Christchurch Shooting, Alexander Dugin & Chaos Magick

Christchurch Shooting, Alexander Dugin & Chaos Magick

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Christchurch Shooting, Alexander Dugin & Chaos Magick

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Dugan is full of shit and the dumb Right falls for it because you are hopelessly miseducated. Thanks to Liberals you have a decent wage, worker's comp, workplace safety standards, and no child labor. The Left believes in and cares about the Individual which is why the Left collectively fights to improve the lives of all human beings so that every individual can live a dignified life with their agency respected. It is the Right that is psychotically obsessed with collectivism and individualism. The Right fixated on caricatures of Leftist collectivist. Quick to steal valor of Crusaders or plagiarize the… Read more »

lol attractive? they look kinda ugly dude …isn't defango part of this chaos club?

…….so tired of this "fake white" tribe always moving ((( FORWARD ))).

Jews did this.

The Petitbone sisters were interviewed by AJ a few years back. They wrote a few books which I have not read. Sellner set up

Whole story stinks of a government ff. Not saying people were not shot but the official story is bs.

there are many Dugin interviews out there.. He also wrote a book or three.. Anglophile preserver ?

Has Lift the Veil done a broadcast from Russia? if not time to fundraise for your trip there Call it "looking for Alexander "

La Raza is super racist group .. Dallas Texas has ten GENESYS.? CENTERS for parents to take their young kids to get on hormone replacements and by age 8 chop off their parts and become trans. How to trans form TX one child at a time. nuts are everywhere. Dugin does know how they transform to communism

university (n.)
College =latin word COLLEGIUM. Get out now!
c. 1300, "institution of higher learning," also "body of persons constituting a university," from Anglo-French université, Old French universite "universality; academic community" (13c.), from Medieval Latin universitatem(nominative universitas), "the whole, aggregate," in Late Latin "corporation, society," from universus "whole, entire" (see universe). In the academic sense, a shortening of universitas magistrorum et scholarium"community of masters and scholars;" superseded studium as the word for this. The Latin word also is the source of Spanish universidad, German universität, Russian universitetŭ, etc.

Invictus Games sponsored by Brit prince Harry

The great replacement is happening, white genocide is happening. Lifting the veil does not seem genuine or honest. Just a caved in head skeptic

Sorry Nathan, I respect you and your work but you're drawing the bow a little long on this one. Especially with the inclusion of Dugin, who's been whipped up into some sort of 'super influential, diabolical Russian villain'. The truth is, that IN RUSSIA, he's a nobody. Very few people have heard of him and many of those who have (as he's appeared on a few b-grade tv shows as a 'political commentator'), regard him as a crackpot. In the US, however, (and especially in the online community) he's somehow been blown out of proportion and elevated to some sort… Read more »

Dugan ism is absolutely Zionism s right flank. Israel has always been Russia, Bolshevisms gateway to infiltrate the West

There was no shooter

Why isn't there any Mention of the Alt Left????
Why are Conservatives just just taking the abuse and not pointing out Nazis were Socialist!

Bitcoin what a joke I don't think so no way he got his money from that lie number one lie number two very odd how a few of us in different countries have seen different version of the shooting, whether a contract killing by the elitist or fake look for the codes masons use

If you research Knights Templars first crusade who were murdered in 9th 10th century by Pope CATHLIC boniface and French King PHILIPE 5th then Teutonic Templars who stared the first banks across the globes and hospittallars Templars who started the first hospitals who are now masons are all connected to monarchy head quarters in Paris London Washington, D.C. So you can see the new world order up and moving forward as these idiots under the guise of charity and setting up charity events but the money is feeding these rich folk to build there Temples throughout the world NOW SEE… Read more »

ASKENAZI Jew, kelergi plan book, Europa the last battle I suggest you watch all ten episodes utube

This guy s stupid decide gender MALE AND FEMALE there are no others, these woman are pathetic spending there hard earned daddies money doing nothing but pathetic interviewing on a load of bull when they should be supporting themselves and seeing how bad the world is with these knutjobs controlling it

WorshippiNg KEK? Or what are you saying? Kek just means like yeah! You bet. It aint a thing. Kekistan is a joke land. Pepe is a joke being. What are you saying? Nobody worships this stuff that t i can tell.

LTV, you are one cucked little bitch. Do the world a favor and check out of life.

Joos be white when it suits they're needs, but when you casually ask a Zionist Joo if their people are white….they'll laugh or put a disgusted look on their faces. They don't identify as white because they're not White . They're Turks. Ashkenazi fraudsters

This video is incredible. I've kept backing it upand replaying it.

Lauren did good work in South Africa regarding the plight of the white farmers. That said, she and other Canadians were exposed by a youtube channel regarding her background/religion/motives. I cannot remember the name of the channel right now.

the goat sacrificing comes from voodoo. One example of this is to heal oneself by passing on the ailment/s to the goat and then killing the goat. Therefore, you are sacrificing the goat to get rid of the ailment.

