altNews 11.9.2016 | Trump Defies All Odds, Americans Reject Globalism & Mainstream Media Dies

Nathan and Jay have two-hours worth of special alternative news coverage regarding the shocking result of yesterday’s presidential election. Now that President Trump is a reality, we discuss how we got here, what happens next, and how this fits into the matrix we all live in. Take a breather and process this new reality with us. We’ll be taking a look at:

  • The election results, and the surprising demographic breakdowns.
  • The contours of our divided electorate, and the -isms and -phobias which exist on both sides.
  • The speeches made by Trump, Clinton, Kaine, and Obama.
  • How “the left” is reacting to the news, and how we all move forward.
  • Whether or not Trump’s victory is a real moment of liberty, or part of the scripted movie we’ve come to know.

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