“Do You Know What Frazzledrip Is?” #Pizzagate #Donutgate

“Do You Know What Frazzledrip Is?” #Pizzagate #Donutgate

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“Do You Know What Frazzledrip Is?” #Pizzagate #Donutgate

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Stop saying Q anon wants the US to overthrow Iran. He was just highlighting the unrest in Iran. Q is a Psyop but that doesn’t mean it’s fake or malicious. The MSM is a psyop as well.

GO AJ!!!  He has such a booming voice – perfect for this stunt

It's actually globalist Zionists not Jews, Jews don't like Zionists either the difference between them is always meshed so people get confused over it

Haha!! That guy looks like he had a mini stroke.
Not heartache.

“He’s no good for sound bites”
Man!! I love LTV!
Sorry I missed your show.
I love my Hoodie!!

If common sense were common, then we would not be in this position of Lying and mistruths. Un pour tous et tous pour un. One for all, All for one… 3 mousquetieres.

So we all know Obama was and probably is a pot smoker but its the end of the world when Elon does it? These fake moralists need to get the fuck off our rock.

Is it true President Trump talks to Alex Jones on the phone? And how can you protest Nathan? You don't take sides, remember?

Lol you make me laugh

He looks old enough to be Bill Hicks AND he's had plastic surgery relatively recently (within the past 2 years or so)

I didn't realize Huma was Anthony Weiner's wife. Government should be dismantled knowing the kind of characters that inhabit it.

But the left can invade people's offices demanding…not a cop in sight.

Well when you're believing in bullshit retarded satanic crap yeah buddy, you're nuts.

These Vampire are totally afraid of Free Speech and love censorship. That is the goal, attacking free speech.

Google/youtube needs to get it overwith, and give CIA/ADL control over what can be broadcast, like it does on ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS. They need to "get sight the program". That is what Congress is trying to say to Google/youtube.

Jones is very likely Bill Hicks.

Video about evil Google…

…flashes Google search engine..

The world is being awakened to the truth & that poses a very clear danger to the evil doers trying to fleece the public , therefore the source of that "truth" (social media) must be censored , hence the "conspiracy theory " & "hate speech" labels .

Frazzil Drip Does exist.

Dude you Don't even Know WTF is happening Pizzagate is happening an if you say it isn't means you are probably a pedophile to an you are hoping people will not press the issue. Obviously Dude you Need to do your homework cause right now you sound retarded.

I stopped watching Rndom Rants of Ryan long ago shortly after the original pizzagate stories. Ryan at that time sent me very offensive comments to his channel where he claimed to "debunk" the skippy videos. It seemed clear to me that he was one of those people who claim to "debunk" things that are in fact not "debunked". I don;t know if he is an intentional disinfo agent but that is a clear possibility.

Mr. Ruskin said Pizzagate was discredited.Pizzagate was never discredited . I think the video exists that made NYC Detectives cry. Wiener (Huma’s husband) has it saved in a folder called “Life Insurance” to protect him from the Clinton Arkanside Assassins!

I watch your shit often. But instead of trying to distance yourself and making fun of the guy you ride on the coattails of, you should show a little more respect. If it wasn't for Alex Jones you wouldnt even be doing what your doing. None of these youtube alternative media outlets would be doing or reporting the way they are if it wasn't for Bill Copper/Alex Jones.

When they cloned Alex jones that’s when he started saying nutty stuff. Before that he was a legend. Cloning.

ALEX JONES IS A MORON. What he says is true, BUT he has poor delivery, he makes everyone disbelieve him because of his outrageous behavior. ….and WHY do these POS congress people always blame the "right"??? Because THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS! No one knows this, but after all of the indictments result in arrests, our country will have to hold new elections because many of the House and Senate members will be arrested and brought to GITMO.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HATE SPEECH! its already settled law. Disturbing that "elected officials" dont get this. MORONS.

