Barbra Streisand DEFENDS Michael Jackson’s “Sexual Needs”

Barbra Streisand DEFENDS Michael Jackson’s “Sexual Needs”

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Barbra Streisand DEFENDS Michael Jackson’s “Sexual Needs”

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Alcohol – aka SPIRITS – are named that for a very specific reason. The lost, drink. That's all there is to it.

Prince is next.

Macualey has the classic "Joker mask" face.

Isn't pedophilia acceptance how Oprah tried to convince the world there was nothing wrong with Renee 38 getting Celine Dion at 12 & not letting her date anyone as she was groomed into marriage to him? Wait..does Oprah say that's different n just dandy because it was Celine the superstar or Renee is dead n cannot defend himself? Their love story was promoted on O W Show time and time again n im sure Celine will defend underage secret sex with her husband sure..but y did Oprah celebrate that, then want to be the victim's voice but not interview Celine… Read more »

Just sick. How dare she say this absolutely disgusted by her. These celebrities are possessed by the Jezebel entity and probably more for fame and fortune.

Fuck Barbara she's as bad as Jane Fonda

Everyone hates Barbara as much as they hate Jane Fonda and the whole fun the family

She was probably a pedophilia little child when she was growing up to in her star career just like Julie Andrews just like all of them

What is she saying? Why don't these celebrities just shut it.

You're hilarious. Great video

This thing was backed by NAMBLA. THEY stand to get the most out if this. Goal was to desensitize the public to man/ boy sex. THAT is what this whole thing has been about IMHO.
Calling it sexual needs opens it up to whomever you run in to. Right.
Right, Good example with babysitter.. yes good idea.
Yes we are fasting now- during Lent! For some of us.

Good video Thank you!! The movie was child porn. The film was LIES. Lies.
I believe Michael Jackson was innocent. It is not even about Michael. Wade and James are liars. But this is still a good video because you are discussing what is evil. Please do research…Much more research needed. Please do the research.

If you knew how many huge inconsistencies are in the stories of Wade and James, you might think twice about this assumption of guilt in MJ. In any case it is very important to analyze Hollywood in this case and see what is coming out through their tainted halls. Streisand is sick to say what she said!!!

If there is, he's a victim of MK Ultra. He's on Meds. leave him alone. He has a heart of gold.

The democrats in government are hell bent on legalizing pedophilia, and she's very well connected to the democrats, as are all celebrities. John McCain is no hero people, he was a treasonous traitor to America, and he's responsible for thousands of deaths, do the damn research.

Weird Al did Eat it

Wonder what streizand did to become such a big star?

But instead of going at him, who I still think is innocent especially when it comes to the two guys in leaving neverland there are far too many holes in their stories!.. Barbara Streisand is a supporter of child rape she vehemently defended Roman Polanski a man who has been convicted and is on the run from his charges, who I think is being helped to hide by the elite!.. Harvey Weinstein it was his trial and that went past without as much as a whisper in the media!.. When will people finally wake up, controversy’s that a shouted about… Read more »

A harsh insensitive democrat defending a pedophile… ok, its clear, thank you.

What's sexual needs?
Michael did not have sex with any boy.

Oh, so I guess we're condoning pedophilia now. gets the bleach

Not being a dick but why the plea for donations from every armchair utuber, I could understand if the donation was going towards an investigation or research but these people sit watching for the latest news only to then report it like they are the 10 o clock fuckin news, fuck out of here

MJ's the Mel Gibson of the music industry; Hates Jews and was ruined by them

Where's CNN and MSLSD on this??????? Why isn't this in the news more???? Oh…it doesn't concern the Presdent.

Babs leans towards Mecca, nuff said!

I didn't watch all of the film either. I have met many child abuse victims and Mr Safechuck has the look I didn't need to hear him talk and by the way we had a demon here in England that surrounded him self with children his name was Jimmy Savile. All my love goes out to Mr Safechuck and his family you are all so brave and you are doing the right thing. God bless

Please talk about all of these “suicides” from “shooting survivors”. First was Sydney Aiello then Alaina Petty both from Parkland and this morning Jeremy Richmond from Sandy Hook. The lies are never ending.

I am sick and tired of the MSM and Hollyweird acting like pedophilia is ok!! I will never understand why anyone who could do something to stop it like politicians and law enforcement or anyone else wouldn't do it. Trump promised to put a stop to it and you'd think that anyone who could have would have jumped on board and helped but nope, Podesta and Clinton are still free.
Who knows, maybe they're all in on it together and have kids chained in the basement of CNN headquarters. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I heard it was true

Money can seduce almost anyone, it is the root of all evil. I don't blame the parents as much as I blame the monster named Michael Jackson.

Barbra Streisand should have every award she's ever won taken back away from her for her words…The left is such hypocrites. So many like Rosanne have been destroyed for far less. #ShunnBarbra

What a Bitch. So Because they have not died it's ok?

Nathan, you haven’t done your research on this one. After watching Leaving Neverland, I went into 3 weeks of researching all day, every day. Those men are lying. No doubt

God put those morals in your brain the big bang didn't instill you with the moral capability to choose right from wrong.

Michael Jackson was found innocent on 10 counts by 2 guys that perjured themselves twice.

My late uncle work at her home once installing a carpet, she was so evil to his co-worker, she literally kicked him cuz he made a slight mistake, I kid you not! Racists classist

Murder< lifelong trauma/ PTSD?! Uhhh sick. Just gross.

Who said “Mostly platonic”-??? MJ or Macaulay? That’s insane! Who can deny the pedo allegations after saying something like that?!

She is one of those people

Ugly biatch inside and out

Great response. I agree they are trying to normalize pedophilia, and anything else that is sexually disordered, by claiming it’s “in their DNA”, and justifying their “sexual needs”. Besides being disgusting, it’s Satanic /demonic/ evil to its core.

Michael is innocent, cant believe you would believe a Hollywood celebrity, he did nothing, you’re buying right into their bullshit…she's a whore herself…looks like im unsubbing, who are you now, ill miss the cat…

And yes, it’s pretty obvious that Culkin was abused. Just look at his life now- Satanic stuff, pizza & bunny ears… it’s quite sad and disturbing.

She probably shouldn't have said it publicly, but I do agree with her, I have said the same thing. These boys loved the attention from this rock star legend.

I’ve ALWAYS believed in his innocence and FOREVER will! He was taken down by the “powers that be”- what more hideous thing to accuse a person of than what they said about him! I’m sure this will get hella backlash but I don’t care…it’s ALL about the $$. Barbara’s remark is disgusting ! You actually believing a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE is real- speaks volumes about you too.

Barbara Streisand makes her home staff put rose pedals in her toilet water before she uses it. sick ass woman

Barbra Khazarian Streisand…there are sexual wants, but no one "needs" to act on them. Nobody has ever died from sexual abstinence. I don't believe Michael molested any child, it was all contrived by (((them))) to destroy his rep after he wrote that song about "kick me, kike me…" and made comments about how the j's made him and tried to break him.

Nice going Barbara, way to destroy a long career. Those that we grew up with thinking they were so talented are actually disgusting individuals.

I don't think anyone can say what she meant,as a survivor of longterm abuse,I stayed because I was a child,I could not get away,Barbara brings light to the fact that these children,and these parents continued to go out of there way to be in his presence,I was raped,over and over,and over for years,this is trauma,I don't see these people travelling back and forth to see the man,unless they were getting something out of it,that's very simple,and it's a truth.and yes if you want to sue Michael or his estate for morstation,would it not be only right to make the parents… Read more »

Beat it! Al did beat it!

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