Child’s Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl
Child’s Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl

Child’s Body Found? Operation Backyard Brawl Tucson #BackyardBrawl

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  1. I have donated to Sawyer and then been told he's not what he says he is and he's very close to the Clinton's and keeps them informed about everyone who's donated to him as that would make them enemies of the Clinton's and how they now have every donors details, I really hope that isn't true as I wouldn't want to be giving them bstrds any more money.

  2. total waste of time, this channel; instead of trying to help ad find the truth, you attack the messenger. Woooow, very noble patriots you are. p.o.s. people in this retardtube

  3. I was hearing Lewis speak, and a thought occurred to me. Have you ever been at a bar (or anywhere rapscallions congregate) and became irritated by the sound of that one guy with a loud, hoarse, nasally voice? Who never quits talking, as if he loves the sound of himself?

  4. You can’t ignore the fact: this is what happens when people lose confidence in the institutions of government to effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities.

  5. Is that guy who keeps posting these the same guy who claimed to be Cajun navy or militia in the tx hurricane last year the guy who said they were blocking people in and drowning them… he looks and sounds like that guy and I highly doubt he's legit

  6. It's just too early to say what this is: drug runners, illegals, homeless, human trafficking, conop to make vets look bad after they successfully stopped police shooting Sioux with rubber bullets over the pipeline, to give altnews a bad name, a drill to see how many vets will come out if called to do so by other vets, and/or other ….

  7. Next week is flag day and what would make a better protest statement than starting a movement RIGHT NOW for the masses to fly the flag union side down (as you know, showing danger/duress)? If that doesn't get the attention of the news and our worthless government, what would?

  8. I mean people are allowed to walk around the desert armed searching for whatever they want whenever they want and I bet it the desert was walked or ran through on Atv’s or Utv’s they would find tons of human remains from all kinds of people making the trip across the desert. Also I think the Lewis guy doing the search is just a gung-ho army guy with no fear and pure power I have friends who know the veteran military guys who are the badasses and he said they are wild and fearless got holes all over them from wounds and have that look in their eyes like they are addicted to fighting and killing and have no fear in their mind or body and I think this is the same type guy

  9. I don't care how much of an ass Lewis is. Child trafficking or regular trafficing across the border happen by the hundreds of thousands. Millions have crossed the border. 50% women get raped. Why r ppl laughing about a Halloween skull when millions cross the border. There r probably bones all over the border. I work on the border fence in 2009 its a full on war. Has zero to do w qanon

  10. Yes all the debunkers need to see the Hagman. It's unreasonable to say no trafficking is happening in that area. Only a troll would say there is no evidence. There is truck loads of evidence. Unirock is a liar

  11. So glad that ICE confirmed that no one is crossing the border.. I guess we need to build a wall to keep millions of homeless from wandering across the international border.

    This news article is on its face a lie. There is trafficking evidence everywhere along the border.

  12. That attention freak at the end just shows how nuts or fallen humanity has become…what is it…man?…woman?……demon??? Gee that in itself would scare kids to death!…..the world has gone crazy….run by loonies….no moral compass/conscience /integrity/decency left!

  13. Full investigation my ass. You guys r trusting a schizophrenic homeless man. That he did all of this.

    Bulldozing doesn't look a bit suspicious. Fires r normal too.. They r trying to destroy evidence like crazy

  14. why is this cop giving this guy heck for the delay like it's the guys fault???? there is a dead body here…cops get your priorities in check man…START PROCESSING THE DEAD BODY…….this is ridiculous and clearly appears to me that the law inforcement doesn't think that this is important

  15. I'm not military – but from the near constant interruptions when the cop is speaking – I can get a little bit of UNIRock's annoyance (particularly at the "veterans" on patrol's UNPROFESSIONALISM)

  16. 15:23 : [LtV] : Sawyer is totally back-peddling … compare his words here to previous vids where he's stating matter-of-factly "this is the R-Tree" & etc … as I commented on one of Jones' vids yesterday – he should thank his lucky stars someone didn't go vigilante & a homeless person got hurt (more than they already are) [ref: the connection between him & Sawyer]

  17. How about we get a million people to "search" the desert area in and around Groom Lake? Where the real epicenter of all the crime, corruption and control is. They can't kill a million people……oh wait yes they can.

