Alex Jones’ “Psychosis”

Alex Jones’ “Psychosis”

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Alex Jones’ “Psychosis”

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A very important note I meant to get in the video – Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner actually did sue Sandy Hook skeptic Wolfgang Halbig (who was smeared on a large Youtube channel today) and Pozner defaulted on the case because he refused to show up for a deposition. Legally speaking then, the score is Halbig 1, Pozner 0.

I had no idea Jake and Adam were suspected of being disinformation outlet's – Jake has that stupid Jack Nicholson impression at the start of some of his videos, I keep pointing out that Nicholson is at the very least , a child rapist enabler (the Polanski case) but Jake just ignores it. And on that note, has anyone seen the film "The Pledge" starring Nicholson? In it, he's a detective investigating the murder of little girls, they are questioning a suspect who one of the characters mentions "has a past rape charge" – and Nicholson say's "That was statutory… Read more »

Your buddy at Blackstone Intelligence buried Alex Jones over this Sandy Hook (meanwhile he buried the official story of Las Vegas and Stephen Paddock coughcoughChronicFatigueDeniercoughcoughDouche) "One of Your Buddies" at Blackstone Intelligence was pathetically trying to appease his Google and Youtube masters while jealously kicking Alex while he's down, not when Alex was at his most popular at 2016-2017, but only attacked him when Alex is barely able to keep it together, which is typical weak, hate to say the over used "Beta" male, but takes that indirect passive aggressive male who is spineless and shameless in his approach… btw… Read more »

If Christchurch Was Real, Then Why Exactly Would There Be Threats Of Inprisonment For Up To 10Years And Huge Fines, In Newzeland" Out Of Fear Of People Waking Up! After Being Shown The Evidence That It Was A Complete Fraud!?

Nathan, Jake NEVER said that no one should QUESTION the Sandy Hook shooting. That’s absolutely UNTRUE. Edit: Muting my comment, Nathan?

I have two friends that suffer from psychosis and Alex Jones saying that he's had psychosis because of the media is a joke . Thinking or saying stupid ideas does not constitute having psychosis. Real psychosis is serious and not to be taken lightly. Alex Jones is a entertainer and apparently a liar of his mental health.


Well it's all pathetic more and more will put up their opinions you can not beleive msm or governments the wake up call is now the third temple has been erected or going to be, Masonic get real Americans London Paris Washington all Masonic headquarters the devil worshippers no president no MONACHY is what you should not be supporting the new world order is continuing if you don't wake up, Alex Jones lost the plot but the news did show these that parent laughing so you can't blame Alex for his reporting the fact now he's retracting what he said… Read more »

The Sandy Hook "shooting" was an eff'n government-sponsored HOAX & act of TERRORISM to promote gun confiscation… (CIA/MO$$AD EFF'N PSYOP!…)

Best aprilfools ever !

Truth tellers are not aloud to tell the truth anymore.They are trying to take away your common sense. Nowadays you will get all the space that you need broadcasting a YouTube channel as long as you avoid being critical and suck up to the ""truth" of msm- propaganda. You may as well be deaf and blind! But one feature these communists can't take away from you…Your thoughts!!

I can't believe this is America! We are one baby step away from living like North Korea. Say the wrong thing and loose everything.

that Youtube policy is Orwellian AF.
funny i had watched some of Blackstone's videos but never subscribed because something seemed off about him. i see now i was right. textbook divide & conquer case there. his "moral outrage" is not believable for a second.

Basically if you’re allowed on YouTube, you basically ain’t sayin shit that’s important is what you’re sayin.

Hermetic principles??? Hermeticism is satanism nathan buddy. If you’re all into hermeticism and all that you are the enemy. You better find Christ friend. Hermeticism is obviously what you’ve been secretly into. It is Kabbalah. And I’d like to know who is influencing you. Are you a satanist?

Can anyone please find Morphonyass' YouTube channel, I mean the obscure one where he had animal stuff etc. (It was bizarre ) but now I can't remember what it was called.
Not jake333 a different one.


