CNN Called Out For “Fake News” From Venezuela

CNN Called Out For “Fake News” From Venezuela

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CNN Called Out For “Fake News” From Venezuela

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CNN = Ministry of Israeli bullshit

Doshi played one of Gene Rosen's cats.

Guido the "self-elected" CIA Cabal puppet. He is a joke. I support the democratically elected President of Venezuela Nicolas

(((New York times)))

Venezuela voted themselves into this. They have an opposition to Maduro who have legitimately gained some power. I hope we really stay out of this.

I never did see you respond to Jake’s accusations towards you. I personally unsubscribed from his channel

Do you really think people still vote for Maduro?

CNN is straight CIA psyops.

TRUMP IS A VERY BAD GUY, he is fooling us all

We all know they lie. This is just proof that the government is using CNN as propaganda.

Dr Paul Craig Roberts, was saying the people, according to polling done, no longer trust the GOVERNMENT LIES

Guido should sue CNN

They're coup coup for cocoa puffs

cnn= garbage
Maduro= garbage
Guaido would be an improvement, but i dont support any overt US involvement.

Nathan reach out to some actual Venezuelan dissidents (there are PLENTY)… sick of seeing people supporting Maduro to spite muh CIA or whatevr..fuck maduro

maduro "won" the election because he illegally barred leading opposition candidates from running…dude this shit isn't hard to understand… speak to some fucking dissidents

This is despicable. No matter how much Maduro needs to go, I worried when Guiado stepped forward hoping he was actually holding the Venezuelan people's best interests in his actions, but apparently he does not. All of this political bullshit at the cost of the starving, ill citizens' lives. #sosvenezuela

Let’s me explain Guaidó, the Venezuelan Congress was elected by people 2/3 against Maduro dictatorship, madure realized that with that majority they had the power to overthrow him democraticly, so he removed congressman until the opposition had not 2/3 majority, but when the people object that Maduro simply Make Another Congress with just pro Maduro congressman elected by him… Guaidó is the leader of the original, democraticly elected by the people congress, so that’s why he is the only truly elected official over Venezuela.

Nathan have you checked out with is going on with the Venezuela embassy in Washington DC with the protective collective andCode pink protecting the embassy from the take over from Juan Guaido and Carlos Vecchio. You have to check out how peaceful activists are being treated by Juan Guaido thug oppositions out side the Venezuela embassy building with the the help of secret service and Washington DC metro police. The opposition are wearing blue arm bands and they set up dozens of tents out front. When the peaceful activist tried to set up their tents they got physically attacked by… Read more »

SMITH/ MUNT ACT OBAMA 2012….RESENDED! It give Our Gov the right to lie to it's citizens!


Singapore just prohibited fake news and guess who doesn't like it? Fake news don't. News agencies are allowed to report fake news and Obama signed it in 2013.

Psy-op on top of a psy-op?

Thank you for your hard work to try and find the truth, I am so fed up with this clowns with their lollie pops and fancy pants running a circus merri-go-round all over the world feeding them fake lollipops fake news . I live in South Africa and we are really already so traumatized from our history but the communists took over and here we are …


Yet there not held responsible



CNN is the mouthpiece for the CIA.

Another example of Trump's hostile rhetoric & hate for CNN is nothing more than Shakespearean play cast w/ 'C' actors fulfilling their roles.

Trump stands in front of the world and threatens those countries .with our sons and daughter in our military as his weapon ,all for his buddies kock bros oil interest . How does that make u s great ,he announces the fake prez like he's some kind of authority which is not over those countries ridiculous why is he president he's making us bad for the world we need some one who doesn't play games and who cares about the sacrifice of our troops and defends our country not just his buddies personal agenda Tulsi is the only one that… Read more »

We need to regime change

So, was Lopez and the other defecting soldiers granted asylum at the Brazilian Embassy? There were many people shot and killed around the country. Guaido is responsible for this!!

They say it's fake because they were conquered. They were doing something absolutely illegal and THE PEOPLE fought back. RT was showing footage of military humvees running over protestors. America is destroying the world.

1:11 Kitty kitty! Great producer.

Doshi for President! You better fucking vote!

I guess all news is fake news! thanks for the real news Nathan!

Doshie is giving the side eye look.

Why no coverage of the alleged Colorado shooting

Why do idiot people in this country still listen and believe all these brain washing fake media outlets?????

Just realized I was unsubscribed to LTV. WTF…

Hilarious when doshi looks at him like he's retarded haha. I had to re watch that like 5 times lol great video homie! You and doshi keep up the great work!!

Yes but most of you still think it’s evil communism for Venezuela to give its oil profits to its own people…no hope for y’all…

May Allah Bless Venezuela and it's Beautiful People!! When are they going to realise they can't take out Venezuela with out taking out it's people. ✊

DOSHEEEEEE!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

We are all being played bitches. Deep State is still in charged. Two will be taken and three will shaken.

Good for Venezuela.

Nothing but fake stream news channel vids on the right side of the screen now. The new algorithm thinks people will just click on a CNN video after watching Lift the Veil vid.?.?.?.? This is laughable.

Norman Mineta Pearl Harbor, 9/11 Internal Explosion and Stand Down

got nothing to do with trump thats 8 years of obama the entire world was nearly destroyed
build the wall and throw all the libtards over it they put maduro in power now they got free healthcare but goto eat their own pets and neighbors or starve to death
n e v e r g o F U L L L I B T A R D

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