New Evidence in Pizzagate. Clinton-Podesta Child Sex Ring Allegations

After dismissing Pizzagate earlier, I’m examining the evidence we have to date, some of which is pretty disturbing.

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    What you’re talking about around 14:00…. the or at least ONE of the laws that prevented the State Dept. from domestic broadcast of State propaganda… that was addressed by The Smith-Mundt Act. It made it unlawful, and it was signed into effect by Truman in 1947….
    HOOOOOWEVER, it received an essentially fatal and very quiet throat slashing in ‘2012 or ’13… as an addendum on some run-of-the-mill, standard-issue astronomical military spending bill…. Just in time for? ……Sand-y Hook (it’s a stretch, but when you rearrange the letters you [can] get – HoakS no dy – :O – wordgames nerdgames). So this…. political theater and reporting falsehood as fact for the fear mongering of the foal is essentially by SOME precadent anyway….. now LEGAL.

  2. Or I should have saide alREADY legal, hence the bluntness of this “we’ve been slacking off on the counter-dis-disinformation-ganda and we need to get WITH IT!” attitude of the article you read from. Anyway, great show. Episodes like this are why I heart ya, so hang in there with me.

    Oh! I’ll write a review I wanna bracelet! How did you want me to do that again?

  3. Dammit! Those two comments were intended for the video comments for altNews 12.5.2016: #PizzaGate #FakeNews #BoycottAmazon
    Sorry. What a dork.
    Now I probably just seem like a big …crazy …stupid.

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