Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology Around The World: Update June 2019

Evidence Of Lost Ancient High Technology Around The World: Update June 2019

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Is this a channel where I can pretty much find all information surrounding ancient civilisations in southamerica?

The part about Petra is BS. Wrong time. The steps left and right are from later times. That tomb was created straight up to down, which make it super easy.. The rocks around it are Sandstone. Any ape can carve it with a stick. There is quite a lot BS and assumptions in other parts as well. However there are some parts very interesting. The Egypt large statutes as example. Burn marks and shattered.
It happend something at the end of the last ice age 12.500 years ago, something big obviously.

Dear Brien, I think I know the answer of why those Cusco/Inca megalithic stones has lumps/niches or holes in them. If interested please let me know, I am happy to share my thoughts with you. Thank you

I believe they used powder in mounds and plasma heating turned it to rocks

Brian is the one who knows the truth, concentric circles and cascades and these videos aren’t designed for the none believer. POW

14:25 evidence of this on the moon? google "Apollo Lunar Surface Closeup Camera, or ALSCC."

I was wondering if anyone has ever spent the night alone in the so called 'Kings Chamber' of the great pyramid..? I'm convinced some kind of mystical transformation would take place. If you had the guts that is !

Obviously alien workmanship now you can go home you won. Now what ? you're welcome

Omg..the lathe thing makes sense now..pure evidence.

Que tal unos subtítulos? What about subtitles in others idioms?

if the pillars at 1h15m were done on a lathe and the holes on either side were center points, you should get an engineer to measure the diameter and depths of those holes and calculate what stress was put on something that would hold the entire weight of the original block. with that calculation you can compare that stress capability of the material they used to turn it to our so called modern materials (spoiler: i think you will be stunned)

It's hard to be pragmatic when there are so many anomalies that could steer you away from one view to another…trying to stay pragmatic all the while. With the US government acknowledging the fact that yes we have UAP's (UFO's) in our skies recently, I don't think the latter is a reason to believe extraterrestrial beings did all this…heck it could be that we are the E.T.'s just coming back to check on Earth…Who knows. The Earth has been around so long there could have been many advanced civilizations come and gone and some of them were much more advanced… Read more »

Bri Bri…The stone was soft 12,000 + years ago. It could be shaped at will. It could be moved as a "soft clay" type material – then formed into a large object at the desired location location. Or – moved after completion by very large hands… "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown."The Egyptian Mega statues – are self (realistic) portraits of the Nephilim themselves…….& the Olmec Heads are… Read more »

thanks for your good work Brien

Awesome presentation Mr. Forester! Religion does the same thing in explaining there bibles.
This planet is nothing like what we have been told to believe, They say one thing but the evidence shows us a whole different story! Thank God, I/We are NOT yes men and women!

For the Lost City of Atlantis, see Jimmy at Bright Insight :


This was amazing!! Thank you so much for making this!! Cannot wait to see Praveen and you in India, and hear/see your take on ancient India!!!

With Brien's videos I feel like a kid in the library again. Thank you so much for documenting everything.

Brien, no planet (in our system) spins perfectly. So, knowing that, would that mean that besides Mercury (which isn't perfect but close), all planet's suffered the same cataclysm?

This is no jab, a legit question. And I love your work.

Edit: I ask because it's been suggested that Mars has had nuclear war or been blasted by plasma. The ancient sites, some, appear to be scorched as if by a flash of intense heat… perhaps plasma.

It is beyond absurd to think in "mechanical" terms for the transport and placement of such gargantuan monolithic stones. Yes, there is abundant evidence of "mechanical" excavation. However, after excavation we have the incomprehensible problem of TRANSPORT. 50 ton or 80 ton or 100+ ton blocks defy the concept of slave or worker transport, unless, of course, those workers were giants, as in, anywhere from 15 to 30 feet tall. This is not entirely to be dismissed. However, I'm hanging my hat on the idea that there existed levitation technology that was quite routine.

The Tentrya Temple, which the West calls temple is dendorah, has/had the galactic, cosmic calender. The original was dynamited out and has been sitting at the Louvre Museum in France. It shows 3 pole flips in planet earth's history. I'm not speaking of the relatively minor 'catastrophic ' events, they have taken place quite numerous times. Not long ago, there was a video released by this YouTube channel that showed a compass that would not settle when placed on some of the granite surfaces in South America. Nothing more was said about that , other than it was strange. Have… Read more »

A 1000000 Hiroshima bombs is nothing for the earth, it's like trying to move a ocean liner with a pea shooter… 9:55

Brain, tell your camara person to also show the slids when you are presenting … all we see is you … not that your ugly or anything…. we want to see too!!! hehe

59:00 Any idea why the project was abandoned.

