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altNews 12.5.2016: #PizzaGate #FakeNews #BoycottAmazon

The alt-media is under existential threat due to a neo-fascist, left-wing conspiracy to shut down all dissenting voices. That conspiracy involves “PizzaGate”, “fake news” & “Russian propaganda”. Because the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, is such a major mouthpiece in this campaign, I’m suggesting we hit them where it hurts this holiday season by […]

altNews 11.28.2016 | OSU False Flag Attack & Jill Stein’s Crusade

It looks like another made-up terrorist attack blamed on a Muslim, a Somali again like in the Minnesota mall stabbings. I’m going to get you up to speed on the “facts” and the problems with the believability of this event. I’ll also cover the New Orleans hoax from the weekend and talk about Jill Stein […]

altNews 11.25.2016 | Black Friday: r/pizzagate Reddit Scandal, Boycott Amazon & Sherri Papini Hoax

Since it’s Black Friday and Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and the Washington Post is antithetical to the truth, today is your reminder to buy your presents somewhere else. Drudge, ZeroHedge and others are declared to be Russian propaganda. There’s also big news over at Reddit as they shut down r/pizzagate and “spez”, Reddit […]

altNews 11.14.2016 | Trump on 60 Minutes, Paid Protesters & Hillary Blames Everyone But Herself

In today’s episode of altNews, Nathan and Jay continue to dissect the societal fallout from the U.S. presidential election. Topics on the table include: A story from Nathan about what he learned about racism, anger, and sexual assault on his recent trip to Oakland, CA. Donald Trump’s appearance on 60 Minutes and whether or not he […]

altNews 11.11.2016 | Soros & Mainstream Media Protest Trump while Huma Weeps

The post-debate fallout continues. In today’s broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan and Jay give updates and commentary on: The nationwide anti-Trump protests orchestrated by George Soros & company. The popular vote, the electoral college, and whether or not Donald Trump could’ve won both if he tried (Nathan and Jay disagree). Huma Abedin’s re-appearance into public life. The fifty “counterterrorism officials” […]