BREAKING: Defango is #QAnon! #Satire (MIRROR: The Keepers 1/5/2018)

BREAKING: Defango is #QAnon! #Satire (MIRROR: The Keepers 1/5/2018)

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BREAKING: Defango is #QAnon! #Satire (MIRROR: The Keepers 1/5/2018)

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Q is fake. Q gives you a reason to do nothing for yourselves. Nobody is going to help you retarded debt slaves. You don't deserve anything better than your own doom.

Ive no doubt the zios have that fat slob dangling from a string, why wouldnt they want a cheeto munching mexican version of Kim dotcom

Q supporters already triggered because they think this is a real video. Can't believe I had to add #satire to the title smh.

The DOD or DIA hires contractors. Ciccada was started by intelligence officers It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for them to hire computer whizzes to get shit started on the chans. Does not mean it wasn't taken over once it was up and running. But I DO NOT believe Defango is Q. Not 1 bit of me believes that.

Brendan OConnell outed who Q was, and it wasnt this lardball


If you ever believed in Q for even a day, you’re a fool. I’ve been saying this the whole time, Q is a psyop.

high impact flix does a great job exposing Q for the bullshit zionist larp it is

Everyone is looking for an expert. Why? You have low self esteem. You could do better if you tried. "Don't hurt yourself…"

LMAO! Defanblo? Yeah right…

I hope we learned something from this…

SORRY…..NOT Q !! Period…end of story!!

"It is far easier to make a fool of oneself than to take away a valuable lesson and admit they were a fool…"

Defango is an idiot

Anyone who follows a disembodied voice is not using their brain and this was a long time coming…This is a good day for those willing to throw away sections of that precious ego to which we are married and slowly ascend the ladder to an adulthood. Are we ready?

I love Q stuff. And Defango is a turd along with unirock boy.

So Q-fango then?

Oh my God Luke radowski is fully on board with this narrative like the douche liberal he is. So by this narrative, we shouldn't hear from Q anymore because Q has come out of the closet as being fake… What a load of BS this Q want to be is pedaling

Defango is a loser. Q is legit. Good video. Lol. I bet the only reason you added "satire" to the title was because more than half your subs are Q. Otherwise who gives a shit what we think? Am I right? Lmfao.

When a person gets married to an idea but reality runs in the other direction that person has to make a choice. What are you going to do? I am watching you…

Defango: "We created Qanon!!" *3 minutes later, same stream: "Dude, I exposed Qanon!"…good job


Hahahaha this is dead on. Qanon WAS started by a group from Deathcon. Keep fighting the good fight Nathan

Ha ha ha , I'm fucking sick of all this Qanon crap !!! The guys on purple Haze

Most QAnons within that movement were working for JIDF and unit 8200 for Israel. Also for mossad and shin bet. Just like Amy Mek on Twitter Laura Loomer Jack Posbeic Candace Owens Brigette Gabriel Mike Cernovich Alex Jones, Faith Goldy, Laura Southern (((Simonsen))), and that entire cult that is Israel first and Jewish/Christian Zionists. And they’re still operating at full force on Twitter, YouTube, 4/8chan on social media. These people are all treasonous and not true Americans or patriots. The truth was getting out there that they had to launch many multiple psyops campaigns to hijack truth movements. Great work… Read more »

Classic Dochi


I can't stand defango. Glad it's not true.

Still as funny as when it came out. Where did The Keepers go?

Trump said there was a storm coming. Who cares if Q is real. Q has been essential in us waking up

I am a Q The other ring in Q is MOSSAD 😉

You are looking for a leader to figure out and fix things for you. If 'Q' helped us get off our dead asses or stimulated someone into discovering a small section of reality as opposed to the sycophantic, vapid narrative they are being spoon fed? Then you are richer for the experience but only if you are strong enough to admit you were wrong and are ready to start searching with a little self propulsion. Perhaps we graduate beyond "spoon fed" and start doing research on our own?

I heard that I am Q…not sure if it's a lie. Just gonna have to stop thinking for myself. Hard to do when you have been spoon fed bullshit since birth tho…what to do????

This is what happens when people have not pursued a Classic education and/or does not have a Father…

Sorry about the hand puppet but we have raised a nest full of (fairly) healthy chicks, it would be such a shame to have them fall out too soon…

Some people I know went along for years bereft of all practical and applicable knowledge until 'Q' came along and stimulated them to "play a Game…" now that Person might decide to ride that spark that was awakened inside them and go for it!

I wrote the other 1/2 of Q quotes, actuality 51%, Defango is my bottom.

Sorry I can’t stand defango! He’s such a LOSER! Rather you believe in the Q thing or not!? I personally don’t need others to tell me what the fuck to believe! I watch anything I damn well want too!

Nice pussy by the way!


As if these losers could get a picture from the inside of Air Force One by the president's desk…lol ya that's it q is defago.

Why are Americans so dumb?

Trust Brennan….. no, forget that. Don't trust that lame-ass slime-ball under ANY circumstance, unless there is proof of a lobotomy. Water Brennan is another thing, he could be trusted, but he's dead.

Why does Praying Medic escape criticism? I mean, there’s footage of him at small churches talking about Astral Projection in his super smug way.

I am Mutha Russian

Q is fake just like you all.

LOL !!

even more boring than your last video

This is hilarious. Made me laugh

Funny shit man , sadly yes it will still trigger some folks and go right over many heads as they cling tightly onto the idea that they are in on a deep cover government operation… Some people just really need to start leading more productive and fulfilling lives and stop getting so engulfed in the madness of the internet I believe it has legitimately caused many decent reasonable human beings to go a little mad where as if they just found better hobbies and focused more on excelling at their jobs and bettering their lives they wouldn’t have to pay… Read more »

Got a lot of respect for you Nathan however this is TRIPE. Basically someone claiming to be Q with absolutley ZERO evidence. Pure bullshit. Only video of yours Ive ever given a thumbs DOWN to.

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