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Navigating the Tangled Webb | Part One: George Webb and Dave Acton Reveal They’re Brothers

By reallygraceful For the past year, “accidental” journalist George Webb Sweigert has been the lead investigator in what might be the largest crowdsourced and open investigation into potential crimes committed against innocent Americans by a menagerie of entities and individuals named by George throughout his video blogs. A month ago, George and Hollywood cinematographer, Jason […]

Steve Bannon: Racist, White Nationalist, Anti-Semite?

Steve Bannon, former CEO of, is officially Donald Trump’s right hand man. Trump’s decision to appoint Bannon to an advisory role within his cabinet was immediately met with derision by the mainstream press, with The New York Times lamenting that his controversial alt-right website now “has the potential to play an unprecedented role in a […]

Internal Report: How The Clinton Foundation Broke Federal Law

The Clinton Foundation operates outside of the legal standards that govern non-profit organizations, according to an internal report drafted by the former Chief Counsel to Vice President Al Gore. “The challenges and deficiencies plaguing the Foundation cannot be over-stated,” lawyer Kimuki Gibson wrote to Foundation chairman Bruce Lindsey in the conclusion of her two-month, seventeen-page assessment of the […]

Julian Assange on “the most significant” Wikileak

In an exclusive RT interview that premieres in its entirety on Saturday, embattled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reveals what he considers to be the most significant Wikileak. Assange says “the most significant email in the whole collection” is Podesta #43648. “All serious analysts know, and even the US government has agreed, that some Saudi figures have been supporting […]