Chabad: The Jewish Supremacist Cult Behind the New World Order

Chabad: The Jewish Supremacist Cult Behind the New World Order

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Chabad: The Jewish Supremacist Cult Behind the New World Order

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Let's get this straight. Different species but taking their organs is okay.Raping them if under 10 is okay but they are cattle, so they rape animals. Good thing there is the Causite scripture. It says if the protocols of zion are enacted, nobody is a goy anymore and filthy hook nosed rats must be expunged from all lands and the ethereal planes. It also states no non jew can be racist or anti semitic. If a jew speaks to a non jew, they are to be struck in the face with bricks until they lose the ability to speak so… Read more »

This is hysterical !! Is this the best you can come up with? You aren't a particularly gifted anti-semite. If you're going to hate Jews and spread lies, try to be original . Come up with some compelling content, not this crock of shit that only ignorant inbreds would buy. You're such a joke.

Am going to put on a Kippah just for this ! Antisemitism is a cancer and you antisemites have got to stop this bs ! Chabad does much charity work and encourages people to improve and act with righteousness! The REBBE OF BLESSED MEMORY stated : LET US ALL INCREASE IN ACTS OF GOODNESS AND KINDNESS so therefore let us, ALL MANKIND START NOW and fight antisemitism, racism and discrimination !

lol i love your stuff but this won't be the first time you got it upside down , you were onto something but you got it upside down lol , go check your stuff a bit more

That's a seal point Siamese correct?

My favorite show.I love you Doshi.

Though shall not worship idols 10 commandments sounds like these guys idolize and worship themselves!

Reagan looked miserable.

Please stop this antisemitic hate filled paranoid propaganda!Let us join together across borders for peace, security and prosperity as ONE HUMAN RACE while increasing FREEDOM and JUSTICE with ACTS OF GOODNESS AND KINDNESS ! Sending My LOVE and BLESSING to ALL who WILL to join me in this GREAT WORK !

So basically Nazis

LtV thank you so much for your REALNESS and well-researched videos that really matter!!!

Very well done. Christendom is showing signs of finally waking up to the Zionist war on humanity; IE, what is real and what is not. Steven Anderson has produced a tremendous film which does a fantastic job of bringing clarity and vision that counters 100s of years of infiltrated Zionist Christian propaganda. It is intended to expose Christians to what Zionism really is. Zionism in general is helped greatly by millions of misguided gentile Zionist Christians in America and around the world. I recommend watching his video, Marching to Zion. That said, the focus of the entire Zionist movement,… Read more »

They like garden gnomes.there everywhere…..

You're fucking ugly and retarded as shit

All of Judaism follows the Talmud…..Right? Well then……..Now we know…….Sabbataen Frankism is a great place to learn about Judaism…….Learn Truth…..

I don’t even need to watch this to understand the kind of idiotic, proof-less, and ignorant argument is being made here. I really feel bad for the mass of people watching this video that are have things go wrong in their life and instead of looking inward, they try to find ever possible group and ideology they can to masquerade their own failures and mishaps with some far fetching conspiracy with no actual basis. Read some actual history, illiterate fools.

This is a horrible Antisemitic clip. The Chabad Lubavitchers help not Jews, only, but Christians and others. This is a white supremaciest clip, parallel to “the Protocol of the Elders of Zion”, a purely nonsense Antisemitic Nazi booklet, which primitive people believe and use it! Same as this. All that comes from envy of imbacilles! Jews gave to the world in proportional numbers, more than any religion or society or people has done in order to better this world, in Medicine, Hi-Tech inventions and you won’t be able to write these hateful comment if not for the Jews…Read what a… Read more »

The jew is better at deception, then we are. The Christians, our morels and ethics are higher, they lie, cheat and, take advantage of a crisis or they create a terrible situation. Their morals are very low if you don't believe me look at the banking, manufacturing, food distribution but this was accomplished by greedy Goyen. or Christians the jew will always be persecuted for their ways pogroms. Most of the wars we are involved in the middle east. the Khazarian Jew was driven out of Russians by Russians, and the Mongols. Why? They were always creating problems, and waring read… Read more »

Tee shirt with the cat and clever words he is saying. I love my tom, Rupert. Mowmow cat, talk, for good by.

