Gwinnett County, GA: Why The DNC/Clintons Would Rig It

As first reported by altNews, a Democratic Party campaign bus was spotted spewing raw sewage in the same Georgia county where unexpectedly large early voter turnout is currently taking place. With Project Veritas in mind, the question seemed obvious – did one of those DNC vote-rigging buses just get caught on camera? Here’s the argument: The DNC bus in question was spotted in Lawrenceville, Georgia. […]

Massive Early Voter Turnout In Same Georgia Town as Democratic Party Campaign “Sewage” Bus.

By Jay Stephens Gross. A Democratic Party bus was caught illegally dumping raw sewage on the side of a road in Gwinnett County, GA today. The DNC immediately went into damage control, calling the incident “an honest mistake,” and issuing an apology to the community. But the real story might be even more disturbing. The Democratic Party bus in question was found […]

YouTube Caught Rigging Views on Project Veritas Voter Fraud Exposé

When James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released part one of an explosive multi-part exposé accusing the Democratic party of rigging the election, it immediately went viral. The video has been live for just over 24 hours and currently has 3.5+ million views, 83,000+ thumbs-up and 5,000+ thumbs-down. Project Veritas released part two today, which includes startling footage of Scott Foval and White […]

Project Veritas: Hillary Clinton paid for violent anti-Trump protestors

By Jay Stephens Talk about an October Surprise. Conspiracy theorists have long accused the Clinton campaign of colluding with the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media to rig the 2016 presidential election. Leaked DNC emails from earlier this year illustrate how the Clinton machine did just that against Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and Wikileaks has been providing […]

3 WikiLeaks Bombshells You Haven’t Heard

Nathan unearthed three important emails from the latest Wikileaks dump you definitely won’t see discussed on the mainstream news. John Podesta’s gmail account exchanges reveal: Hillary Clinton sent counter-ISIL military strategy to John Podesta’s account. John Podesta uses Amtrak wifi to connect to his accounts. The Federal Reserve schedules off-the-grid appointments with Hillary Clinton. Watch Nathan break down the above email evidence in […]

altNews 10.14.2016 | Trump vs. Media Establishment, Podesta Emails, Syria, Russia, and World War 3

In today’s broadcast, we discuss Trump’s all-out war against the media establishment machine – especially the New York Times and Carlos Slim. Other highlights: War or Peace? Obama is set to decide what our next move in Syria will be. Russian propaganda news network RT has been fast-and-furious with the nuclear war fear mongering. Are they on to something? Red-handed Rothschild. […]