BREAKING: Easter Church Bombings In Sri Lanka

BREAKING: Easter Church Bombings In Sri Lanka

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BREAKING: Easter Church Bombings In Sri Lanka

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We need to pray for those souls lost, those injured, the loved ones left behind and even those responsible. May God love and comfort those who need it, help them heal and find forgiveness in their hearts. May he soften the hearts and remove the scales from the eyes of those who committed and commit these atrocities.

Always this time of year. Santanic Holidays are during our Holy Days.

Sick psychopaths with a God complex are taking over the world. Zios.


too many 3's..i call a hoax !

Lord please forgive us for our sins.

Now who would profit most if a war between religions began? The war on drugs didn’t work. The war against weapons of mass destruction didn’t work… now maybe a war against religions might do the trick

Strange that the word "Islam" was nowhere to be found is this article. Nowhere. Strange, isn't it?

The religion of piss hates jesus and Christians.

Actually I think Australia has more to do with this than you may think. Australia intervened in the Tamil conflict and while the world applauded Australia for ending the conflict without one shot being fired we now find Australia double crossed them and has been stealing their oil and now for some strange reason more than half the government of Australia has resigned and they are putting new people in place for the election in three weeks

religion of peace would like to coexist again


And the government said notre dame was an accident despite multiple church burnings throughout the world this Easter week.

It's them bloody Amish terrorist's again. Or was it the Quakers? The Moonies maybe. You gotta start buying their flowers at the airport.

Man i hate your voice!!!!

NBC is so jealous.

This is what Sri Lanka gets for opening their borders to islamic rohingyas. This is how people without normal human emotions repay generosity. What more proof do you need that islam is inspired by the devil. Only the devil attacks Christians.

Gladio knows…but the Goys know better!

Evil doers God will punish them, the truth will come out, who ever wants world war will be punished by God and the whole world will have the chance to know who it is.

neck sawer worshipers wouldnt hurt anyone would they?

John P0desta must’ve visited Sri Lanka last week!

Fact: true called out ones (DISCIPLES) do not attend modern day apostate denominational fake churchianity led by HIRELINGS aka pastors especially 501c3 corporations aka churches

These are terrorist attacks right? If a white dude shoots up a Muslim church this would be called terrorism straight away. But when Christians get shot or blown up it is called just a bomb explosion. Have not heard any news outlets saying this is terrorism, which it clearly is.

If the Hindus and Buddhists side with the Christians against Islam … cough … see Myanmar … ( perhaps China too), that would even the load considerably … sort of MAD … There really is only one on the sideline watching … and tossing rocks. Terror is a global enterPrize … Please save us oh mighty Govt. And a global problem requires a global response. The world is on the verge …

hoax.nothing else

on Hitler's Birthday…

Non mene frega un emerito cazzo

Nathan your last video about Epstein has been blocked due to NBC copyright

And they say Notre Dame cathedral was an accident? Not!

This village idiot shill calls resurrection day pagan Easter…


what was it? lol


They are prepping the Dajjal/Antichrist.. look up I pet goat 2 notre dame

The Jews are ramping up their war against Christianity.

and the feeding on sadness and fear continues on the Prison Planet

Joooz did it

No notifications of your channel!

Who took pictures during the bombing?? Looked like people were frantic and ducking and stuff and someone whipped out a camera and took pictures.

The video previous has been blocked about Eipstien

White Men and Trump are directly guilty of this attack so the lame stream media will tell me

8 bombs now..the war of civilizations is being implemented

seems real scary, bodies people real fd up.

Don't rush to judgement
It was probably just a
"Construction Fire"

Oh yeah, and the democrats want open borders…!!??

Europe has more to suffer ahead. Bibi behind much of that. This attack is on Gnostic churches.Very sad.

someone did something in other words

Christchurch went viral immediately… this story is being suppressed hard.

With all these churches being attacked all over the globe and around easter time, we are supposed to believe that the only one that was an 'accidental' fire was Notre Dame? How stupid do they think we are?

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