atlNews 11.2.2016 | Trump +6 Latest Poll, Hopewell Church False Flag, WikiLeaks Bombshells

In the November 2nd broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan and Jay wade through the last dredges of the 2016 presidential election. Topics on the table include…:

  • Chris Mathews’ advice to Donald Trump
  • A false flag attack on a Baptist church in Greenville, Mississippi and its $44k+ GoFundMe page.
  • The updated presidential election betting odds, and an LA Times poll that projects a 6-point Trump victory outside of the margin of error.
  • What partisan Americans really think about Putin.
  • The developing FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton, and how it might actually rally her supporters.
  • A rambling commercial for why you should donate to altNews.
  • More Wikileaks revelations regarding Teneo, disagreements within the Clinton Foundation, and Jay’s crazy conspiracy theory about Chelsea Clinton.
  • We take viewer calls for the first time! Special thanks to Mack, Dale, and Joy.


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