altNews 11.7.2016 | Trump v. Clinton: The Final Battle

In the November 7th broadcast of altNews Live, Nathan prepares us for Election Day with a deep dive into some of the day’s biggest headlines, including:

  • Did President Obama encourage non-citizens to vote in an interview with actress Gina Rodriguez? There are some heavy-handed implications which suggest that he did.
  • According to some fresh war propaganda from RT, American troops are on the ground in Raqqa, Syria, but the unverified video footage leaves many lingering questions.
  • A brief explanation on how all charities are (probably) scams, including the Clinton Foundation.
  • The U.S. Election is (finally) tomorrow.
    • Who’s showing up?: A look at the newest numbers showing voter turn out.
    • Are the polls still rigged?: The national polls show Clinton ahead, but state polls say otherwise – is this another example of mainstream media outlets using statistically ridiculous methods of determining the mood of the American electorate?
    • Is the fix in?: Hillary Clinton is giving some impassioned last-ditch rallies, foreign entities will be monitoring U.S. election stations, and a lot of exit polling is planned.
  • Expanding on his written editorial, Nathan analyzed the Wikileaks evidence people are using to make the journalistically irresponsible claim that Hillary Clinton is a Satanic Child Abuser.

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