BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syria Coast
BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syria Coast

BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syria Coast

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  1. Russia does want war US is falling for their bait… Russia will make Soo much money in going to war in a huge scale… They have a large inventory of military equipment waiting to be use as an example for their clients.

  2. This is just fucking beautiful. Now we all know Trump knows what's up in Syria, so what are we doing? Shucking and jiving for Israel? Because they want to steal Lebanon's water and Syrias Oil? Screw Israel

  3. When Tomahawk missiles strike people are vaporized, no bodies left. These missiles are not banned. The West should give Assad free Tomahawk missiles and he will not fight with cheap kitchen chemicals.

  4. How can the American people be so stupid to believe ANYTHING coming out of our governments mouth?
    I've been saying it all along, Trump is just another puppet for the deep state & military industrial complex. The simple fact that he's in bed with that psychopath Netanyahu should be the main sign, but there are hundreds of other examples that people simply fail to acknowledge. The brainwashed sheeple keep falling for false flag after false flag, while drinking the propoganda infused Kool aid. It's pretty sad when Russia are the sane ones these days. SMFH
    (I need me one of those Russian bot shirts)

  5. Hearing Trump and Sarah Sanders rhetoric tells me they are hell-bent on starting a war that involves Russia. I really hoped when we avoided getting Hillary in the WH we could avoid this agenda… but for some reason, Trump has been talked into it. Very sad to see they are pushing this same bullshit agenda, that we all know is built upon lies!

  6. If the International Jew Bankers & Israhell want war then there shall be WAR! – get ready to DIE all non-Jewish Amerikan males – "By DECEPTION they shall make war…" (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!…)

  7. Let the US start the war already… maybe a war with Russia can help degrade and decapitate their military (with that of their NATO allies) capacity and capability thus lessen their aggressive & destructive behaviors around the world thus given the world a well deserved peace and relieve.

  8. Ok Trump's being blackmailed, the luciferians are forcing Trump to war. They forced him to install the walrus Bolton, either he's blackmailed or he's in on it, dammit.

  9. I really hope that trump and Putin has arranged this as a mass distraction or smoke screen while something else is going on cause if it’s all really happening this is bad and WW3 is around the corner.

  10. Dumb. Trump is looking at launching a limited nuclear attack, Russia is a possible target and he has opened the redline to Putin. Trump is gonna launch, and hopefully UK and France do their part in the strike. Most likely tomorrow evening at USA dinner time. Unless Trump becomes a coward….or Putin calls and concedes.

  11. King Philip of Spain just go look at a video of him. The motherfuker must be cousin of Bashar Assad because his body language is the f**** same and you will also if like me think that it is him automatically from certain perspectives because the brain automatically recognizes his b** ass something is f**** going on bro

  12. Everyone turns blue when they die. It called cyanosis.

    Cyanosis refers to a bluish cast to the skin and mucous membranes. Peripheral cyanosis is when there is a bluish discoloration to your hands or feet. It's usually caused by low oxygen levels in the red blood cells or problems getting oxygenated blood to your body.

    It is quite common in heart attack victims. Anyway if this war starts it may not end. Remember the classic book on war reporting Truth is the First Casualty. Only the weapons we use have.

  13. What do you suppose the chances are that anyone will take to the streets to make the government understand our displeasure? Because if that doesn't happen we COMPLETELY deserve whatever we get.

  14. Your words are very confusing note 8:33 to 8:44… WTF are you actually trying to say??? I still have no idea who you think is dropping gases killing cilvians…. could you be direct and stop mixing words… say what you mean.

  15. Framing Bashar al-Assad for atrocities that are either fabricated or committed by Al-Nusra is myopic at best and criminal if intentional. How anyone can come to the conclusion that a event was committed by Syrian Government is foolishness.

    Am I the only one that finds it reprehensible that Rupert Murdoch (Fox Broadcasting), Dick Cheney (former US Vice President), James Woolsey (former CIA Director) and Jacob Rothschild are illegally exploring for oil in the Golan Heights of Syria, under the corporate name Genie Oil and their subsidiary Afek Oil?

    Is it any wonder that Bashar al-Assad, is being demonized in the media, while Damascus and it's populous are being bombed and terrorized?

    FOX isn't Independent News, it's Controlled Opposition!

  16. I wish. USA, blow up, whit Israel…from Canada, I hope life give me a chance the fait and dye, for freedom of the world, together whit Syrian army soldiers, o Russian, is better the American soldiers, kill for oil…… is the reason so many soldiers commit suicide,,, u not see that in the . fuck usa and Israel. Layers, no more…long live to president Putin ,best glider ever…

  17. AmeriKILL and IsraHELL are not blessed by God but under a curse of Satan. Jesus Himself called IsraHELL "The Synagogue of Satan" NOT God's chosen people, people! Wake up! See Book of Rev. chap. 2 v. 9 and chap. 3 v. 9 "Fake JEWS! Khazars, Ashkanazi! Not true Semitic people. Impostors!

  18. I've never been more ashamed to be an AmeriKILL citizen. I loved this country but now I see clearly whats happening. AmeriKILL, shill for ISraHELL! Always has been! Coming soon "Greater IsraHELL Project" completion! God will have final say!

  19. You're a fucking idiot…y do you wish you could show pics and videos for us to decide…you think anyone wants to see that…you think the victims and their families want us to see that…you think they want anyone to see that???…would you want pics of you or your family or children and loved one that are dead or dying to be seen by everyone…i agree we all want the truth…but you really need to fucken think there scooter and if you see nothing wrong I suggest you go to the Dr and get your head checked

  20. I can't believe people are buying into this Zionist/Jesuit trickery. Not calling the war fake. Only the reasons for being goaded into it. Lord help us all.

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