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Leaked Comey Memo: Not telling Congress would be “misleading to the American people”

A leaked internal memo from FBI Director James Comey briefly explains his decision from Friday to alert Congress about an update to the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Comey admits that while the FBI does not “ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations,” he had reason to make an exception this time. Primarily, Comey says he felt “obligated” to update the […]

Clinton to Comey: Release all the information you have.

After a 6-hour communications delay that was blamed on a lack of WiFi aboard her campaign jet, Hillary Clinton addressed the letter FBI Director James Comey sent to the Chairmen of the Senate Oversight Committee in which he reveals that the FBI has found new emails that might be pertinent to their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. When asked by one reporter whether or not she’s concerned that […]

Michael Moore Explains How Donald Trump Will Win The Election: Transcript and Video

Michael Moore’s latest project – Michael Moore in TrumpLand – is a 72-minute one-man-show advocating for the election of Hillary Clinton. One short segment from Moore’s monologue has gained traction amongst a very unlikely group – Donald Trump supporters. In less than 4-minutes, Michael Moore succinctly explains the worldview of the average Trump supporter and why they will cast their vote for […]

Texas County Enacts “Emergency Paper Ballots” After “Software Glitch” In Voting Machines

The original article by Tyler Durden is available on ZeroHedge. Just yesterday we noted several social media complaints from Texas voters who alleged that when they voted a straight republican ticket that voting machines were switching their presidential selection to Clinton/Kaine.  While most undoubtedly dismissed these reports as conspiracy theories, new official reports from Chambers […]

Place Your Bets on President Trump

Earlier today, Huffington Post’s Senior Polling Editor Natalie Jackson ended a rambling diatribe on why polls showing Donald Trump ahead should be ignored with the following conclusion: The numbers themselves aren’t reason to label a poll an “outlier” ― sometimes the first poll to show a trend unfairly gets that label. However, there’s no contextual reason […]