GETEM ALEX!!!!! #freeinfowars

Why are you always disrespecting Alex Jones? I'd like to see you go storm the halls of DC and demand some action.

Some of us are old enough to remember when then Vice President Al Gore's wife Tipper came out guns blazing against "mature content" in the MUSIC industry which resulted in "mature content" warning labels being placed on CD's that had naughty language, sex, drugs or violence. Pretty much anything that was worth listening to. They had already gone after movies, TV then music, video games and social media NOW they want to skip any warning system and just blatantly tell you what you can & can't say, do or watch on the internet and it's come to a point where almost every part of… Read more »

Fuck yes we are real ❤️
Great intro btw. Looking forward to this show.

alex jones is a boss. lift the veil is pussy you should probably take a page out of jones book. instead sitting on your ass talking to doshi all day long.

They should talk with

Them hypocrites are the main source of propaganda and dis- information. I rather get my info off the internet. Lol

Aaaaaaannnd Mr. Raskin is Jewish. The person pushing for further censorship by google is of course Jewish. They always are.

25:25 I think you mean the “totalitarian tiptoe”

Discredited pizzagate? In his opinion! I would say proven! And I damn sure believe that hillary and huma killed a child after they abused her and drank her blood. That's what the satanic pedophiles do! Truth hurts!

Mrs. raskin brings up Fox but at least most of the time they put out real news! What about cnn putting out 100% lies about Trump? What about getting them in there and beat up on them about all their lies? These democrats are real pieces of crap! They show how corrupt they are constantly and fake news supports them basically telling America, your dumb and will believe anything we tell them! These democratic senators want to control all the news and censor anything right. They just want to get rid of free speech period!

Frazzle drip is not real. It’s a complete fucking shame to get more people banned off the internet.

I saw the frazzledrip film on the dark net; it's real . . .

Alex is a shill for Israel. And his purpose is to make ppl interested in truth look silly. He is not genuine.

“He looks like Bill Hicks age”?? Bill was in his 30s in the 90s lol

Brown people are taking over.

1:13:30 must add another dollar figure of $53,000 dollars!! on top of the documented $4,700!!

Fraz /zle( dri q… The active a tact to spread things without condomnnation Centers for control of distease… You need to pick up on the chatter on personal contact pua type wed citez, it is the lead in to spreading cannibalism and "spoonggee forum" brain pain!

They have even been funding pharma patents of not functional treatment, mostly through advertising and unknowledgeable "talent scouts" pissed off promiscuous infected who treatment is has only been staving off death and suicide… Rife generators, the wet plate type, with the (P2P) paper bleach treatment researched through red cross in Africa, need simple clean protein and carb loading for 24 hrs with healing lamps (swiss tech) followed by distilled water fast with rife and then once white cells increase the paper bleach not hypochlorite bleach with vinegar, darkness during this is a must oxygen tank use helps also fasting during… Read more »

Blood tests come back clean on near and far field dark and light field micro spectroscopy. Then wait 6 hours (keep darkness upon the body) while giving food starting at that 6 hour mark. A masa of blue corn organic blue corn should be given

You need to dissolve the masa in distilled water, let any stone chips come out, use gmp/comp cell wall destruction on the slurry to get all the nutrients bio available, then that slurry is the food to give during recovery. As long as the disease is cleared completely, and the person is not too far gone it has a 100% success rate even aides and hippieC…

Small amounts of oral cannabis and "medicine lettuce" like weeds from your garden for pain management to keep stem cell production up no more than 1/100 of body weight per 4 hours for pain management. NO nsaids NO pills, I mean no fucking pills! Filler is the most major problem and the coatings stop the effects of the treatment! Slow white cell production! Slow excretion of the dead viruses and bacteria! As this can be considered a national emergency before even thinking of announcing (they have an attack plan if that happens moles) an emergency get the AG to at… Read more »

What a disgusting spectacle of disinfo this hearing was.

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