Facebook Bans “Dangerous Individuals” Alex Jones, Milo, PJW

Facebook Bans “Dangerous Individuals” Alex Jones, Milo, PJW

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Facebook Bans “Dangerous Individuals” Alex Jones, Milo, PJW

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7:00 I love that Zionist Looney Loomer likely owned her own 'fan club' account, and got it deleted

TRUMP should just create trumptube "no censorship"

Did they ban Kathy Griffith, Maxine Waters, Robert Deniro… you get where I'm going with this?

Move to JoshWhoTv (https://www.joshwhotv.com/)

I thought they were already banned

You should have two things. One, a web site so that you can aggregate links to important things (and can include some of your videos). And, a pure video channel, somewhere, where your videos—most should be about ten minutes—can be easily followed.

Just the start! Be prepared!!

“In times of tyranny,… speaking the TRUTH is a revolutionary act!”

This has everything to do with elections…. I've been saying it for years…I called this when Trump first got elected. I said they were going to take down the social media opposition timed in conjunction with the next presidential election…

Alex Jones is just another scumbag agent

Niemöller quote 
First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


Why aren't you talking about venezuela??

Yes you do have great content.
Thank you.

Don't be naïve! It has EVERYTHING to do with Politics!! The Globalist agenda is following the UK to a "tee" where people are being jailed everyday for what they say on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Due to the nature of my posts; all my UK family had to unfriend me for fear of being arrested.

'As long as she's not breaking the law'…. What veil are you lifting LTV?? Coward or shill?? Hard to tell when academics come across to the many as intelligent people still

She had a MAGA hat on and we are seeing it, or COURSE she's a shill, and this guy thought Christchurch was real!!!! Paul Joseph Watson is also a shill and so is Jones, this is ALL a play

This is another psy-ops designed to make them appear as bona fide alternative news outlets. This is bullshit, rather like the small-hats drawing swastikas on their own doors

Louis Farrakhan ordered the murder of Malcolm X. He’s known to be dangerous. Alex Jones is a CIA controlled opposition operative. So, we should maybe cheer…. except that this is exactly how the Nazis slipped their agenda into place: taking down the ones most people already did not like. Their real objective, as always: to establish dictatorial powers and killing the people of God, anyone who resists, and anyone they can justify killing such as “mentally feeble”, “criminals”, “useless eaters”, and “homosexuals” and “child molestors” … and then they move on to anyone with a following that could potentially start… Read more »

I banned facebook 4 y3ars ago

Are they trust worthy or are there controlled opposition?

Banning people will only bring on more trump 🙂 Yay!!

There goes Facebook's profits.

Darcy looks like shit and smells like a fart.

America is under attack from within. President Trump? Washington is responsible for ignoring the rights of it's tax payers. So damn busy with trying to take voter bases you forgot the citizens that actually pay taxes. Not those that have crafty accountants or welfare benefits, those that work hard to make this country what it is are the used and forgotten ones.


Any one else not allowed to Thumbs up??

all of them are cont5olled opposition.. to ban these you controle the naritive . to give these guys credit in the eyes of their followers

Jack Dorsey mark zukerberg.need to be liquidated

Anyway – Alex Jones+Infowars is only a big deception, CIA/NSA/AIPAC controlled opposition!

Oliver darcy is a brown piece of shit

tommy is ziop. good riddance

whats wrong with him? hes turning right?

Now the $UCK£RBERG..nJ£Ws are doing the SAME to these people what the Nj£W$ condem Hitler for…Shows that They all ARE Dishonest NJ£W$ $CUM


remember youre next

At the end of the day its not actually these tech companies doing this. Its ALL the governments and Marxist action groups…your slavery continues! "Those other" platforms will soon fall to the same censorship!

They are not dangerous! They are just speaking there own thoughts. Company thoughts from school and the tv programmed media is the real danger.

Paul Joseph Watson is a hated-filled racist! he should be in prison for spreading hate

Donald Trump was pushed over the victory line by the interview Roger Stone set up with candidate Trump and Alex Jones.

People laughed at Me when I 6-7 Years ago when I told Them that SM like Feikbook and Shitter were created to gather information about Peoples lives and political views…and Their socialnetworks…So than They can be monitored and controlled in Realtime…And if the "Deepstates" finds out thru Their "Wargaming AI computers" ..that They starts to change the course in a way thats not favorable to "The Cabal"…They will be Silenced in one Stroke… Guess Who I learned it from…Alex Jones !…He talked about This coming scenario alot in the Days…I SM is a Mindcontroll Weapon created by the "DeepState"….Thats There… Read more »

I think Zuckerberg has some sort of tech implants.He seems to lack any human empathy. He has allowed personal messages and data to be sold or given to multiple third party entities with really zero consequences. Aside from that who is really wanting to be on their fascist platform?

I wish they would purge me have been trying to get off that for years

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." – George Washington

David brok from media matters released a plan to deplatform these type of people, post 2016 election so what happened with the people exposing Hillary and electing Trump will never happen again. And that's the exact plan they are using

It has everything to do with truth

Rich European and Middle Eastern Buillonairs are from Socialist Countries with Palimentary style Governments. They back AOC! They want to destroy the American Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
Facebook is going the way of MySpace.

Loomer is a proud Zionist right?

Oh come on.. Jones, Watson.. Those shills..

The puppet masters are good at getting people to rally behind their twisted puppets. Don’t sweat it. Are you sure you’re awake? The puppet masters are singing….. “lullaby, go to sleep….” There’s only one way ☝️ to truly be “awake”.

Two things here,
A) the zio's and thier minions know this will martyr their tools i.e Jones, the Greek homo and pjw like they did Tommy 4names Robinson.
B) if these ppl are dangerous where are the arrests ?
Or do these zio owned companies have separate laws unto to themselves!

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