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Deleted stream…

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Deleted stream…

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Missed it.


Given that some poles put the belief in the great replacement among French people at half their population, I appreciate that. I also want to say that many races and cultures have committed atrocities from the Egyptians having slaves to the attempted genocide that is happening in Africa at this moment. Yet, only white people are the only ones that are called racist or supremacists for having pride in ours. I also want to say that I really get a kick out of q anon YouTubers getting salty over q anon cats liking you. Can you imagine thinking that you… Read more »

run forest run!!

100 % Staged event …….. Check the date ……Mosque shooting leaves New Zealand shocked, saddened –…/vi-BBUxV31

Mar 9, 2019 – Dozens of peoples were gunned down after a gunman opened fire in two Islamic mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.


You deleted because you exposed the Pakistani Muslims as Incestual. It was reported by the BBC that 75% of them marry their first cousins.. That is a touchy subject, but the truth. Their off-spring is born with low intelligence and severe birth defects..Avoid truth at any cost, if it hurts someone's feelings..!! HUH.?? Especially some crazy mudders..!!. This practice also crosses borders there into India and Bangladesh..!!!

I watched the video and enjoyed it a lot NATHAN. Really good, interesting topic.

Go offf kingg

Just tuned in actually drank coffee to stay up late and watch.
Coward. You really do s**k.
All this to seek attention for yourself. Not report truth.

Good man. Usually right. Always honest.

Love and prayers from J / SF

Like I said in that video… I spent last month in London and Paris and noticed how white people definitely appear to be a minority in Paris. There are more Asians, Africans and Algerians getting around the streets and on the metro than indigenous white Europeans. London is similar but whites are not so obviously outnumbered there as in Paris. I hadn't been to either city before so I've nothing to compare it to but I was certainly a little bit surprised by the sheer numbers of non-Europeans in Paris, at least north of the river where I spent most… Read more »

I love watching RedIceTV

Wtf. I saw it and finally tune in and it’s gone. Your allowed to make mistakes. Fuck them !!! Whoever you think will censor u , and you can make mistakes. That’s normal

They will be thrilled to know you're self censoring, that their job half done. But you are absolutely correct to tread carefully this is a full court press, the all or nothing. And they need a win but this ain't it, this cluserfuck scares them. Also NZ is a small developed Country with good infrastructure, they test things here. ATM, BIG PHARMA ADVERTISING, INTERNET BANKING…etc

I don't believe Nathan has self censored because of some fear of Big Brother. Hopefully it was a genuine reflection over things he said that were unfair and a conscious desire to keep his channel respected. Thank you for your introspection, I feared they had got to you.

No biggie cus the shells disappear in mid air. False flag

everyone needs to check out Sgt. report's actual footage of the NZ shooters footage. when your watching the video the ejected shell casings disappear into thin air!

Everybody look up the shell disappearing problem in this video also watch sgt reports video "vanishing brass"

Disappearing shell casings in attack video

not all brass disappeared though..for the record


wtf? why is everyone scared to cover this. fuck the snowflakes. this shooter was a Mossad agent.

Bruh… Interpol have a $10,000 NZD Warrant out for your now deleted stream. Lay low. Stay safe.

I didnt see it.

No idea what your talking about , but appreciate your sincerity and willingness to correct or apologize . Lesson MSM needs to take

Honorable man. I respect this decision even though I kind of assumed the best when it comes to what was said. And I do see that there is an anti-white agenda. But then again, there is also and anti human agenda too. I also see how race discussions mostly take an unnecessary turn when they could be completely and absolutely respectful and positive without stooping to any kind of belittling of any race. I also believe there is a lot of potential beauty in diving into the race topic, without resorting to low level thinking/propaganda propelled ideas of some race… Read more »

No Probs Nathan :-)))

Thank you for your time and effort in what you do.. a few more years of struggling and suffering… and something, regardless of what it will be or how it will happen, will most likely happen. Some sort of climatic event: disclosure, extinction level event, revelations and rapture, whatever.. that feeling everyone is getting? Like a low rumble or uneasiness that more and more are claiming to experience..? The same feeling I cant seem to shake? That's our spiritual/natural way of our body/soul letting us know, a notification if you will, that earth is changing, we are changing, everything is… Read more »

Can you do a video on Madeline McCann and the new Netflix series?

The Kalergi Plan has been in the works for some time now. It's the plan to eliminate the white race. It's a fact. ALL the refugees are being shipped into white countries to destroy the culture and eventually turn the countries "Brown", as the Kalergi Plan details.

Faith restored Nathan haha. Appreciate you trying to understand and sort through something that has been otherwise portrayed as an evil, taboo, barbaric and violent topic when in reality a lot of people who feel this way do as any other race does and has no resentment for any other race by any means but just wants the ability to preserve their roots, heritage and culture without people resorting to calling you a nazi. I'm in Canada so you can imagine the backlash I get but a lot of Canadians feel the same way they're just frightened to death to… Read more »

These events are not simple in nature, which makes resulting conversations complex and even controversial. Not at all your fault for attempting to make sense of madness.

Seems like they are playing a game on us

where's the brass?

Nathan who pushed isaac kappy to you??.who emailed you.and.said hey interview this guy?I know who but would love to hear YOU say it

Look at this thing in New Zealand and don't talk about new flats for rent in GAZA on freshly given ground.
The gift from God to his chosen few, that keeps giving at any and all costs to others.
What a gift indeed.
Now we see what Nietzsche meant when he said, " God is dead, He remains dead, and we have killed him."
The few have indeed made themselves into Gods, "simply to appear worthy of it."
Oy vey!

Devide an CONQUER!!! Government monsters moto!

Did you see the NZ disappearing bullet cartridges video? Would like to hear your opinions on that.

be true to your self , apologize once and move on , no harm done. keep lifting the veil !! Your doing a good job!

Could the whole New Zealand 'shooting' be a ploy to relocate ISIS assets now facing 'apocalyptic' scenes in Syria with no where to go by lowering the prejudices against jihardist 'refugees' – they just 'paid' 40 TONNES of GOLD……..

It's just fine and dandy to maintain our race, as well as it is to mix. What's not fine and dandy is telling others how to be. White Pride

As a Southerner , and proud Confederate I totally get this war against white Folks. The establishment wants to turn Folks against Us. I researched the Civil War and it was caused by banker agents who used slavery as an excuse.

To my fellow Rebels, Y'all got to realize the USA is still the piece of shit federal government as it was when they invaded the South.

Black Folks soul has been attacked, as well. All races are targets and not just whites. How do we fix it??? Teach our kids to carry on our races.

I don't like Henreich' s wife one bit. She just causes more division

Nathan, YouTube is now under complete censorship. They will no longer recommend "conspiracy theory" content or channels, or anything with conservative views. Try searching for what is posted today, this week, this month….and you'll see a LOT of mainstream news from even years ago from CNN, NBC, CBS, but NO Youtubers from today. This is bad. This is really REALLY bad.

Check out SGTReport…Vanishing Brass

We are social beings and it always hurts when we get what we feel is unfair blowback, and you never know when you're in for some, you might have the best intentions then the incoming is massively negative, as if you personally fucked up the entire universe, by sharing a video and you're wasting your life listening to a bunch of a-holes. What's so hard is the a-holes seem to all be coming from your own family…….am I effing crazy? So what you should do is truly just bury yourself inside your personal bunker. But you need contact, and you… Read more »


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