All seems pretty far fetched to me.

Anyone who watches those decent looking bitches needs to stop. They’re some kind of pop formula. I haven’t quite nailed down what the specific angle is yet, but I will

I’m 18th generation woolly mammoth attack survivor.

He did not allegedly sacrifice the animal and drink its blood. He did it. He states it quite frankly.

As a “chaos magician” myself I instantly noticed some of his iconography matched some of the stuff “we” use. We’ve all known for years the inevitability of “chaos magic” going mainstream, hopefully this isn’t how it’s going to go down. Looked like a Vril society fan.

Best video so far.

BUT LIbralism pushed for identity politics… African/Mexican/Native/ Americans…lgbt, etc…liberalism believes in mulicultural identies EXCEPT WHITE identity..

The term "Great Replacement" was actually first posted and created on the UN web page. They were boastful and calling for this GR idea, so as a result I think we should organize both left and right to BAN THE UN for fomenting and creating the Christchurch shooter.

Yes liberalism is a threat to the world not just Americans or Europeans. You have to understand that by "destruction of the west" he means the end of globalism and a return to nationalism, that doesn't mean destruction per say but a complete return to older traditional values that are before and reacting to globalism and the genociding of Europeans which has been ongoing for the past century.

Hyperborea and Atlantis did exist and so did Tartaria. Tartaria was destroyed by the people currently in charge. Read Anatoly Fomenko and you'll be able to figure out why the head of CBS after WW2 was book pulping over 33,000 titles in Germany, mostly cause the Germans had actual sources and connections to the Tartarian empire that had to be eradicated, so in marched Marxism to wipe out the old age empire of Tartaria. Actually the real symbol if the Griffin on a yellow flag as well as the symbol for infinity. All the tech we have today was stolen… Read more »

Dugin also one thing you have to understand about him is that Eastern Europe and Russia were literally protected from mass illegal invasion by being communist. But the truth is they had abandoned marxism, the british virus which is why they are now hated by the globalists. They got the bolsheviks out of power. Maintained their identity while we lost ours. They are far more capable of surviving while the west literally anarchistically tears itself apart in a individualistic march into the globalist abyss. Eastern European isolation gave it a sense of identity unlike the west which has LOST ALL… Read more »

This is absurd. The Alt-Right stands for Logos, like no other Group. Yes, we take Pepe partly, but only to destroy Anti-Logos. So we create chaos by memeing Logos into the Anti-Logos mindset. Are there People who uses Pepe to just create Chaos without showing People a way out of the Chaos? Yes. But these People are Hedonists who just shit on everything and mark everything for the fun of it. The Alt-Right doesn't do that. The Alt-Right is fighting against infiltrators of Anti-Logos if it is needed. You just can't figure out what People stand for 100% of the… Read more »

All churches are cults. All religious people are pure evil. I will see you all in hell I hate all religious people. I hope you all get tortured like you all do every body else. I hate all of you. I mean that with all my heart. FUCK YOU FOR CAUSING ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Is a fact, it’s simple math! The power of 30 will bite us in the arse!


ALL OF THIS LEAD TO NATIONAL ZIONISM ……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

They were a response to the left losing their shit. No mystery.

You are misleading people, you have no idea.

Lauren southern is jewish too, Johnny gatt exposed that. She changed her last name. America is spear heading globalism. Liberlism is destructive to all culture and people's traditional heritage bc liberals think everyone is the same. But the part that gets me is it's ok to be anything but white and proud. We should recognized that people are different and shouldn't be flooding america and europe so the race mixing orgy can happen. I like being different and I would never have kids with someone of another race. I'm proud of my heritage and want to keep it intact.

I'm just pro-white, pro-Nation, and against the mass importation & displacement/replacement of our people from our homelands….*None of what is happening to white countries is conspiracy theory, or even debatable at this point. But, as for all the other nonsense, with the cult stuff or the "magic" or whatever else they're trying to attach to things felt by normal, rational people….I could not care less about. They can keep all their sneaky little plans. What I feel is in my heart, and it's ancient, and it's just good, common sense. Unfortunately when you have pure intentions, it's easy for crazies… Read more »

Nathan you need to cover this shill Blackstone Itelligence, he's trying to divide the people, telling them to choose a side on sandy hoax. will help so will the documentary done by them called I am Adam I think.

Replacement migration is the term used by the U.N. itself. The term "The Great Replacement" is hardly obscure.

Simply properly identifying islam and globalism as political and religious TOTALITARIAN IDEOLOGIES OF VIOLENT WORLD DOMINATION to USHER in the NWO and 12th imam abominations….. is NOT "ISLAMOPHOBIA" OR "GLOBALPHOBIA" or ANY other "PHOBIA"… it is PROPERLY identifying the REAL threats to ALL free nations and the world.

Fux these bitch ass HOES!!

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