never regulate Failbook & Twatter – if they did, they wouldn't be able to use them to do an end-run around the First Amendment. right now they have the best of both worlds – all the information they need (via NSA backdoors & who knows what else the CIA put in there when they started out) but no pesky free speech guarantees. i agree that regulation is the only way these platforms will ever be forced to respect free speech, but i don't think they'd follow the laws any more than they've followed the antitrust laws. so… Read more »

Corbett is correct. Nearly ALL regulation is designed as statutory institution of EXCEPTIONS to the Law. The EPA, for example, does not police or protect the environment but is designed to regulate exceptions to the law with respect to injury and harm. As a result, industry is happy to pollute within certain tolerances rather than banned as a public menace.

When you bring government into anything it makes things worse nothing needs rulers or puppet masters all these social platforms are already government controlled and it sucks but when they do it out in the open it’ll only become worse I guarantee it.

Will Doshi pardon Julian Assange?

Come, get your reasoned debate from a flat earther who doesn’t even have the courage to admit that’s what he is!

co-founder is an FTM

They want to break it up into separate communities so everybody can no longer reach everybody.

buy the SHIRTS! they are amazing! love mine! <3

Regulation will make Facebook the PERMANENT public square, as it favors businesses that are already big. Sadly, punishing evil behavior seems to be a thing of the past, and people seem to think government is there to just legislate away all problems. If there isn't punishment for the de-platforming of Alex Jones, David Seaman, Laura Loomer, Roger Stone, Paul Watson, etc. then there isn't justice. Just a bunch more needless rules & regulations to steal more liberty from the population at large.

0:54 is it just me, or do these “men” look like woman

The government is the one (mostly the Democrats) who called for censorship of Infowars and other truthers to be silenced.

Reagan derugulated the media industry. Thats why we have 6 total companies. Before Reagans worst decision, one person or company could only be in 7 markets. Who owns, runs, and therefore steers the American and Worldwide thinking…..Joooooooooooos.

Make a tshirt "doshi aint no pedo"

When you said " shes a lil bit native american, btw" i spit my coffee out!!

Digital holocaust

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