Build Your Own YouTube

Build Your Own YouTube

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a vr platform will be the way and with the current trust issues google has it will force a competitor to step up.. imagine going into vr to sit in the audience of a talk show in a virtual space.. that will be the next step in the evolution of social video platforms

You clearly made a big mistake here sir. Your premise that "most people don't care or don't know" is wrong. People do care. But only when asked and faced with the choice. Look at every drama that has ever been, there are no fence sitters. People will either side with one party or the other. But only when asked. Meaning it is impossible to cover the entire world and the human complexity with just one sidePeople may look apathetic, but when you ask them something they'll show their colors. Giving that half of the world is under the umbrella term… Read more »

"Attracting these casual viewers is the ultimate challenge"
How about not trying to persuade anyone?

Absolutely right on. Those who support and promote this tech censorship applaud conservative content creators sequestering themselves on Gab, minds, etc. Go ahead and imprison yourselves in those echo chambers they say. Conservatives must fight for their existence on the main stage, YouTube.

Build your own government

Great video. Tough pill to swallow. This means the best things Conservatives and Libertarians can do to prevent censorship is to win the culture war. If anyone does not agree I would be open to me being wrong here.

There's also another issue when starting a social media site based on free speech. It attracts not only the free speech advocates, but also the extremists and the vulgar. A lot of whom are just as intolerant as the Left. I've seen homosexuals join gab and bitchute and get completely berated. They probably go on to tell their friends, family, classmates, coworkers, community members, church members, neighbors not to join these alternative sites.

Minds is a corrupted platform, so will Jordan Peterson's be.


this has been what I've been saying, big tech needs to but wrangled in, not left to their devices.


You have to pull music people too. They're getting crushed. Some people get copyright strikes for their own songs and a simple chord.

They did, bitchut/gab and they are attacking it.

Excellent video


I realized that anything anyone does to speak out doesn't matter anymore. I truly believe the state we're is the fault of everyone, myself included. Nobody want's to to admit their side is just as cancerous and ideologically driven as the other. We don't talk to people anymore we talk to walking billboards. That's what Americans are especially. Free walking billboards that sell a product or idea. The current world we live in is too flawed. We try patching it with tape, allowing us to forget it for a while only for it to flood a while later. Building your… Read more »

I agree and disagree. I agree that the amount of money Google is willing to spend on YouTube is making it hard to compete. But, the massive resources Google invests in YouTube is also a detriment. All this censorship will make it increasingly harder to make money from it to even break even. They are going so hard with it certain words are now needed to be censored. 70 billion market cap was gone according to Google's parent company Alphabet ,the fifth largest tech company by revenue. It's untenable, YouTube and Google can't keep this up, it will catch up… Read more »

Depends on how sterile the website becomes. Facebook sterilized themselves and Instagram and twitter moved in and took the rest of the market. When youtube is completely bland, corporate, and unoffensive, thats when it dies.

Correction. Will be necessary. I’ve thought this myself. Nearly everything from my PS4 to my TV has a native app that integrates with each other making the YouTube experience seamless. I struggle to see an alternative rise to this level of quality of service. YouTube dominates because google can afford its burden.

I think the "bake the cake" scenario can fit quite well into the conservative argument. If a small company must be forced to serve anybody, no matter what, then a large company should be expected to follow the same.

One of the best commentaries I've seen on this channel thus far. A great grasp of the inter-relatedness of tech, politics, and socioeconomics.

This video is next level. Amazing.

Great take guys. I'd like to see you expound on the publisher / platform debate a little more as well as the whole platform carve out in section 230 of the CDA. But brilliant take on the apathy of people, they largely want comfort, which is why a party dedicated to liberty like the LP makes up maybe 10% of the country. And even here you have many Libertarians are blindsided by the free market competition, which you see the same with the open borders debate and Libertarians argue for the free migration of people, yet when faced with 70%… Read more »

That certainly jogged the noggin. And when you actually sit and think about it for 5 minutes your absolutly correct. In which case rarther than trying to build competition, which will enevitably fail. We must accept that these platforms have become the public square and (as much as im not a fan of over regulation) reulate as such to ensure freedom of speech. The problem i can see though is these platforms are effectively multinational, and regulating across borders worldwide could be very difficult.

Such good fucking production value on this channel. The music, cinematography, lighting, editing, VFX, I love this channel. It's so damn watchable. Been here since 50k and it only gets better. Keep up the hard work!

Veemeo never had anyone promoting it. Not once did I ever see any creator say, "Go to Veemeo". Now we have many promoting other services. You are correct about consolidation. Facebook is dying after being on top of everything. There is a reason why Snapchat and Instagram had to be bought out. Bitchute, Minds, or Gab may be bought out as well someday. The fact is that Youtube is king because it was the ONLY competition on the block and few people know of any other alternative. If someone like PewDiePie were to talk about it then you would see… Read more »

Imagine shilling for transnational corporations

Imagine shilling for transnational corporations

Good video. On the point. Want more.

I'm surprised YouTube isn't suppressing videos that suggest people make their own competing video hosting services

COUNTERPOINT: YouTube leveraged its position in the stock market to draw on the financial means to provide limitless access to both pirated and user created content. YouTube then used that power to dissuade investors from losing money on fledgling media platforms like Dailymotion, Blip and Vimeo.

This is a silly argument, people can change the channel. It will take some time for them to accumulate some momentum but that is normal.

who wants to advertise on Youtube 4chan edition?

yt went downhill the moment google got involved and constantly caved to corporate demand

What about gamergate and comicsgate and kickvic? Pewtube? It's not just political commentators getting censored, its anyone who used FairUse images/clips & isn't a transgender muslim communist.

"Dont like GM?" "Start your own car company!" See how stupid it sounds with real physical objects?

This seems like as much an argument against democracy as an argument against censorship. If the vast majority of citizens are so apathetic and stupid that they'll just vote for whatever their tv tells them, and so conservatives need to be on the tv to have any chance of reform ever being passed, then maybe those tv-people just shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place…

Your guys bitchute account is very hard to find with their search feature. I'm not sure why, but I saw other people commenting similar things.

Did you seriously just say "Google is not a monopoly"? Did you just say it DIDN'T buy out other companies!? It bought out the top robotics team that won every competition, landing the military contracts for America. Alphabet is the definition of monopoly.

Just have to compliment the aesthetic's in this vid. Great work 1791

Thats why bitchute is the best bet, the peer to peer tech lowers the hosting cost maybe 85%? But they do need a much improved UI and a built in Patreon'ish subscriptions. Their business model can be to take a cut of the subscriptions. Alternatively the Block-One social media app called "Voice" coming out next year, might also have a chance, since many new concepts are introduced.

Start with a channel dedicated to political correctness and social justice…sit back and relax and let YT shoot you to the top.

1:42 idk YouTube might not be a natural monopoly in a financial sense, but it absolutely is in a time and convenience sense.

Oh! You have a face!

Censorship may not reach the majority, but demonetization will reach the majority of creators. Once the creators leave the viewers will follow, but it has to be at the same time or no one will make the effort to follow.

Check out the new platform LBRY. I was wondering if you could possibly cover it. It seems to run on the block chain framework, they seem to promise more way more freedom than youtube.

Check out LBRY.

Two words (not those, or these, stop it): Trust Bust.


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