Omg when he’s changing the photo SHOW IT! What’s wrong with the camera operator??? IMPROVE THIS PLEASE!

Ah man this is fantastic stuff, i can never get enough, thanks Brien.

My theorie is that the (global) younger dryas civilisation tapped in to a forgotten fundamental force, but probably didn't fully know what they were doing. Or was abused by warlords who were power hungry. This caused havok to the planet.
I don't think that modern man should re discover it, it will probably lead to the same outcome.
And on top of that, we have everyhing that we need.
If you want to re discover it, be my guest. (I would start with taking back Tesla's memoires from the U.S. government) He probably knew something and didn't think humanity is ready.

Camera guy left for the bathroom… with the camera on the presenter… during a slideshow…. kinda defeats the purpose of the slideshow. about 50 mins in.

Amazing brilliant man definitely sums it up. We owe Brien Foerster a depth of gratitude for his determination in uncovering & sharing the truth about lost ancient technology!

1:10 WOW! How many more could still be burried there?

Shoutout to the jackasses interrupting Brien with easily Googleable questions while he gives this awesome presentation

for some reason i dont believe a comet or asteroid impact would knock us off our degree of rotation. im not saying any of this happened cuz it clearly did.. im still going with our rotation disruption is due to our solar system being a binary star system.. and that the second star possibly not burning like how the sun is in flames but still has a big magnetic pull enough so to perturb ours while our the possible "2 suns" transit their close fly by before flinging out from one another till the next pass by say every 11,500… Read more »

Here we go baby

Dude im d'accord with some points, but what the heck are you thinking how those 'energy machines' worked? And why would a civilization that had diamond technology built everything out of stone and don't use steel and other metals? Doesn't match up.

The stone hammers used on the giant obelisk was Dolemite. Much harder than granite. One was found in the vet shaft of the Queens Chamber in the Great Pyramid. Thank you for your videos, I'm a long time fan. Peace,

Has Brien been to Göbekli Tepe ?

I was thinking about what ancients would actually have at their disposal technology wise, and they are using advanced techniques, but it is also obvious that they are focusing on building huge structures, and not focused on building out of metals. Aliens could not be involved because this all suggests showing off power and not focusing on advanced technology. This is humans, excersizing their power of powerful civilizations and even a deep connect with other civilizations around the world. It is obvious knowledge is being shared between very distant groups of people. We also have to assume that much of… Read more »

the caves were made to protect humans from the known and deliberate actions by the anunaki to eliminate humans 12700 years ago

So the pyramids and the structures underground could have been ancient disaster survival shelters.

So, you’re assuming that the earth is a globe and space exists?!

Nubian pyramids there are H blocks in west Africa I think

Nubian pyramids north Africa Sudan

In the future, please show more of the slides depicted as he is describing them than him talking. We know what Mr. Foerster looks like….

Although I enjoy your vids and respect your efforts throwing out wild unsupported ideas about plasma strikes and machinery to make the columns rather than stating the obvious—we simply don’t know—only muddies the water and doesn’t advance archaeology. Klaus Schmidt spent 25 years digging for answers, when he didn’t know—he didn’t Guess.

Pinpoint plasma bursts from our star at 93 million miles!? Maybe if everything from horizon to horizon was burnt! This rock is burnt the one next to it is not, NOT star plasma burns! Direct observation, facts only! Keep digging, you guys are chipping hard at the ignorance or outright lies of academia. Find the truth about human kinds past!

There is one thing that doesnt add up. I dont think that any of those great monuments were built after the Earth's tilt. If there had been a great cataclysm and if that had tilted the Earth, then why wouldnt have all those great building collapse? Also, it seems to me that such structures as the Great Pyramid of Giza were constructed AFTER the tilt as the Pyramid points perfectly to the north and aligns with the Sun and other stars.

brilliantly interesting as always, plus your voice tone sends my baby to sleep 😀

Only three seconds into his intro you might as well just say I love sucking his dick

Could those "mystery nobs" perhaps be sprues or what is left of them? Meaning that the blocks were a type of unknown cement poured into molds?

Damn! I feel fortunate to have chanced upon your work! Amazing stuff sir! We need to get you on JRE


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