  18. a massive point is being missed here,.It is universally known that the trafficking of children and adults has increased exponentially in recent years, that there have been many cover ups when kids and adults have come forward to report this. We know that satanic ritual abuse and sacrifices are going on , its official , so the fact that there has been a very weird knee jerk reaction to whats going on in Tuscan is highly suspicious, and that freak at the end of the video tops it all!

  19. Why don’t you actually RESEARCH Craig Sawyer before publicly doubting his integrity or intentions! He IS the real deal! Who cares who financially helped get his operation off the ground! How and why is publicizing your organization, to make it GROW, “suspicious”? I get skepticism, but your reasoning is beyond me.

  20. There is “truth reporting” which consists of only the FACTS that leaves out your skepticism and only presents evidence, facts and footage. Expressing what you “think”, “feel” and “assume” makes an Opinion Report and is intended to LEAD your audience to YOUR view of a topic. Opinions, feelings and assumptions aren’t “truth”. I don’t know 100% what I think about this situation, but when you question the integrity of someone like Craig Sawyer, who could make TONS more money doing something like tactical training or even as an Military/Tactical Advisor for Hollywood than running a “not for profit” organization, you lose credit. IMO

  21. Soooo let's all just ignore the restraint straps, porno magazines, condoms, lots of hair dye, one way in no way out kids holding cell, a found fresh skull and bones, the police bulldozing the site, MSM not reporting on it…… etc…..

  22. If CEMEX and other giant entities were involved they would not be in a rundown shack in the middle of the desert. This type of operation would be way more efficient and appealing to the sick wealthy clients. There are probably hundreds of these camps in the desert built by coyotes who smuggle in immagrants

  23. Next time GET & CARRY SOME FORENSIC DNA SAMPLE KITS & FINGERPRINT DUSTER KIT TO CARRY ON YOU!!! Latex gloves to not contaminate the crime scene with yourself, then send those samples to independent labs guy's!!! That has got to be a human child skull. Do not touch with your fingers! Wear gloves & head coverings to prevent ruining a crime scene but then I guess since police didn't decide trafficking was going on at the reported site found, collect your own evidence next time.

  24. I'd like to point out that transgender people are still people and many of them do end up homeless, but I'm also not going to take that persons word for it without actual proof, ya know. I'm not gonna say no they didn't build the camp, but without video or picture evidence anyone can make a video claiming to have built it. Hard to say.

  25. This guy Lewis loves the drama and if there isn't drama he invents it.! this dude hasn't worked or held a proper job since 2002! No responsibilities /bills and all the time in the world camping out not even having to worry about being fed! Why doesn't he have to work like every other person on this planet??? he is not even a veteran! He bludges off this so called ministry and on vulnerable impressionable veterans who are homeless /suicidal and this is the real scary part! 🙁 so sad to see him exploiting them like this! It's truly worrying to to see him brainwashing and indoctrinating them, and messing with their mental health. He is very dangerous in this regard. Particularly the way he keeps constantly repeating himself over and over again to use his persuasion. This is a known crossing for illegal immigrants. He keeps bashing on about it being a childs skull but it isn't a childs skull. you can even tell by the orbital sockets and sutures at the top of the skull, and has been proven to be an older adults skull by real investigators. Sad that they found one at all, but the numbers on illegals crossing out of desperation for a new life in the US is off the charts. Many many of them die sadly trying to cross. So the chances of finding human bones out there is high. No one has sighted the spine that was supposed to be attached and cut up or decapitated as he has stated over and over again. He's also brainwashed the American public with children supposed to be at the heart of this mission and him saving them. But then he needs to keep the donations coming in to survive. Child trafficking and forgotten veterans will always tug on the heart strings of human nature. But for Lewis to exploit this in the name of good and God is just wrong. He really is delusional. Constant footage of him wandering through the dessert for hours, supposed gunshots ringing out while he is live to the world, that he goes on about. Yet none of us ever hear them!!! Proves nothing. Quite strange he's the only one with any signal out there. Who's paying for his smokes or is that donations as well?? and who pays for his fuel?? Damn he's got it figured out hasn't he!!

