Dershowitz SUED Over Epstein Denials

Dershowitz SUED Over Epstein Denials

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Dershowitz SUED Over Epstein Denials

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A child or minor cannot, by definition, be a prostitute only a victim of sex trafficking because she is unable to consent to sex as a minor. Dershowitz should know that as a “legal scholar”. Even if he is calling her now as an adult a prostitute it is still disgusting for him to sling that term around it is obviously an effort to demean them. He is the slimiest piece of crap just like his hero, fellow pedophile and incest practitioner, Donald Trump.

He is such a slime all lawyer definition of a sleazy lawyer.

Private jet flight logs do not have a high degree of accuracy when it comes to passenger manifests. It is very easy to hide domestic travel on private planes

I’d like too see dershowitz’s financial records in Toto to see if there are any other data that prove he is lyings

Derchowitz a BIG TRUMP SUPPORTER, TRUMPS A real mess these monsters he has all around HIM, Pompeo, Acosta, BOLTON my goodness, the truth movement got him ELECTED we must not let TRUMP win.

OIL comment not mine, I comment ed on derchowitz,

For someone who always seems to do his best to expose the truth, I'm surprised that you are making this leap about Alan dershowitz without full evidence. If he were hiding something, would he be all over the news cycle right now pleading his case? I don't believe that. I also don't believe you should condemn him for simply being a friend and supporter of President Trump. We know that anyone who supports President Trump gets attacked. Look at kavanaugh. Where are his accusers now? I believe our president is the best we have ever had and I will happily… Read more »

Dershowitz is on Julian ASSANGE's legal team….

Why is all this happening at the same time that people are putting together that Dershowitz might be on Julian Assange’s US legal team.

These filthy, criminal old men should be locked up immediately like any common criminal would be. Dershowitz is a liar/lawyer. He and Epstein deserve underground cells of solitary confinement.

I subbed to this channel because roypotter said you had the real juice on Qanon.
BUT apparently it is just another channel fool of anti /Trump and Israel idiots

He was on the Today show, where Matt Lauer had a rape button lock under his desk installed on his office door.

He's so hideous that he should take credit for having sex with anyone that admits ever touching him.

Dershowitz is a filthy Zionist. I remember seeing his debate with norman finkelstein he was such a piece of shit.

All these old creeps are part of the same secret societies. Pedophilia, spirit cooking and human sacrifice are just part of that satanic underworld.


Fox news keeps using this creep as pundit. So cringy every he time rears his ugly head.

Not as much as you, Alan.

Google won’t even let me comment lol YouTube censors every single comment I make and I’ve never violated and policy of theirs (either corporation) and they remove videos from my playlists and never let me “like” or “dislike” a video unless it’s on a more “mainstream” news channel….it’s really annoying lol but I guess I’ll still try to make this comment ! Good job Nathan, thanks for putting your neck out to speak the TRUTH!

Dersh jew shitz. Liar. Scumbag full of shit.

I think the legal age should be brought down to 8, alahu ahkbar

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