EXCLUSIVE: Roseanne Barr on media control

EXCLUSIVE: Roseanne Barr on media control

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Rosanne's (((people))) run the media.

I have nothing for Barr after she sided with Israels hard right wing conservative extremists racists Apartheid government and Barr condemned the female singer for canceling her concert in Israel, supporting the boycott. Either Barr has become a Jewish supremacist or she's incredibly stupid and under informed.

i still think that rosanne should of not been fired. you should not lose your job because of a tweet but this is the new norm, oh its a offence tweet…go suck on a pacifier you big baby.

Media is divisive, not only it wants to distract us from the important issues, but also it make us argue against each other about irrelevant matters. The more the trillions they spend, the better as long as that's part of the plan of the elites to funnel wealth towards them.

Lenny Bruce paid the price to shock you, made you think about things that were not talked about. She's right about your feelings, I say no pain no gain. That includes everybody.

Governments offend me!!! How can we ban them all

Omg what rosanne did wasnt meant to be a joke . Shes a washed up bitter alcoholic cunt who wasnt smart enough to keep her career. Good riddance. Remember it wasnt just the station that killed her show the very actors she worked with no longer would work with her.

BIDEN 2020

George Carlin referenced the owners as well

She's already apologized for her racist Ambien rant, and she's claiming victim?

Roseanne safe in her Hawaiian hideout. US has become a tyranny upon all nations. Fragmentation and civil war coming. Elite can't keep it together, elite first to get eaten. Eventually settle upon religious lines; once people discover what man is ( no definition for man except Jesus=sun as perfect man above angels- book Hebrews). Greetings from western Sydney Australia.

She is mentally ill. She is classless and wore out her welcome in Hollywood, where no one would give her a job. She was not the first woman with a late night show. Joan Rivers and Stephanie Miller did it before her.

Well , interesting we always saying they , , it is a lot of those " They " , lets call them special interest , is about to keep society under some control , those who managed to gain enormous wealth are part of special interest establishment or Elite of course , but people awareness is on very low level , they actually don't even think , they just consume , most think or believe that's the way it is . Soon when individuals realize that's not the way should be , them is red flag raised and then they… Read more »

I looooove her soooo much.

Tv has damaged humanity for so much drama killing suffering all negative energy so they they to play out people with that no hates no bullying. What a bunch of human scum

damn she needs to lay off the meth for real.

A single tweet got Brett Breitbart killed by the Clinton's henchmen…

She looks like shit!!!

Oh hell no, she's only been around 30 years quit lying just stop lying… She ain't been around no damn 50 years and you know it


Yeah there used to be a place that you could come to and express your political views that were not popular and find an audience… That place used to be called YouTube until it became it is sanitized dumb down version of the cia's idea of what it should be along with Fox network… sucker

this reporter is so sexy.

people nowadays are pathetic whiney bitches. and value nothing but an iPhone. and cry like bitches if they don't get their way, no matter how redonkulous it is.

Well you might be too polite to say it but I'm not, the head of your network and your network is a bunch of suckers. They scared to let modern content in ideology dictate what's going on out here in the real world. Because ain't nobody scared of nobody no more

Good for Scottie for letting Roseanne speak without constant interruption or redirection. That would NEVER happen on network tel-lie-vision. The filthy scum.

I have always admired and supported all that Rosanne has done, but I always knew that her mouth and what comes out of it would eventually be her demise. We can't blame others for the choices we make.

What she is telling you is, the plight of what happened to RT America, is what's going on in comedy… Baby, it is called repressive democracy and I am here to oppose it

Did she live in Hawaii when the volcanoes were erupting?

wasant she fat

They're trying to silence her so badly….. It's a damn shame too… Watch her on the Joe Rogan podcast she's super smart and misunderstood like alot of us

America will always love Roseanne

Go Roseanne! Waiting for part 2!

I liked Roseanne until she decided to go full GAFI.

I wish she'd write a book about the real Hollywood. 'Course, she'd have to go into hiding afterward, but hotdamn it would start a necessary shit storm.

What's all this about I live in Australia and need to be filled in on what's going on

Rosanne is mentally ill,she accused all her family members for sexual assault then later she said that it looked to her that they sexually assaulted her,,,she is a scum-a retard who needs mental help–and i`m a republican who voted for Trump

Scotty, We appreciate your commentary and thank you for allowing Roseanne to continue to use her power to bring out the damn TRUTH once and for all.
We support Roseanne. MALA Go Girls!!! xoxoxo

did anyone else notice the lizard crawling across the wall?

Why is this bitch still in the US? Send her back to israel.

She’s entitled to her political and free speech feelings. We’re entitled to reject it if we think and feel different.
America has moved on from the 80s
And the Roseanne Barr show.
Face it Roseanne, you’re a has been washed up. Nor does America care about your political bias views. You spew hate then don’t whine when it returns on you. Yeah typical rightwinger victim because nothing is their fault or doing.

Owners = Illuminati/New World Order/ Satan himself

Operation paperclip

promotion of another Zionist whore on RT

Obama wasn't an American also he's Islamic and not a Christian like said he was. Islam was introduced to America through him was the problem. America was a Christian nation with Christian views. Obama seduced Americans and that's why comedy is dead. He used homosexuals to rally against God's laws and won. Now the United States is adjacent to an abomination. It's called spiritual warfare and Obama was very tactical. Explaining his tactics here: https://youtu.be/bD3YGFgBr2Y

Thank God for Trump and realize the resurrection of comedy again.

Roseanne doesnt look good

lol she's trash

My Ma LOVES Rosanne Barr who is about the same age. Getting older sucks either way and no matter what. I very much enjoyed watching her TV when I was a kid.

Ummm she looks like a meth head…hahahaha hahahaha


She's j-ish


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