Military training bombs accidentally dropped over northern Michigan

On 25 October, one nonexplosive training missile and six training bombs were accidentally dropped over northern Michigan.

The Michigan National Guard says a mechanical failure caused the nonexplosive munition to drop from a military plane on its way from Selfridge Air National Guard Base to Camp Grayling Military Base. No injuries were reported.

The missile was recovered in Luzerne, Michigan one week later on November 1st [9&10 News] and the six training bombs were recovered the next day in the same area of Huron National Forest [AP].

It is worth noting that Selfridge Air National Guard Base is the only Reserve Components Base that has permanently assigned units from all uniformed services [Military Zone]. Selfridge is also the largest Air National Guard Base in the U.S. Air Force and was named the Air National Guard’s Airfield Operations Complex of the Year for 2015 [National Guard]. If ever an optimal border area for our military to run bomb-dropping drills, it is this slot along the northern border of the United States.

The incident is especially interesting because it takes place just five days after the world was informed the Russian military was conducting state-of-the-art missile drills along their own borders [AP].

Michigan Selfridge Grayling

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