BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syria Coast

BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syria Coast

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BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syria Coast

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Reading comments from trump cheerleaders is amusing.
They still think Killary was worse.

They both play for the same master.

Different puppets, Same outcome.

Russia does want war US is falling for their bait… Russia will make Soo much money in going to war in a huge scale… They have a large inventory of military equipment waiting to be use as an example for their clients.

This is just fucking beautiful. Now we all know Trump knows what's up in Syria, so what are we doing? Shucking and jiving for Israel? Because they want to steal Lebanon's water and Syrias Oil? Screw Israel

More fake new & fake conflicts ! How many more ! Damn
Not you Nathan ….
Doshis is is the mastermind behind it all 🙂

Their all in on it. The whole worlds a stage. Satan’s just moving his chess pieces to bring in the one world order. Why can’t people see this???

When Tomahawk missiles strike people are vaporized, no bodies left. These missiles are not banned. The West should give Assad free Tomahawk missiles and he will not fight with cheap kitchen chemicals.


How can the American people be so stupid to believe ANYTHING coming out of our governments mouth? I've been saying it all along, Trump is just another puppet for the deep state & military industrial complex. The simple fact that he's in bed with that psychopath Netanyahu should be the main sign, but there are hundreds of other examples that people simply fail to acknowledge. The brainwashed sheeple keep falling for false flag after false flag, while drinking the propoganda infused Kool aid. It's pretty sad when Russia are the sane ones these days. SMFH(I need me one of those… Read more »

the united states needs to stop playing world police this gas attack if it really happen was done by the deep state an attempt to start world war 3 my thought

Ok I'm listening so what is your point?
Why would Trump start a war

WW3 here we come….as predicted

F CNNis Fake as Hell don't use F BS Propaganda TV networks

Hearing Trump and Sarah Sanders rhetoric tells me they are hell-bent on starting a war that involves Russia. I really hoped when we avoided getting Hillary in the WH we could avoid this agenda… but for some reason, Trump has been talked into it. Very sad to see they are pushing this same bullshit agenda, that we all know is built upon lies!

I do not believe a third world country could ACT THAT WELL! JUST SAYING

If the International Jew Bankers & Israhell want war then there shall be WAR! – get ready to DIE all non-Jewish Amerikan males – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!…)

When you run out of scripts, you need to start back at the beginning…..

Doshi is moving around a lot. Puttin in that work.

Remember, we're constantly played on with lies. And wars are nothing more than organized murder of the poor.

Let the US start the war already… maybe a war with Russia can help degrade and decapitate their military (with that of their NATO allies) capacity and capability thus lessen their aggressive & destructive behaviors around the world thus given the world a well deserved peace and relieve.


Ok Trump's being blackmailed, the luciferians are forcing Trump to war. They forced him to install the walrus Bolton, either he's blackmailed or he's in on it, dammit.

And the puppets read the script off their teleprompters and notes. And evidence of Trump being a swamp creature becomes clearer.

Thank you Nathan.I think the only country witch stands to gain in a U.S. vs. Russia Iran war is China.I think the $ trail of this crap could probably be traced to China.

I really hope that trump and Putin has arranged this as a mass distraction or smoke screen while something else is going on cause if it’s all really happening this is bad and WW3 is around the corner.

The lies r no bigger today than before, during and after ww2. The same "Western" scammers that 'won' ww2 still rule the world

Dumb. Trump is looking at launching a limited nuclear attack, Russia is a possible target and he has opened the redline to Putin. Trump is gonna launch, and hopefully UK and France do their part in the strike. Most likely tomorrow evening at USA dinner time. Unless Trump becomes a coward….or Putin calls and concedes.

This rat ship, may kill by russian.

Another Brick In The Babylonian Wall!!! WELcome To The Machine!!!


Golan Heights Oil.Period.

nice shirt bro
russian ppl have nothing against us ppl and we don't wont war
but your gov badly in debt
comment image

I hope Russia puts them in the bottom of the Ocean It all started when the Pope came to town. Obama is still running things. Jerimiah 50 and 51 The KJV 1611 Tells us how the future will happen. The mark of the beast will start soon once we go down. Do not take the mark IN THE HAND.


Is this DeJa vu? The last one? or do we trust the plan?

white helmet should be wipe out from Syria

Their are not enough children for you to kill in Syria, go home America fools.

King Philip of Spain just go look at a video of him. The motherfuker must be cousin of Bashar Assad because his body language is the f**** same and you will also if like me think that it is him automatically from certain perspectives because the brain automatically recognizes his b** ass something is f**** going on bro

Why isn't this ship patrolling the area of Japan that the Chicoms are annexing ? WW3 over Syria ???? Really.? WTF people.

Everyone turns blue when they die. It called cyanosis.

Cyanosis refers to a bluish cast to the skin and mucous membranes. Peripheral cyanosis is when there is a bluish discoloration to your hands or feet. It's usually caused by low oxygen levels in the red blood cells or problems getting oxygenated blood to your body.

It is quite common in heart attack victims. Anyway if this war starts it may not end. Remember the classic book on war reporting Truth is the First Casualty. Only the weapons we use have.

What do you suppose the chances are that anyone will take to the streets to make the government understand our displeasure? Because if that doesn't happen we COMPLETELY deserve whatever we get.

Soil should do

Dont believe CNN.

one world government has been here for a long time. htis is just mop up operations for some of the holdouts.

Your words are very confusing note 8:33 to 8:44… WTF are you actually trying to say??? I still have no idea who you think is dropping gases killing cilvians…. could you be direct and stop mixing words… say what you mean.

False accusations are an abomination to God Mr. Trump I guess this is why he never asked for forgiveness he is not a Christian but works for the Synagogue of Satan.


Russian warplanes IS TOO OLD



i really hope mattis and trump coordinate with russia when they strike so no russians get killed in the attack….

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