4/22/19 – Dershowitz/Epstein, Earth Day Hoax, Notre Dame

4/22/19 – Dershowitz/Epstein, Earth Day Hoax, Notre Dame

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4/22/19 – Dershowitz/Epstein, Earth Day Hoax, Notre Dame

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So you think he should have gotten a massage through his clothes? The very first thing you do before you get a massage is strip down and put on the robe dude.

Let's not forget to remember the Clinton's and friends visited the mansion and his island. Plenty evidence and photos . Research.

Makes you wonder what the heck is going on with him being a proponent of trump. I'm so sick of all this bullshit, all this evil that people talk about and every day that we are told to be patient in seeing them face the music is one day more all this evil continues. I'm 63 years old—i haven't GOT any patience.NONE. And neither should anyone else when it revolves around ritualistic abuse, death, human trafficking.

Waffle Fires and Pancake Collapses.

I hate that s.o.b. dershowitz I think he is worse than epstein!

Dershowitz the biggest slime ball besides Trump. Ugh.

Great show Nathan!

They need to get some Nikes and run catch up to Hale-Bopp!

When will (some) men stop thinking with their little head instead of their big head?

so, this chosen people not so holy after all

Big deal. Kavanaugh had more accusers, and we know what that all turned out to be. He was accused, big effing deal, Nathan. Your TDS is so obvious. Good, now he’ll get discovery. You have nothing better to explore?
Oh, yeah! Creep Sawyer, you assist him in his BABY TRAFFICKING GATEKEEPING.
Those CREEPY disgusting mouth noises you make are being amplified somehow, just FYI … don’t figure you want to repulse viewers with this. Not trying to be mean on this ~ but it’s just too intimate – like for your partners. Cringe cringe worthy.

Notre Dame: Can you say DEWish Lightning?Notre Dame Incinerated (InTruthByGrace) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpodjVX-osU RELATED INFO from Jim Lee (Electromagnetic weapons are real): Twisted Tree Mystery & Electromagnetic Warfare in Olympic National Forest – https://climateviewer.com/2018/06/01/twisted-tree-mystery-electromagnetic-warfare-olympic-national-forest/Dont know if you've seen these vids Nathan, but as you're late to Mr Mouton (Sheep/Lamb/Mutton in French), here are some other interesting posts:Shocking Notre Dame OVERLAY – Spire Fall Perfectly Predicted 7 Years Ago (HiImpactFlix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfHELyHHKRkParis Side-by-side Through the Looking Glass – Spires falling (EntertheStars) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgqfQDVfcGwMystery figure on Notre Dame Rooftop before fire (Outer Light) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mh4sRYaz6I VIRAL! UFO Uncloaking at Notre Dame Fire! "World Exclusive" – YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbyycoKanQ4… Read more »

Bro. He’s a lefty!!!!. Always has been. Worked w Clintons for yrs!!!!. Come on Nate. !!!

Geoengineering: ALL of these technologies have been deployed (plus some), and weather mod going on since the 1800s. See http://www.climateviewer.com and http://www.weathermodificationhistory.com both are excellent resources made by Jim Lee (and friends).
Extinction Rebellion: "Shut down cities til our demands are met". Then what? CO2 is a distraction. Control/Technocracy is the objective IMO. More on GND here: https://climateviewer.com/2019/02/27/green-new-deal-agenda-2030-technocracy-geoengineering/ "Rebellion Must Be GLOBAL" (Thanks,… ahem…'Globalists')

But your not a top creates on that site why lie Nathan

Wow, Dersh showing his true colors-she was a minor! He’s guilty AF – no mercy

A Tweet, A Flash,
The Simpsons,
White Smoke, &
More = Notre Dame
Faux Pas

The Cartoon,
the Simpson's
the Notre Dame

YouTube video
Link Below:


Simpson's Cartoon
that ran in year 2000
talked of a President

WTH Are We Living:
Trump Programming
1896, 1958, 1990, 2000 – Living A Reality Scripted?

YouTube video
Link Below:


Prediction for the Summer… very hot NIGHTS ahead…forget the graphs of paper …ask a "Roofer" or "Landscaper" if it's getting hotter…there's your answer…


Their rebellion is for the wrong reason! Global fricken warming is not due to our existence! Its a LIE!!! BS!!!! 0 carbon = 0 Life!!!

That Mf. Talmudic Habbad Jew can have s3x with goyim child as long child is 3 years and one day old .. that's what it says in Jewish holly book Talmud f t mf

Get @HighImpactFlix, @ACFAU, and @Owen Benjamin to go over to DLive with you, and I think the rest would follow!

Climate Change is about Complete CONTROL!!!!

Adam Green [Know More News]: "They need to watch "Marching To Zion" (with Steven L. Anderson)
Pastor Steven Anderson is an Ashkenazi infiltrator into Christianity

blah blah blah sex scandal ohh nooz. …. always a sex scandal… same stuff over and over.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree

If fentinal becomes a WMD, then they will have a new excuse to go to war in different places. Plus, unlike real WMD's, evidence of fentinal would be a lot easier to fabricate.

Can I get a link for the French architect interview?

Why does the Catholic Church need any financial assistance for the Notre Dame repairs. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE LARGEST MONEY MAKING ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD ! The Vatican has untold riches !

Epstein is Mossad, it’s a Honey pot operation to control whoever falls into such a trap becomes their puppet

Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth filmed in 2006, warned of a total collapse in 10 years if we didn't do something about "Global Warming" (which is now called Climate Change because..oops…the climate was actually cooling)…and it is now 2019 and we are THREE years beyond the total devastation Al Gore was predicting. Climate change is a HOAX, made up by the globalists who are the creeps who are behind Agenda 21.

I don't believe her

Dershowitz is a compulsive and confident but unconvincing liar.

The jet cloud chemical have killed the bugs. PDX to SLC and back in July, 2018, no bugs on the windshield – cleaned the grille when I got back in the driveway – count the bugs easily. What the heck?

Allegedly Richard Branson was on Epstein's island at the same time as Dershowitz was there.

What’s that little popping noise he makes with his mouth

Just imagine Dirty Dershowitz with underwear. Yuk

I agree, Nathan.
However, he (they) belong to the club and we don't.


This "climate change" mantra just like the veganism has the same agenda – the population control through malnutrition. And it always works the same way: through pseudo-science and false information presented as facts, which then used to make laws and enforce regulations.

Extinction campaign = u.n. agenda. What a bunch of bollocks coming to a city near you. I guess thats better than their ebola. They want you to eat bugs for your protein source & give away your personal transportation – after you have given them your gun of course. Swilliamism, man on the ground in london just covered the extinction group https://youtu.be/vX-ALc2xFgM As far as notre dame – blonde in the belly of the beast did an excellent commentary on the fire referencing a disturbing rolling stone article on the subject and france leadership looking for an international architect &… Read more »

Let's reduce carbon! drives to the protest

why isn't there a link to dlive?

All of these ASHKENAZI Jews like Dershowitz need to Be in JAIL!!!


Sick asshole….

he said "trés impresionnant"….

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