4/23/19 – ISIS Suspect Warned Of Sri Lanka Attacks, Smollett, Iran

4/23/19 – ISIS Suspect Warned Of Sri Lanka Attacks, Smollett, Iran

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4/23/19 – ISIS Suspect Warned Of Sri Lanka Attacks, Smollett, Iran

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CNN is fake news


Need to move on. We know this fire as well as the Muslim church that burned down at the SAME time was well planned in advance. What else is new. If you don't know who is behind EVERYTHING by now, there is no hope for you. Tired of hearing this. MOVE ON!

When they say Isis they mean US/UK and other state operators that kill innocence for politics and power gain! Killing all those people and children churches and hotels weird combination

911 sri lanka stylie . . inside job

The mouth noises need to STOP!!!

Think about how bad a person one has to be to brag about being a scoundrel.

Amaq = A mock

Why did you call Sri Lanka a shithole country ? 7:19 ? My family is from Sri Lanka thats a horrible thing to say.

Good reporting, thanks..but pls don't call peoples countries shit hole countries

What a shame of this nation has become. We are made of liars, cheaters, murderers, thieves, robbers, rapists, perverted pedophiles, whores, scumbags and sodomites… This is the country we used to love, be respected and honored, now is no longer an ideal nation but a whore of the Jews/Israel for their new jews world disorder. That's a luciferians cult folks.

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete ,when everything the US public believes is false .
CIA director William J Casey 1981.

Remember that time with the white Toyota trucks in Syria? That was laughable

…. bernie… you sell out. You lost me at "climate change". You had me irritated at talking about racism, sexism and blah blah blah. Stop feeding into that absolute b.s. bernie with your political marxism. The only answer in his commie brain will reach for is censorship and limiting free speech instead of the realization that the problem is mainstream media pushing those ideas down our throats as if it is some kinda huge problem. It's not. Get a life bernie… why don't you go roll over and let Hilary run you big goon commie. <not an endorsement for Hilary>… Read more »

Attorney says 7,819 alleged abusers have been in Boy Scouts

"Anderson said that testimony from a January trial revealed that there were at least 7,819 alleged child sex abusers in the Boy Scouts and over 12,000 victims between 1944 and 2016. Anderson said, "We are ready to take action and we will take action as soon as the law allows us to in August."


Let's give Trump credit! Has created highest employment for Hispanic & Black Americans and 100k's jobs for all Americans! VA Healthcare system, military, deregulation businesses, spotlighting the opioid overdoses & epidemic, prison reform, Israel is a thumb print that is our ally. Ask the parents of son's and daughter's of those who were beheaded if they were fake? Yes. We know Bush took American troops into a war under false pretenses. But, beheadings aren't fake! Yes! We are a super power! Yes! I don't trust government. But TRUMP has been the best President Ever!

Good ol SITE intelligence group. The same people who brought us all beheading videos. I knew their crack team of investigators would break the case. Oh btw, its run by (((Rita Katz))) a member of the tribe, she's also Mossad.

Fuck it I’ll vote for your cat

Great show. Thanks

That CIA director may of well said 'we were behind 911' and the stupid audience would've still applauded him

You correct yourself when you say 'we' regarding impeachment, yet when you say 'we' regarding international aggressions, you leave those unchallenged.

The government is not 'we' in any regard.

ISIS trucks in Libya now , hey no wastage , McCain would love it – there paymaster.

Mike Pompeo is the new Henry Kissinger

What Trump has done, I believe is take down ISIS camps. Now these people are not organized the same but there will maybe always be pockets of them that exist.

That ISIS photo is funny because it looks so staged!!
I can do that in my garage.

Another Sandy Hook, they never died conspiracy. Holy Shiite Nathan or should we call you Alex

Just as a reminder, this is TRUMPS Sect of State!!!!

42 comments after 16 hours goes by? Hmm

"Source says" …..please MSM take your "sources" and march into a prison where you all belong!

The FBI has released an asset I think who was jailed for being a triple spy and started training AL Queda 10 miles from my house in 1988 in Calverton NY..and there are FBI pictures of him there and he knew on Sept 13th every detail of 911 and he was buried under a federal jail which he had no TV Newspaper..he was one of the inventor's of Al Queda…We put him through Delta training and more..he was Special Forces( Trained at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center) and caught by Canadas Police at the Airport were he was… Read more »

Woman on business trip. . Gets killed in a church?

In those ISIS pictures the man at far left is wearing a gold ring, and in the other picture one is wearing a gold watch. You all are aware Muslim men do not wear gold, they find it feminine, for women, you are pretty much gay if you wear it as a Muslim man. So I am pretty sure those men in those pictures aren't Muslim just pretending to be.

ISIS is controlled by the OBAMA'S and CLINTON'S…

Wake up, the blacks hate us and always have. Their jealousy runs real deep.

Thanks for the cat humor.

Jussie Smollett Anagram= Jesuits Molest L

Their names are Nigerian. How many of their ancestors built and designed the infrastructure of America?

Thank you Nathan, Doshi and team!!!!

Fat thieving slob.

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