2016 Election

Place Your Bets on President Trump

October 23, 2016 Jay Stephens 0

Earlier today, Huffington Post’s Senior Polling Editor Natalie Jackson ended a rambling diatribe on why polls showing Donald Trump ahead should be ignored with the following conclusion: The numbers themselves aren’t reason to label a poll […]

2016 Election

Gwinnett County, GA: Why The DNC/Clintons Would Rig It

October 19, 2016 Jay Stephens 2

As first reported by altNews, a Democratic Party campaign bus was spotted spewing raw sewage in the same Georgia county where unexpectedly large early voter turnout is currently taking place. With Project Veritas in mind, the question seemed obvious – did one of […]

Free Speech

Julian Assange Taken Offline – U.S. to Blame?

October 16, 2016 Jay Stephens 0

By Jay Stephens [UPDATE 19 October 2016] Ecuador has now admitted to disconnecting Julian Assange from the internet, out of fears he is using Wikileaks to disrupt the U.S. elections. Wikileaks rumor has it that U.S. Secretary of State John […]

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