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  1. Nathan,
    I have just discovered your channel, and have tried to watch all your shows…finally a change to the standard “Conspiracy Channels”. I actually became interested in alternative news with Alex Jones…But over the years he has completely switched gears, now I have all his fakery blocked…thanks again for having the courage to break down the phony stories that keep making headlines…Dan

  2. Thank you for the work you are doing! I, too, am interested in writing for you. Or, better still, editing for you once you’ve found a writer. I have been thinking a lot lately about how to contribute to that which I feel is important. It is unfortunate that many alternative media articles, though well researched and organized for clear, digestible consumption, are dismissed offhand by older readers due to frequent typos, misspellings and the overall unprofessional appearance of the writing itself. Obviously content is the most important thing, however; if a wider audience is the goal, a little consistant editing and polish could go a long way toward being taken more seriously. In that vein, I believe I could help.

  3. one thing Jay doesn’t cover is that if the earth is a globe and on a ’tilt’ (which also wobbles) and this ’tilt’ is locked in place as it orbits the sun then how can the stars above the north pole always stay in the same position ?? the north star being the most obvious, are they all on a tilt too in alinement with the centre axis of the earth? which is “off axis” to the perpendicular as the earth rotates around the sun – so all the heavenly bodies are all being pulled round the sun along with earth in line with this axis ???? – i don’t think so – or maybe i’m missing something


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