A Q Christmas? #QAnon #MAGA #thestorm #happening | Lift the Veil

A Q Christmas? #QAnon #MAGA #thestorm #happening | Lift the Veil

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A Q Christmas? #QAnon #MAGA #thestorm #happening | Lift the Veil

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Q's new post https://mobile.twitter.com/martel_al/status/945411956281954305/photo/1 on the left is the Q post…….This is the meaning of the Q Post https://mobile.twitter.com/ittbbb/status/945439149632491521/photo/1 ……QANON also posted the picture of the planes spelling out SOS in Toronto as shown in this Reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/7m49zp/whats_going_on_in_toronto/

Beautiful. ..thanks for sharing

Nathan 4 NSA director

Thanks for doing this video. I thought I was the only one thinking, "Where is the proof that ANY of this QAnon stuff being reported is actually happening?" Also the fact that you mentioned "Benjamin Fulford" whom I felt all this QAnon stuff suspiciously sounded like. Another one I'd never actually seen any proof materialize from. Again, "thank you"! Merry Happy and all that 😉

Tom is former blink182

merry christmas Nathan and Doshi! thanks for a great show.

Nathan… Our daughters friend's Dad does that type of display… Do you know that family?

Here’s the Astronaut bible video I was talking about for whoever wants to see it: https://youtu.be/XgeLscTavAk

We don’t need Trump?!? Sure…all this would have come out if HRC was at the helm. Trump has been a Titan in going after the MSM. Trump’s executive order, if not totally devastating will at least put a dent in deep State evil doers. No one but Trump would do that. Give the guy some credit FFS. That aside, Merry Christmas.

So you say the earth "looks flat and acts flat". Let's just start there. "IF IT LOOKS LIKE A DUCK, WALKS LIKE A DUCK, AND SOUNDS JUST LIKE A DUCK…. THEN IT IS PROBABLY A DUCK." Whatever happened to this common sense reasoning? Well, it was "educated" out of us. We have SHAME about asking such basic questions such as, "Why do they say the earth is a spinning ball hurtling through space in multiple directions at speeds we can hardly imagine — when it LOOKS flat and doesn't FEEL like it is moving?" We observe no curve. We feel… Read more »

Nathan you should do a steemit-crypto how to itd be a hit

Please don't be a getting a drone to check out the fires…. Curious folk doing the same have stopped fire fighting efforts ( water tank choppers), and put people/property into very real harm's way…. You could well have great intentions and boundaries in using it… so maybe at least put out a caveat about not using them to monitor/check out active fires being actively fought.

You lost me with all the litecoin and crypto currency bs… i will rather bater some of my tomatoes with ya potatoes….. POICE

I liked the house with the decorations and music. Maybe look for a Muslim house that depicts people getting beheaded for Christmas.

As long as GeoEngineering is happening, we are being F'ed., don't buy the lie, we are under attack and the NWO is still a go.
This Q thing is a distraction for the near woke, is racist and applies to the Nazi agenda that has always been there…this is all about white supremacy being pushed out.
…And a word to the idiots that still think Anifa has a pay role, group meetings or anything beyond a willing to fight aginst systematic oppression with clever signs and black clothes is buying the lie.

I never would have thought "gay face" was a real thing.

You have people come on your show why not put up links to their channels?

I'm not sure about the whole bitcoin…. litecoin thing yet. Let's not forget what they said back in 1988 on the cover of the Economist magazine on the cover was the Phoenix on top of burning cash from around the world…and here we are glorifying this. It's definitely up for debate/discussion on what the angle is. Can or would we be able to invest and make profits, yes definitely, but what is the end game on this? I feel like we are being baited to wanting it from what I'm seeing. I just don't trust what is going on in… Read more »

if nothing happens in early to mid jan then u may be right but I don't think so I think we all are about to have are heads spinning in a month

I still think ur a sceptic shill asshat btw,, and if the multiple times Q has posted and then 5 min's later POTUS post about the same thing Q did 5 min's earlier then ur stupid not to see he's in the know

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