Brady Bunch Debunks Measles Scare?

Brady Bunch Debunks Measles Scare?

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Brady Bunch Debunks Measles Scare?

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It's true. I had the measles just like everyone else did. It's not a big deal. It most likely even helps your body to be stronger later.

Me too. Measles and chicken pox. Still alive. Just a way to depopulate us. (IMO)

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha it's only the measles ☺

When Robert Reed a.k.a. Mike Brady died, his doctor listed his HIV-positive status as a "significant condition[s] that contributed to death" on the death certificate.

Where is the outcry of the 294k that DIE and are injured from vaccine injuries???? 500 cases of measles and it is a crisis. What a joke!!!

Hahaha. the measles scare isn't working so they're reverting back to flat earth.

We're turning into a hypochondriac society.

Saying it on the straight and narrow is usually, good job!

It's only being considered a crisis because the "chosen ones" are getting it. They brought it back from israel to jew york.

If shots are so great, why did I pass out cold after every immunization as a child and teen and get German measles when I was 14? I had a fever, a rash and was ready to get back to normal life after the fever went down with the German measles.

I got all the childhood viral infections when I was a child: chicken pox, measles, mumps, German measles. What is the big deal?

I had them as a child a few Mark's from scratching but that's all !!!

Me too. I had all childhood diseases. I had measles twice, once in grade school and again a light case in high school. I am ok

You’re an idiot

How many immigrants since that episode?

It's obvious that they don't want us to build up an immunity to these childhood illnesses….wonder why? Those commie bastads are trying to kill US! GET THE DAMN ROPE!

California legalized spreading Aids, but the measles?

The answer to every problem is LIBERTY. mind your own fuckin business!

I was 1 of 6 kids…if any of us came down w chicken pox, measles, etc. we had to hug each other so we could all get it…and get over it asap.

Watch Phoenix Enigma much?

I had the chicken pox as a child. Lots of itching and calamine lotion. I have a scar near my nose since my mom thought it was a zit and popped it, then when more appeared she realized what it was.

20,000,000 measles vaccines coming up to use by date ????????

Aw, look at handsome Doshi!

Public offices = Big Pharmaceutical puppets , corrupted by back hands hm same as the MSM ? & who owns all these , Big Pharma s & MSM ..The Goys know ..911 is the Biggie.

Merck HPV vaccine stands for Help Pay for Vioxx. lol
Should you get a 1. Colonoscopy, 2. Mamogram, 3. PSA, 4. Flu Shot, 5. HPV for Girls and Boys, 6. Stints, 7. Bypass Surgery, 8. Angioplasty ? Dunno, see what the "real" medical professionals say:

All this news on measles have my family freaking out when my son gets a little sick… "Are you sure its not the measles? Its been going around! " good grief

Measles cure for decades was comic books and chocolate bars.

One of your most important videos, Nathan! Thank you! ❤

There are not many viruses as contagious as measles. Viruses have a thing called horizontal gene transfer, this makes viruzes able to trade genes between each other. Measles is no joke.

9:00 Doctor for measles? Hahaha ok buddy. Just give it to everyone at the clinic? WRONG
Encephalitis. Sure. That is why you sponge bathe your kid with disinfectant water. Put a cold flannel on their head.
It is like no one are capable of being human anymore.

Thanks, Nathan and to producers of the Brady Bunch. I've been telling people about it. I had measles, mumps and chicken pox too. Survived it. Wow, good find!!!! Yea!!! A little bit of truth peeked out.

So once a product that corporations could make money from was developed, then minds were changed.

Love your stuff, and i agree with vaccines 100%.

But beware, you need to vary your topics, ive seen you touch upon this alot lately (i love it) but the censor nazi's are out looking for that. Switch it up, play with some toy trucks, and bounce a ball like my boy ryan d

If you ask why abortions are illegal in Israel and why all the American lawmakers are jewish? they say it's because I'm anti-Semitic . If you ask why there is no 5G in Israel but Americans will be the 5G guinea pig? They say it's because I'm anti-Semitic . If I ask why it is OK to question all religions and races, especially the Christians and muslims but when I question those in control of my media, gov,resources, major corporations, etc etc etc. It's because I'm being Anti-Semitic. If I question the real Jews being Hebrew like the bible tells… Read more »

Marcia sold out. 🙁

Our family of 4 children handled measles just like the Brady Bunch!

Dont be a jerk Assh0le , there is no reason not to get vaccinated

In real life Greg was banging Mrs. Brady.

Soon the official word will be that THESE measles are a new SUPER strain of measles… they didn't want to alarm the public before, but now it's SERIOUS folks!

make measles great again !

Thank you Nathan for another fine & educational video!

You sure that's from 69?

I’m 54. My grandmother and her siblings were all in hospital together with whooping cough in 1922. They survived and lived long healthy lives. Measles was a great party, not even as bad as a cold. Chicken pox was worse. This is how you grow a robust immune system that doesn’t need to rely on Bayer. However, if Bayer needs sheep then vaccinate them so they are weak and dependant and frighten easily, always running back for more Bayer magic. Weak people are very good for business.

I had measles, you had measles, everyone I know had it… literally all of us. But not this kid, because that was just faked by NBC and CNN: have never known about anyone dying in my environment, while I have know quite a number of people to die from heart problems, cancer and a whole bunch of diseases and accidents, but never ever from measles. Heck, in our time, we had parties where parents sent their kids to get the measles, so they rather got it an an early age, than later. It provides not only life-long protection against… Read more »

Rachel Maddow looks just like Alice!

I had the measles…idk im fine and did not seem like it was a big deal when i had it.

Also note that they sent home from school the kid that had the measles- and he had a fever of 101- without calling to notify the parents.

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Look at Dr. Rima Laibow..
You'll be anti – vaccine ..

It's all about injections of crap into our bodies…. And money. ..

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