Deep State Technology is Decades Ahead of Commercial Technology

Deep State Technology is Decades Ahead of Commercial Technology

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Keep awaking the masses! I can’t wait for the next documentary James

I wonder what processors they are running in that super advanced technology of theirs??

shakey the robot was updated and given a flesh like exoskeleton, you know her as nancy pelosi

I'm glad this channel is verified!

If I'm not mistaken, Boston Dynamics was recently acquired by Google.

If I'm not mistaken, Boston Dynamics was recently acquired by Google.

Kinda looks like they are trying to get out in front of a secret video that might not be fake, but who knows….

"Look at the way they're treating it"???
To hell with that – I found it incredibly satisfying to see him knock the shit outta that thing.

Deep fake videos lol… Anyone remember an old movie called rising sun shawn conory wesly snipes… Its the premise of the plot!!… Lol

How about lida machine

Thanks. You need to really get onboard with "UFO" technology phenomenon.

It just so happens I live kind of close the that university.  I met the hottest chick last night but she would not stop going on about big the world is outside her room, and how long she's spent in this room and asked strange questions like did the sun seem really bright to me, blah, blah,….  Well, as you can imagine, I had all these guy thoughts going off and thought to myself, Ya Jack ,this ones comin home, you found her first, good job buddy.  Then she got up, to use the powder room she said, but instead walked… Read more »

Public mind technology, and good research, maybe more advanced and powerful in effect than anything the agents of war and control can dream up. Strength in unity.

Tech related Research Points (feel free to add more, there’s loads missing): Palantir (Peter Thiel cryptoking, missing persons & other database handling) / Qadium (Geo location and MAC – Indexing every device on the clearnet in 1 hour, Thiel again) / In Q Tel (CIA R&D, bio, nano, DATA, all sorts?) & connected companies and individuals / Keyhole Inc. / D-Wave (Quantum Computing) / FermiLabs (What came after dark/DIRTY FIBRE? NuetrinoNet, DUNE @ CERN) / Lockheed Skunk Works / Raytheon BBN – J.A.D.E Ai (US Army – see also Op Jade Helm) and other unbelievable tech / Sophia Ai (Saudi… Read more »

Corbett always gives a brain orgasm

I have listened to a lot of your content as it relates to September 11th over the past ten or more years

I firmly believe this political response video from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi was a deep fake
After Schumer begins speaking right after the 2 minute mark, he goes nearly 90 seconds without blinking.

What's the best defense against robots, shotgun slugs, or a super soaker?

Seriously tho… You just gotta love how they lie to us.  They have the most total data capture/surveillance tech imaginable, hectares of server farms collecting everything, quantum computers parsing every bit of it, Star Trek style AI figuring out what it means and yet nobody saw it coming when [fill in the blank].  Pfft.

Thanks James, the private sector/$$$ has always been ahead of the curve. IMHO, the evolution of standards are what’s missing from the formula. We’re at a plateau, technologically and intellectually, where standards need to be raised to the next level. Markets don’t like standards, but people do. Look at the evolution of the electrical grid that we now take for granted. Sure, there were hiccups/deaths along the way, but standards were put in place to guarantee against malpractice.

I have to play the devil's advocate here.I'm sure that DARPA and others hold onto internal technology as much as possible, but I don't think that it applies to software just as much.Unless we're talking about nuclear energy, chemical formulas for stealth coats of paint, encryption or software viruses, it's hard to match the collective progress done in the world of software engineering, where even the best companies in the private sector today have to rely on open source to reach certain levels of sophistication.Limitations in hardware manufacturing can be overcome by expensive supercomputers, but when it comes to software… Read more »

I'm not so sure. NASA can't do things they were able to 40 years ago with modern computers. I think we are seeing a general degradation of institutional abilities.

According to someone who worked at skunkworks “we’ve had the technology to go to the stars since the 70s but it would take an act of god to ever get it out.”

9/11, hello.

One day they might even be able to simulate aeroplanes flying into a building. Just a thought….

My dad told me the exact same thing decades ago. Why they let us have now they’ve had for donkeys years.

Mr Corbett. Thank you. You are someone I admire . A true hard working genius

“But, but government can not do anything right. Just look at the DMV”. Time to get past this view folks. A government can do many things spectacularly, when it benefits them. Even at the cost of the public.

Makes me curious with the whole sensation behind police body cam's and video footage of corruption in the recent news. Probably not a direct correlation, but it still primes us to believe what we see and in the future- when we can be deceived that way- it's a little scary when that "evidence" can be turned against people OR a guilty defendant can say that they are the victim of a deep fake, and it really blurs the idea of concrete proof when nothing is concrete anymore.

The Butlerian Jihad of Frank Herbert's Dune was a good idea. However, (spoiler alert) if you read all the Dune novels including Brian Herbert's, you find out that the robots instigated all of it.
Our species may have been created by AI and seeded here. We could ask, "what came first, humans or robots?"

There is also a program to make photo realistic images of people that never existed, check out truth stream media.

Lots of what they develop gets shelved or ends up going nowhere. Yes much of what the clandestine contractors have developed is way ahead but not all of it.

reminds me of the World Of Darkness RPG (tabletop) where the "technocracy" has stuff decades ahead

Watch The WTC Mega Ritual to help you comprehend the extent of hidden technology. And then we have UFOs. First flown in 1944 by Germany. So how did they lose? Holograms are old tech but who knows that? AI was at Stanford. We went there, looking for truth…. One place was on Page Mill Rd, computers and AI in 1968

If only this "truism" could translate into "humanism", "altruism"!

I can't wait for the 5G war propaganda where they create another false flag attack with a terrorist deepfake.

So you are telling my I might as well drop my Bitcoin wallet because they already have computers and tech that can hack the blockchain?

Holographic jets….

Many of these Boston Dynamic's videos look CGI to me. There's something about the speed of the robot in flight during jumps; it looks slow. I don't know.

Does anyone know if James has a list some where of the books that have the conspiracy information?

Why do you talk like a Robot ?

I think this is why God said he was going to speed up time for us the last generation or there would be no flesh left on the earth. I believe this is why. The beginning of it anyway. Satan can only create a body from metal that can House a human brain. Obviously satan can not put an already living persons brain into a clone. How do we know? Because there would have been no reason for him to make robots if he could do it like a real god. Love

Corbett is not qualified to review technology.

Now it's not 'Decades", it's 'Generations'.
Some areas are more recent, but have iterated 10X in just a few years. Machine Learning being one area.

When I saw that robot doing backflips, right there I thought " we're were screwed"! Arming them with swords and giving them the skills of ninjas is creepy.

GAN technology lots of things out of MIT Marvin Minsky (The father of AI) named Jeffrey Epstein as his NUMBER ONE SUPPORTER in his book "The Emotion Machine" also Ben Gorzel of Hanson Robotics also named Epstein as the guy who helped him out of some financial binds. These are verifiable facts based on their own words one them written right in the table of contents under Supporters. Number one Epstein.

There then must be examples of now known technologies of previously 'unexplained' results/actions in the world.

That deep fake is obviously, fake. His mouth movements look incredibly unnatural, and doesn't sound like him. It's all for a narrative to cast shade of doubt on future video content, and protect politicians from accountability.

Another quality video, thank you James.

Thanks James. Waking up the sleepy ones one video at a time


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