Child’s Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl

Child’s Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl

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Child’s Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl

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I want to see the full video of the person that said they built the shelter. But can’t find it. Anyone came across it anywhere yet?

I have donated to Sawyer and then been told he's not what he says he is and he's very close to the Clinton's and keeps them informed about everyone who's donated to him as that would make them enemies of the Clinton's and how they now have every donors details, I really hope that isn't true as I wouldn't want to be giving them bstrds any more money.

hey keyboard warriors, have any of you been to Tuscon in the last week?? If you haven't, you've got no reason to doubt any of this

total waste of time, this channel; instead of trying to help ad find the truth, you attack the messenger. Woooow, very noble patriots you are. p.o.s. people in this retardtube

"Light hearted"?? Thats dark AF

VOP and V4CR are doing an outstanding job.
what you say at 18:30 are you saying we should all just believe the MSM version on this. lol

Steven king IT is real!

They act very badly. It is BS.


In the hot Arizona desert that train wreck claims to have built a shitty camp. He would have issues leaving his drinks cabinet for more than 5 mins.

The whole thing smells Psy-Op, a new Pizza gate light … And the "Veterans", likely CIA assets …

It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!

I was hearing Lewis speak, and a thought occurred to me. Have you ever been at a bar (or anywhere rapscallions congregate) and became irritated by the sound of that one guy with a loud, hoarse, nasally voice? Who never quits talking, as if he loves the sound of himself?

Lewis Arthur who is posting the videos from Tucson is the same Lewis Arthur from the Bundy standoff.
FBI plant? Some thing not right with him.

The Pima County Medical Examiner determined late Thursday that the skull was that of an adult. Deputies did not find any indication the skull was connected to “any sort of sex trafficking,” Allerton said.

Your such a soy boy

Yes children are getting hurt everyday

This is what happens. When officials do stuff

EHO FUCKING CARES IF HE HAS A PAST MOST PEOPLE DO ! So if you have a past your not aloud to do good ! Fucking keyboard warriors

Roth child's mayor

20:22 Whats the persons name who built the camp? Silence of the Lambs 2.0

haha "It puts the lotion on the skin or gets the hose!"

You can’t ignore the fact: this is what happens when people lose confidence in the institutions of government to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities.

WTF. The keystones cops.

Aw yes the authorities . So respectable, so competent and so honest.

Sounds more like hunting for illegal migrants on the border. Next it'll be Alex Jones ISIS in Mexico psyop, again.

Why are you even talking about don't belive in it.

Is that guy who keeps posting these the same guy who claimed to be Cajun navy or militia in the tx hurricane last year the guy who said they were blocking people in and drowning them… he looks and sounds like that guy and I highly doubt he's legit

Just found this,its interesting,

So you do trust Alex Jones why would we listen to you.I wouldn't subscribe to you.

I think that dweeb with the nerd gear on throwing a weird fake tantrum should be the number 1 suspect what a freak.

What is this person at the end? I don’t believe it. Crazy and weird.

It's just too early to say what this is: drug runners, illegals, homeless, human trafficking, conop to make vets look bad after they successfully stopped police shooting Sioux with rubber bullets over the pipeline, to give altnews a bad name, a drill to see how many vets will come out if called to do so by other vets, and/or other ….

where do i find the video of that person saying i built the camp ???? i gotta hear the entire video

They've set on fire and bulldozed the area I heard?

This whole Back Yard crap is nothing but a diversion and publicity entertainment crap. It's nothing more but staged garbage.

Next week is flag day and what would make a better protest statement than starting a movement RIGHT NOW for the masses to fly the flag union side down (as you know, showing danger/duress)? If that doesn't get the attention of the news and our worthless government, what would?

Who gives a F if the Guy is a "actual veteran" or not ???????????????

I mean people are allowed to walk around the desert armed searching for whatever they want whenever they want and I bet it the desert was walked or ran through on Atv’s or Utv’s they would find tons of human remains from all kinds of people making the trip across the desert. Also I think the Lewis guy doing the search is just a gung-ho army guy with no fear and pure power I have friends who know the veteran military guys who are the badasses and he said they are wild and fearless got holes all over them from… Read more »

The weird ass at the end is probably the one behind it then especially if there is a child skull found then she needs to answer for that

There is lots of confusion from the police because Lewis is a jerk and is hanging up on everyone I called him

I don't care how much of an ass Lewis is. Child trafficking or regular trafficing across the border happen by the hundreds of thousands. Millions have crossed the border. 50% women get raped. Why r ppl laughing about a Halloween skull when millions cross the border. There r probably bones all over the border. I work on the border fence in 2009 its a full on war. Has zero to do w qanon

Yes all the debunkers need to see the Hagman. It's unreasonable to say no trafficking is happening in that area. Only a troll would say there is no evidence. There is truck loads of evidence. Unirock is a liar

So glad that ICE confirmed that no one is crossing the border.. I guess we need to build a wall to keep millions of homeless from wandering across the international border.

This news article is on its face a lie. There is trafficking evidence everywhere along the border.

That attention freak at the end just shows how nuts or fallen humanity has become…what is it…man?…woman?……demon??? Gee that in itself would scare kids to death!…..the world has gone crazy….run by loonies….no moral compass/conscience /integrity/decency left!

Full investigation my ass. You guys r trusting a schizophrenic homeless man. That he did all of this.

Bulldozing doesn't look a bit suspicious. Fires r normal too.. They r trying to destroy evidence like crazy

Unirock's is definitely trying to pervert and cover up.

why is this cop giving this guy heck for the delay like it's the guys fault???? there is a dead body here…cops get your priorities in check man…START PROCESSING THE DEAD BODY…….this is ridiculous and clearly appears to me that the law inforcement doesn't think that this is important

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