Going bald?

Pathological. Seriously dark psychopathology. These people might be rich and powerful but they're living in hell. Disgusting.

Jews are asian breed but why most Jews are pale white?

Hey Nathan.
You have a Jewish name ?

Trump is up to his neck with Jews.

What if… some time ago some folks heard the story of a chosen people and decided – that's us – must be us – we'll take it and make it us. So they basically took a story that was for some highly evolved human family, degraded what may have been divine into something physical, forceful, ugly, egotistical, even the opposite of divine. Who knows? I just don't think this behavior reflects the Divine core of the human being, so I question – if God chose a people, are these people exemplary of that? Hopefully it's not illegal to ask the… Read more »

I believe Vlad is a big homosexual.. Also I believe his mum is Jewish. had done a lot of Chabad work FYI

Kushner is wearing the kabalah bracelet? Yes.he is..
Seems like Trump is involved with all different sects of Racism as long as he gets riches and influence.

Excellent research….

Jews of a feather stick together.werent churchill,rosevelt and stalin ,all masons and jews?

Change the intro…the cringe is strong!

I have such a love/hate thing with Nathan. Lately he’s speaking lots of truth and I’ll always respect that

& This is not antisemitism.

I'm glad you stopped claiming insane any longer that was getting old. Your hatered the same yet has not subsided.

, My Your issue not mine

Look st what they did to the Boy Scouts…. Shomer Shabbat Boy Scouting untouched

Worth of a boogiefied jewish fingernail
Found up (with mucous membrane nasal scrapings) up the rather large snout/proboscous of the self righteous gloated jew of these sorts full of lowly human fluids moreso than the cleaner goyim

These THINGS are why peopke have INDOCTRINATED self love issues cwhen we are Interdimensional infinite creative Evolvibg Souls All barr the Chapad

Hey… Sattire's a B*tch for the politically correct fascist superiority; from inferiority Complexity Perplexed

Oy vey!!!!!

Great job Nathaniel

You know pastor Rick has fully covered all of this at Trunews along time ago , Rick Wiles is the best in NEWS

It doesnt matter who is in the white house things would play out the exact same way. All joking aside they could put your cat in there and it would all go down exactly the same. There is no government and Trump is just like Bush on 9/11. A deer in the headlights with nowhere to go.

Here's a game: take a shot everytime Nathan smacks his lips. He does it obsessively lol. Nearly 5 times per sentence. ✌


I dont understand dont you say that they own the media? The media constantly lies about the current prez. Also of you see Europe roght now and whats going on…its over with Islam is infiltrating it. This is things that is happenijg RIGHT NOW. Prez is fighting against this globalists no borders agenda so……..

Great information, Jesus rules!

At least they admit that God is a manifestation of themselves.
What they rarely admit is that while they do test higher (on average) for written IQ, they also score lower for spatial IQ, and higher for psychopathy, paranoia and schizophrenia.
You are (to a degree) what you're predecessors practised (genetically and culturally)

ZIONISM IS GLOBALISM!! They work HAND IN HAND with the Chabad Mafia! Read the Talmud! Read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion! Read practically anything by Eustice Mullins regarding ZIONISM and it's Terrorist ties!The ROLE of Zionsim is to see that the Talmuddic MESSIANIC PROPHECY COMES TO PASS! They CREATED BOLSHEVISM! The highest Ranking Zionists in Israel are almost ALL members of Chabad!The end goal for them, According to their MESSIANIC PROPHECY is to Rule the WORLD from the World Government in ISRAEL, install a digital Currency and make all get a RFID, Then Divide all Goyim(non Jews) up… Read more »

You understand that the Chabad Messaiah is their so-called Warrior Messiah… Not Jesus or whatever.
The Chabad Messiah is technically the Christian Anti-Christ. Their prophecy is the polar opposite of the Revalations Prophecy.
Whether or not you believe in the supernatural aspect, they are doing everything they can, Covertly, to make sure that it happens!
Read the Talmud, it is the MOST Racialy Supremacist book you have ever read!
You could swap in "White Man" for "Jew" in every place it's written and that book would be labeled the most controversial White Supremacist Manifesto ever written.

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