altNews 11.7.2016 | Trump v. Clinton: The Final Battle

In the November 7th broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan prepares us for Election Day with a deep dive into some of the day’s biggest headlines, including: Did President Obama encourage non-citizens to vote in an interview with actress Gina Rodriguez? There are some heavy-handed implications which suggest that he did. According to some fresh war propaganda from RT, American […]

Massive Early Voter Turnout In Same Georgia Town as Democratic Party Campaign “Sewage” Bus.

By Jay Stephens Gross. A Democratic Party bus was caught illegally dumping raw sewage on the side of a road in Gwinnett County, GA today. The DNC immediately went into damage control, calling the incident “an honest mistake,” and issuing an apology to the community. But the real story might be even more disturbing. The Democratic Party bus in question was found […]