  26. That skull has already decomposed. I hear it is an adult's skull too. But, does it really matter? It is, according to authorities, the skull of a young adult male whose teeth were purposely removed so that the victim couldn't be identified. So, regardless of whether or not is is of a child or an adult, or it is decomposing still or decomposed awhile back, or if it was found on that site or somewhere closeby, something bad and criminal happened to whoever had that skull! Why are you and others trying to suddenly deny that there is a problem here?

  27. If that thing at the end really built that camp, it's even scarier than I thought, because you can see he is evil and crazed there is no wholesomeness left in him, I'd have absolutely no doubt something criminal and perverse was going on there if he really built it. But, he is probably trying to just throw people off because she likes those that sell "merchandise" to sickos like him. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets high on adrenochrome.

  28. By the way…. that skull in the desert that "wasnt a child" only had 10 teeth up top meaning that the 12 yr old molars had not even grown in yet. You can count them and see that the holes for the teeth stop at the nose line which is where a childs teeth line end until they get their 12 yr old molars. Also look up The chief of TPD and the lawsuit that was against him for letting 30 police officers get away with and take advantage of an underaged prostitute in Richmond, CA. He knowingly let officer exploit a minor and pretty much aided in making her stay a prostiture against her will. Look it up. Thats very same guy is in control of TPD right now. Also local authorities i know have warned about complicit ranchers and complicit officers where their own family and friends dont even know what is going on. Maybe you should talk to someone who actually knows what is going on. Over 30 people in the Marana area called in amd messaged VOP about the activity they know is going on in all the surrounding areas. If they use the excuse that its around nearby neighborhoods, I know a girl here in tucson who was held in a house in a gated community against her will getting jammed with heroine along with other girls being forced to have sex with men, thankfully she was able to break out and run away but had no recollection of where the house was when she was able to get the authorities. This shit happens everywhere and it also a huge problem in san diego, Yuma, all the way to the edges of marana, red rock, reaching down t south tucson, ara vaca, 3 points, sasbee,
    and the reservations as well.

  29. LTV' throwing in something light-hearted (what does that mean Nathan?) ——anyways the channel is Tryinghardnottoscream to see complete videos that LtV says is out there but to lazy to do his job and find it for u.

  30. u can never separate an American from bullshit and hypocrisy.

    skull, bones, etc… and still "decomposing" and "wet" and "fresh"?


    fucking American bullshit. only in America.

  31. Turned out to be an adult skull. "Stopped all the movement"? How would you know? You haven't seen one child, have nothing concrete! A homeless camp and a camp out. You haven't rescued anyone. PROVE someone has been caught! That needn't be kept secret!

  32. Tampering with evidence should give prison, specially if you are there moving the bones of a victim making video blogs playing the infowars alpha male imbecile, it doesn't matter who they say they are, if you are not the authorities you call them and don't disturb the site.
    Yes i know the authorities are corrupt for the most part but that's another problem on itself.

  33. Vigilantes??! Really?! Your brain is either in a fog making you unable to compute or you don't know the definition of that word. I have been watching VOP for awhile now and I can tell you they do not take the law into their own hands! They initially stumbled onto all of this traffucing and have been trying to get law enforcement to work with them when they find evidence of illegal activity. At first all they got was grief from the cops and harassment! You don't know anything about the VOP yet you recklessly toss out the word vigilante. Well this is one site I won't be following.

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