Only wizards can navigate the YouTube labyrinth. Omissions, double talk and sarcasm = Magik. Don't play their games.
"But let your 'yes' mean 'yes,' and your 'no' mean 'no.' Anything more than this is from the evil one."

"Psychosis blah blah.." Counter Intelligence: Alex Jones is a long planned and clever attack on independent truth community. To regain the narrative they want to make the truth and freedom movements look crazy. They invent characters that start off with a lot of truth, but then distract , disinform, mislead, misdirect or just go crazy. And take you with this demise.. "Alex Jones" is a stage name, hired long ago by Time Warner cable. The point is to take the issues of real concern and make it all look bat shit crazy to the majority of the population. Hence why… Read more »

I think the staging of news stories goes back to Charles Manson… maybe further like all the way to Jack the Ripper. Hard to wrap your head around, but once you do… it makes perfect sense why they do it. The Tom Stoppard play from the 1960's called "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"… spells it out in the subtheme. The play is known as a satire spoof on the Hamlet play, from the eyes of Rosencrantz and Guidenstern who were beheaded in the Hamlet play… but the subtheme of the mystic acting troop that led all the events that transpired:… Read more »

I am sure that Sandy Hook is a LIE! I believe according to all the evidence (or lack there of) that not a single child died at Sandy Hook… So send your black ops choppers and bla bla bla… How is that for free speach?

Now they are going after Jones because Halbig has nothing to give them… but Jones, he has some gold in them there pockets (also he makes for more news). Truth is, this is all leading up to the great day when the First Amendment is removed and all religious/personal beliefs are not allowed.

Well, it's not slander if it's true, regarding the "crying " video. That's exactly what the so called dad did. I saw it. Not standing up for Alex, just true.

his only sin was apologizing! he had every right to say what he said about Sandy hook! he never told anyone to harass anyone! he should have sued and forced discovery to make them show their hand!

Jake Morphonios developed Psychosis too over SH. Only he's beyond hope. AJ may survive.

the clip of Jones is telling – he is reading a statement, looking down, reading. Then he looks up to ad lib. Lawyers obviously wrote a script for him to cool the jets and get the heat off of him. Probably he was told he and his family would be suicided if he didn't play along. Alex looks shaken up. Either way, whether false flags are common or uncommon, who give a shit. FF events appear in declassified, factual documents, end of story. Who can tell if one event or another are staged, or manipulated to effect public opinion? Why… Read more »

This is as bad as James Munder the meth-man…


AJ is a shill

Jones is throwing the truth under the bus

Your buddy Jake is going full shill on Sandy Hook. I’ve unsubscribed from Jake now. He’s full of shit in a bad way.
PS. Don’t get too comfortable on Twitch. I saw some major corporate America ads on there. I would presume censorship is on the way.

Alex Jones is one of the greatest actors that has ever lived.

It's just too bad he'll be punished by Mossad with defaming every aspect of his character.

We do not need you tube anymore

time to go to DC and find out what the hell our reps are doing particularily since we pay them for this crap does live to

The interview with Jones looks fake.

MSM BS offends me all the time, why aren't YT taking their videos down ffs?

Agent Jones is playing his part to perfection in selling the truth community down the river, this case is all a dog and pony show.

……but Obama really did cry.

Well said!

Call it what it is: JewTube… (GOD-DAMNED BOLSHEVIK$!…)

Dear google/tube your bunkers will be your graves .. count on it

You should leave YouTube then.

Sandy Hook was a blatant false flag hoax. I think that Alex Jones may be under duress, as in his life, and/or the life of his family, may have been threatened.

Sandy was a hoax flag same as NZ

Alex jones lives rent free in the heads of LTV and Adam Greene.

Nathan, watching Alex Jones get destroyed is heartbreaking, what's even more heartbreaking is the assault of free speech, how can this be happening? anyone with a half a brain can see that Sandy Hook was a bullshit story.

what a dupe . he is afraid to loss his money.nothing to see here on this channel anymore .he is only money hungry . get a job sir the bums lost "the dude"

We can't even see the video to make our decision. The Dad looked like he was working himself up to cry by breathing heavily. Which is an acting technique but who knows if he was truly crying or if he just did it because he wanted to look normal. ECT.

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